How to Reschedule GMAT?

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Reschedule GMAT

GMAT is a prestigious and pivotal exam for all the graduate students aiming to study an MBA degree. It is an essential requirement not only for admissions into Indian colleges, but more importantly to apply for an MBA at top-notch business schools and universities abroad. Since it is conducted throughout the year, one can attempt five times in a 12-month period and attain the required score they need to get admission into their dream university. If you were planning to take the GMAT but are now planning to reschedule it due to some unforeseen circumstances, then you have certainly come to the right place! Through this blog, we aim to explore the essential factors to consider as well as the process to reschedule GMAT.

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GMAT Exam Pattern

How Many Times is GMAT Conducted in a Year?

The GMAT examination is conducted throughout the year. However, the months from September to December experience the greatest number of test-takers. To take the GMAT test during this period, it is essential to register for the GMAT exam in advance before the peak period starts, to avoid any last-minute hassle.

How to Reschedule GMAT?

Some people schedule their GMAT examination keeping in mind their personal timetable so that there is no issue on or around the days of the GMAT examination. There may be some people who might have the need to reschedule their GMAT examination due to some family, personal or professional emergency. While it is advisable to reschedule the GMAT examination in case of an illness or accident, it is not a very good idea to reschedule the GMAT paper due to lack of preparation and/or confidence. Choose a date that gives you ample amount of time for preparation of all kinds. Unavoidable family emergencies are a valid reason to reschedule the tests. Having stated that, the student is advised to write the paper with a stress-free mind.

How to Reschedule GMAT: Steps to be Followed

In ordering to successfully reschedule GMAT, you can follow the below mentioned simple steps- 

Step 1
Login into the account by entering your username and password. 

Step 2
In the ‘My Account’ section, select the GMAT exam date you want to reschedule. Carefully selected the ‘Reschedule’ option instead of cancelling one. 

Step 3
At this step, you have to choose the new GMAT date and time as per your preference. You can also change your test centre for the test. 

Step 4
Once you have chosen the new time and date, you shall check and review it thoroughly.

Step 5 
After successfully rescheduling your GMAT Exam, you will be taken to a new page wherein, you’ll be asked to enter your personal details. 

Step 6 
After entering your personal information, you will be asked to accept the GMAC policies to proceed further. 

Step 7 
At the final step, you will have to pay the fees for rescheduling and your GMAT is successfully rescheduled.

Reschedule GMAT: Rules and Fee

The GMAT test appointment can be rescheduled or even cancelled, but there are certain rules that need to be followed. The fee for the GMAT exam is $250 which is about 19,135 INR approx. This includes setting up the date, time slot, and location. Effective from September 26, 2019, a new tiered pricing system has been introduced for fees regarding rescheduling GMAT or cancellation of the exam appointment. The fee charges to reschedule GMAT within a certain duration before the appointment is as follows:

Time Duration Fee
1-14 Days Before the Appointment $150 [roughly 11,470 INR]
15-60 Days Before the Appointment $100 [roughly 7,650 INR]
60+ Days Before the Appointment $50 [roughly 3,830 INR]

Further, for cancellation of GMAT exam appointment, the fee charges are as follows:

Time Duration Fee
1-14 Days Before the Appointment $200 [roughly 15,290 INR] ($50 refund)
15-60 Days Before the Appointment $175 [roughly 13,340 INR] ($75 refund)
60+ Days Before the Appointment $150 [11,470 INR] ($100 refund)

However, the assessment cannot be rescheduled 24 hrs before the test is supposed to take place. In case the student fails to appear for the test on the selected date, the report card shows no-show. This will not be visible to the universities that the candidate has applied to. The no-show policy has not been changed with the tiered fee system. Thus, with no changes made in the appointment time and the student does not arrive to take the test, there will be no refund of the exam fee.

Important: The rescheduling, cancellation or score reinstatement fees for GMAT test-based appointments has been temporarily waived off by GMAC during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rescheduling of the GMAT exam appointment can be done via phone or from the online portal through which the student applied for GMAT, using the same login details that were provided to schedule the original test date. In case, the country where the examination centre is located needs to be changed, it is compulsory for the candidate to reschedule the examination over the phone. To reschedule GMAT over the phone a $10 fee is applicable.

How to Cancel GMAT Exam? 

Oftentimes candidates have to cancel their chosen dates due to varied circumstances. To help you with how you can cancel your GMAT appointment, we have devised a few simple steps for the process- 

Step 1
Login into your official account through your ID and password.

Step 2
Direct cancellation option for the selected date will not be given, thus, click on ‘Reschedule GMAT’. 

Step 3
Now you can select the option of cancelling the GMAT. 

In any case, while the option of rescheduling GMAT is open and has many ways to go about, it is advisable not to reschedule GMAT over trivial reasons. Only in the case of unavoidable situations, the rescheduling process needs to be followed. Do remember that the GMAT exam can be taken 12 times in a whole year. The score that best suits your dream college will only be displayed to the universities of your choice.


Can I reschedule my GMAT?

Yes, GMAT can reschedule on-call or online. You will be required to pay a minimal fee amount to reschedule GMAT but you cannot reschedule the exam before 24 hours of the test appointment.

Does it cost money to reschedule GMAT?

There is a particular fee charge on rescheduling GMAT within a particular duration before the exam. Effective from 26 September 2019, a tiered fee system has been introduced for rescheduling GMAT which is as follows:

1-14 Before the Appointment: 150$ [roughly 11,470 INR]15-60 Days Before the Appointment: 100$ [roughly 7,650 INR]60+ Days Before the Appointment: 50$ [roughly 3,830 INR]

How many times can I reschedule my GMAT exam?

There is no certain limit for rescheduling GMAT. But, it is important that your rescheduled GMAT exam date cannot be beyond 6 months from the previous exam date.

Q. What are the common modes through which I can cancel my GMAT exam? 

Either online or by phone you can reschedule or cancel your GMAT exam. 

Q. Will my GMAT examination fee be refunded if I miss my GMAT appointment?

No. In any case if you miss your exam, your GMAT examination fee will not be refunded.

Q. Can I reschedule or make changes to my GMAT exam date, venue and time before 24 hours of my due appointment? 

No, candidates are not allowed to make changes 24 hours prior to their scheduled GMAT.

Q. Can I reschedule my GMAT exam to some other country? 

Yes, it is possible to reschedule your GMAT exam to some other country. To know more about it, visit the official website. 

Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes circumstances force us into situations we would rather not be in, therefore the alternative to reschedule GMAT is an essential procedure to know and understand. If you are gearing up for this exam and need expert guidance, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we will help in drafting an effective preparation strategies along with assisting in learning the essential tricks to ace each section and crack your GMAT exam with higher scores to get into your dream business school abroad! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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