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Sports Management in the UK

Many industries have risen and fallen over the last few decades. And the sports industry has grown tremendously in the twenty-first century. Sports management, which is still evolving, is often overlooked by students who want to pursue sports as a career.
Sports management combines HR skills with management and is the backbone of any successful team. Management, marketing, and business courses are among the many that students take. The profession is in high demand and growing rapidly, making it ideal for sports enthusiasts. Are you interested in studying sports management courses in the United Kingdom? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know!

Why Pursue a Sports Management Degree in the UK?

  • Given that India has recently become a hotspot for sporting events, there is a lot of opportunity for sports management professionals in India. Sporting leagues such as the Indian Premier League for cricket, the Pro Kabaddi League, the Indian Table Tennis League, and many others for games such as hockey, football, and athletics have garnered a lot of media attention, fame, and money for sports and sports-related activities in India, resulting in an excellent opportunity for highly skilled trained professionals in the sports industry
  • Professionals with skills in sports event management, sports marketing, public relations, corporate sport management, and financial and statistical analysis in sports can launch a successful career both within and outside of India
  • Apart from PR firms that manage athletes and sporting events and activities at the national and international levels, there are numerous employment and internship opportunities for students of Sports Management with sports teams, local sports organizations, and community-based teams within the sports industry
  • Sports management professionals are in high demand for marketing and promotional jobs in companies that manufacture and distribute sporting gear, uniforms, shoes, and equipment. According to Forbes, the sports industry is expected to grow to $75.7 billion in the United States alone by 2020, indicating the global potential for launching a successful career in this field

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Best Sports Management Courses in the UK

There are numerous options for pursuing a Sports Management degree course in the UK; however, it is recommended that you select a Sports Management degree program in the specialization of your choice. The following are some of the best Sports Management degree courses available in the UK: 

Name of the University  Name of the Courses
Edinburgh University MSc Sport Policy, Management and International Development
University of Liverpool MSc Sports Business and Management
University of East London MSc Sports Management
Coventry University BA (Hons) Sports and Leisure Management (Hons) Sports ManagementMSc Sports Management
Northumbria University Newcastle BSc (Hons) Sports ManagementMSc International Sport Management
Leeds Beckett University BA (Hons) Sports Business ManagementBSc (Hons) Sports Event ManagementMSc Sports Event Management

Top Universities

There are an array of universities that offer sports management courses in the United Kingdom. Some of the popular universities that offer sports management courses are as follows;

Name of the University  QS World Rankings 2023
Teesside University 301-350
Coventry University 501-550
The University of Oxford  4
The University of Hertfordshire  801-1000
The University of Manchester  38
The University of Birmingham 28
The University of Cambridge  90
Imperial College London  6
University of Leeds  86
London Metropolitan University 801-1000

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Eligibility Requirements 

To pursue Sports Management degree courses in the UK, you must meet the university’s eligibility requirements:

  • To pursue undergraduate sports management courses, you must first complete high school with appropriate grades.
  • To pursue a postgraduate degree in sports management, you must first have an undergraduate degree from an officially recognized institution with relevant subjects and grades.
  • You may also be interviewed as part of the admissions process for Sports Management degree programs, followed by a test administered by some prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.

Documents Required 

To be admitted to the institution, you must submit several documents as part of the application process. The documents required for admission to UK universities are listed below:

Score Requirements 

You must also submit language proficiency test scores in case your first language is not English. The score requirements to get enrolled in universities in the UK are: 

Language Proficiency Tests,  Average Score Required 
IELTS  6.7 bands 

Career Prospects 

The career prospects after the completion of sports management courses are as follows;

1. Sports Event Coordinators

Sports event coordinators are dynamic professionals who are in charge of a sporting event’s broadcasting, promotion, organization, and execution. They can deal with operational challenges such as crowd management, venue management, transportation, and activities such as budgeting and scheduling of sporting events.

2. Corporate Partnership Managers

assist sports organizations in developing and maintaining business partnerships with corporate partners in exchange for a fee to promote products and services. They are also overseeing such corporate partnerships, creating new opportunities, developing agreements with media outlets, and ensuring their successful execution.

3. Public Relations Manager and Sports Agents

Athletes’ and sports personalities’ public image and public relations are handled by public relations managers. Their responsibilities include event coordination, media relations, and developing strategies to manage their client’s public image.

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4. Statistician

Statisticians play an important role in today’s world, where technology is widely used to monitor sporting events and support game outcomes for error-free decisions. Sports statisticians perform a variety of tasks, including recording and analyzing sports-related data, forecasting sports trends, and researching the best sporting outcomes. To become a sports statistician, which is a highly lucrative and interesting job, you must have strong mathematical skills, statistical knowledge, and computer literacy.

5. Financial and Contract Analyst

Sports teams and franchises hire financial and contract analysts to maximize revenue and effectively manage available funds. To ensure the company’s best interests and profitability, financial and contract analysts are responsible for analyzing the expenditure requirements, vendor agreements, athlete salaries, and pending contracts.

Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular job profile and salary in sports management:

Job Profile Avg. Salary In INR
Sports event coordinator 27,022 GBP 26.98 Lakh
Corporate partnership managers 37,565 GBP 37.50 Lakh
PR managers and sports agent 35,764 GBP 35.71 Lakh
Statisticians 42,140 GBP 42.07 Lakh
Financial and contract analyst 36,529 GBP 36.47 Lakh


What are the career options after I get my MSc?

Athletic coach, contract manager, athletic director, sports event management, sports science, sports agent, and other high-paying jobs available after your MSc include salaries ranging from $43,000 to USD 80,000(INR 35 – 65 lakhs) .

Is an online course better than an on-campus course?

While the tuition is roughly the same, online courses save you money on accommodation, travel, and other costs associated with studying abroad. It does, however, limit your exposure and other practical opportunities, making it a highly subjective choice.

Is the sports industry growing?

The sports industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, with a net worth of $826 million by 2030.

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