Reasons for Rejection of Canada Student Visa

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Reasons for Rejection of Canada Student Visa

Canada is known for its welcoming nature. But every country has certain rules to allow people in, be it for work, study or pleasure. The Canadian government needs to maintain the ratio of native and international students. That is the reason why not all the VISA applications get approved! Do you know that there are cases where a student receives an offer letter from a university but their VISA gets rejected? If you want to avoid such a situation, then read this blog to understand all the reasons for rejection of Canada Student VISA.

List of Reasons for rejection of Canada Student Visa

Here are top 5 reasons listed in the Candian immigration website for student visa rejection: 

1. No Ties to Home Country

If you do not plan to return to your home country and not provide clear proof for the same, your visa will be rejected. Usually, many immigrants use student visas as a coax to stay in Canada as most of their family members have settled in Canada. If any of your immediate family members stay in your home country, or you have lands and other assets in the country, your visa will be approved for this point. You should not make any financial transactions that can confuse the visa authorities on your plan to return to your home country. Hope you understood the first reason for rejection of Canada student visa!

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2. No Career Plan in Home Country

Another reason that visa authorities find for students wanting to stay in Canada is a permanent career in Canada. If your current employer in your home country has already offered you a job post-study in Canada, you can get a letter from them as proof. But if you do not have such an arrangement, you can provide proof of your plans to settle in your home country. You can do this by sharing your long-term career plan and mentioning the companies you plan to work in after your course completion. 

3. Insufficient Travel History

While this is not the most important reason and is considered among other reasons, your visa may get rejected if you have never travelled outside your country or never travelled by air. 

4. Financial Insufficiency

One of the most important sections of studying abroad is having enough money to afford the entire education. While every university in the world mandates the submission of tuition fees for the first year, you must have proof of financial records, and how you plan to pay for the upcoming years. This may include your loan details, scholarships, or your bank details if you are sponsoring yourself. If you fail to do so, your visa will be rejected. This is one of the most common reasons for rejection of a visa.

5. Dual Intent

This is a scenario that is similar to permanently moving to Canada. If you have already applied for or are applying for permanent residence in Canada and also for a student visa, your case is considered under dual intent. In this case, you need to prove that if your permanent residence is rejected till your student visa expires, you will leave the country. Failing to do so will result in the rejection of a visa. In this case, the officer checks the aforementioned four points and if you fail to provide the required proofs, your visa will be cancelled. 

Along with these reasons for rejection of Canada Student VISA, there can be others as well. It depends a lot on your visa officer and your interview with them. If you fail to produce any of the documents, your visa will get rejected.

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Appeal against Study Visa Refusal

If your visa has been rejected because of any of these reasons you can appeal to fix that. However, some of these procedures are long and lack speed in comparison to applying for a visa. 

Request for Reconsideration

You can request your visa officer to revoke the rejection of your study visa. However, this process is not usually successful if officers are not liable to answer you. You may even receive a response from the visa officer but that does not always qualify for approval.

Appeal to the Federal Court of Canada

While this option has more chances of success, it is a fairly long one. After you have appealed to the court, it can take up to a year for your application to be presented in front of the court. In such a case, the judge does an impartial assessment of the decision taken by the visa officer. 

Even if you win the case, the judge does not hold the authority to provide you a study visa. They would rather assign you a new officer who will have to consider the suggestions of the judge. However, even this does not guarantee your study visa. Chances of rejection due to the initial reason are fairly less but the new officer can reject your visa on other grounds. 

Apply Again

You can re-apply for the visa. However, this is even more problematic as reapplying denotes that your visa has once been rejected. This can directly affect the decision of your new visa officer. However, you can fix that by rectifying the reason why your visa was initially rejected. For eg: if your visa was rejected due to lack of funds, you should provide proof of funds this time. If you do not know it in detail, you can access it from an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request. This takes almost a month for a response and does not guarantee a very detailed reason for rejection.

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Canada rejects almost 25-27% of the student visas. One rejected visa can reduce your chances to study in Canada so before applying, make sure to have all the documents ready before applying to study in Canada. However, even if you have been most cautious with a great profile, your visa can still be rejected due to any reason. Hence, it is important to have excellent guidance throughout the process. Leverage Edu can fill in those gaps for you and ensure a great education experience in Canada from university selection to study visa. Book your FREE Expert Counselling today!!

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