10 Reasons for Indian Students to Study at QMUL in 2022

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10 Reason for Indian Students to at Study at QMUL 2022

Amongst the top-ranked universities in the UK and the exclusive member of the prestigious Russell Group of 24 top UK universities, QMUL has become renowned for its research and teaching excellence, diversity and inclusivity. In 2021, the historic global university was ranked #114 by QS World Rankings and #35 in the top UK university by The Complete University Guide. If you are planning to study in the UK and are scouting for the best university in the UK then this blog is perfect for you because we will cover the top 10 reasons for Indian students to study at QMUL in 2022! 

A Renowned Member of the Russell Group

The #1 reason for Indian students to study at QMUL in 2022 is that the prestigious Queen Mary University of London is a part of the renowned Russell Group. The prestigious Russell Group is an association of 24 brilliant UK-based universities; these distinguished universities are committed to producing cutting-edge research and maintaining excellence in terms of teaching. Studying at a Russell Group university means access to the best facilities, quality programmes and unparalleled career opportunities. 

Paramount Focus on Research and Excellence

The university’s success in terms of research and innovation is another reason for Indian students to study at QMUL! The university actively promotes interdisciplinary research by funding world-class research facilities and infrastructure. It is also engaged in various international and local collaborations to produce quality research that can bring positive changes around the world. By studying at this research-driven university, students get an opportunity to work and assist incredible researchers across a wide range of disciplines.  

My year as a student at Queen Mary was one of the best years of my life. Intellectually, it challenged me to simultaneously learn and unlearn – amplifying my personal growth and broadening my perception

– Yashvardhan Rana, Law LLM

A Diverse Range of Interdisciplinary Programmes

When it comes to all levels of programmes, QMUL offers a wide array of options in various subject-areas. Students get the golden opportunity to choose any subject or specialisation from Accounting to Zoology. The university offers over 130 UG programmes, 290 PG programmes and 32 research led-programmes in popular and demanding disciplines like Accounting & Management, Big Data Science, International Relations, Law & Legal Studies, Dentistry, Medicine, Data Analytics, Biomedical Sciences, History, English, Engineering and many more. 

Apart from the regular programmes, QMUL also has foundational programmes, online courses and part-time programmes across different streams for students to choose from. University works tirelessly to improve upon the course curriculum and teaching styles through feedback received through the National Student Survey.

Global Study Environment

QMUL has the most diverse campus across the UK and in Europe. The university actively encourages international students from 162 countries to study at the prestigious university with financial assistance, high-calibre study programmes and world-class post-study opportunities. The university has nurtured a positive and global learning environment for the thousands of international students that travel from all over the world for the opportunity to study at the best UK university. 

Scholarships and Studentships

QMUL has an iconic history that dates back to 1785; its parent institutions were founded with the aim to disseminate quality education to the underprivileged. This motto is at the heart of Queen Mary University of London’s scholarship programme. The university offers international students from over 162 countries amazing scholarships and studentship. Last year, the university allotted £10 million in scholarships and grants to QMUL students. 

Career Support

The reason why Indian students should study at QMUL is the career support, guidance and skill enhancement opportunities it offers from the first year of college till graduation. The university offers international and local students plenty of opportunities to gain valuable work experience through initiatives like EAST and QM Careers Hub. These programmes help students find the best work opportunity, teach them about resume building and writing, prepare students for interviews, provide internships and research opportunities. They also provide international students with help with visa application, part-time jobs and work experience. 

The university has a job blog called the QM Job Blogs which imparts pertinent industry-related information, job openings, volunteership and internship opportunities. International students can engage and interact with QM alumni, read their personal stories and learn from their challenges and experience.  

Exciting Campus Life and Activities

The Queen Mary University of London actively encourages its students to take part in extracurricular and invest their time at QMUL productively. They have over 300 student societies, sports clubs, volunteership programmes, internships, exciting competition and virtual events and conferences. Apart from exciting on-campus activities, the university offers affordable on-campus accommodations to international students as well.  

State of the Art Facilities

Another reason to study at QMUL for Indian students is its modern facilities and upscale infrastructure. The university invests a portion of its funding towards the latest teaching and research equipment. The university has, recently, invested in upscaling all its campuses, it created UK’s first dental school in 40 years, built the Graduate Centre and Blizard Institute for research in areas of life sciences.

Situated at the Heart of London

The university location is the top reason for Indian students to study at QMUL in 2022. Its two biggest campuses, Mile End and Whitechapel are closely linked with Central London via tube trains and buses. Studying at QMUL gives students the best of opportunities and a dual experience of campus life and city life. Students have easy access to the multicultural life in London; its sights, monuments, museums, plays and events are just minutes away from the campus. QMUL is also amongst the few campus-based universities in London which makes it a top priority for many international students!  

Credits -QMULOfficial

A Haven for International Students

QMUL is the ultimate haven for international students, the university has over 8600 international students enrolled across different streams. Another reason for Indian students to study at QMUL in 2022 is the fact that the university provides experiential learning to students. The diversity in terms of nationality at the university is magnificent, creating a profound global educational experience for international students. Students can get ample opportunities to work and intern in the UK as well as in European countries along with choosing from various European Exchange Programmes and Study Abroad Programmes. 

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This is all about the top 10 reasons for Indian students to study at QMUL in 2022! Reach out to experts at Leverage Edu and get help with the QMUL admission process!

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