How to Reschedule GMAT?

Reschedule GMAT

GMAT is a very prestigious and pivotal exam for all the graduate students wanting to climb the corporate ladder. Not just for admissions in Indian colleges, but more importantly for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) outside India. This is a great window for good exposure and learning experience. While students apply and prepare for their respective GMAT exam, there are various other elements that need to be kept in mind. Before moving on to the rules and fees to reschedule GMAT, let us go through the other factors of GMAT:

How Many Times is GMAT Conducted in a Year?

The GMAT examination is conducted throughout the year. However, the months from September to December experience the greatest number of test-takers. To take the GMAT test during this period, it is essential to register for the GMAT exam in advance before the peak period starts, to avoid any last-minute hassle.

How to Reschedule GMAT?

Some people schedule their GMAT examination keeping in mind their personal timetable so that there is no issue on or around the days of the GMAT examination. There may be some people who might have the need to reschedule their GMAT examination due to some family, personal or professional emergency. While it is advisable to reschedule the GMAT examination in case of an illness or accident, it is not a very good idea to reschedule the GMAT paper due to lack of preparation and/or confidence. Choose a date that gives you ample amount of time for preparation of all kinds. Unavoidable family emergencies are a valid reason to reschedule the tests. Having stated that, the student is advised to write the paper with a stress-free mind.

Reschedule GMAT – Rules and Fee

The GMAT test appointment can be rescheduled or even cancelled, but there are certain rules that need to be followed. The fee for the GMAT exam is $250 which is about 17,705 Indian rupees. This includes setting up the date, time slot, and location. So, in case the examination needs to be rescheduled and is done precisely 7 days from the date the student chose to schedule his GMAT paper, a refund of $50, i.e. 3541 in Indian rupees is initiated. In case the student is late and reschedule GMAT 7 days before the exam is to take place, there is no refund on the $250 fees. This will be like scheduling another GMAT examination appointment. However, the assessment cannot be rescheduled 24 hrs before the test is supposed to take place. In case the student fails to appear for the test on the selected date, the report card shows no-show. This will not be visible to the universities that the candidate has applied to.

The rescheduling of the GMAT exam appointment can be done via phone or from the online portal through which the student applied for GMAT, using the same login details that were provided to schedule the original test date. In case, the country where the examination centre is located needs to be changed, it is compulsory for the candidate to reschedule the examination over the phone. To reschedule GMAT over the phone a $10 fee is applicable.

In any case, while the option of rescheduling GMAT is open and has many ways to go about, it is advisable not to reschedule GMAT over trivial reasons. Only in the case of unavoidable situations, the rescheduling process needs to be followed. Do remember that the GMAT exam can be taken 12 times in a whole year. The score that best suits your dream college will only be displayed to the universities of your choice. In case, the candidate requires all the other scores, he/she needs to pay a fee of $28 to procure the copies.  

Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes circumstances force us into situations we would rather not be in, therefore the luxury to reschedule GMAT paper is an essential procedure to know and understand.  We at, Leverage Edu are always here to guide you through every step of the way.

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