How to Write an SOP?

How to Write an SOP

If you know what exactly is a Statement of Purpose, you would know how important it is while you’re keeping all your documents in place to study abroad. A creatively written SOP can actually help you stand out amongst the pool of applicants and increase your chance of acquiring a seat in your dream university. But, how to write an SOP? Well, this blog is the answer to your question. Continue reading to know striking ways to showcase your skills, ambitions and experience in an SOP. 

Importance of an SOP

The admission committee at the concerned university enquiries to know a valid reason as to why you are inclined towards a particular course or your intention of joining their university. But, with lucid writing style, you can easily prove your calibre. Therefore, it is important to describe your profile with clarity. Giving a gist of who you are, your qualifications, skills, hobbies, interests, goals, expectations from the university, etc. is what should be briefly included in your SOP.

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A best-written SOP can give you wings to fly to your desired university apart from your previous academic performance. Before we move on to understand how to write an SOP, let us take a look at some of the essential tips and trick to keep in mind while crafting an SOP

  • Your Statement of Purpose should be free from grammatical errors. The transparency in the language is mandatory.
  • A good vocabulary in SOP will impress the selectors. Your command over sentence construction and punctuation is essential. The redundancy in sentences should be avoided.
  • Your writing should tell a unique side of you with your interests, goals, talent and experience. Being familiar with the university process will help you.
  • You can use Times New Roman font while writing your SOP and ensure to keep 1-inch margins on all sides and 1.5 line spacing.
  • The writing should not exceed more than 2 pages and not more than 500-800 words. Also, you can refer to the website of the university you are applying in, for the prescribed SOP format.

Understanding How to Write an SOP

Students often misunderstood SOP to be just another essay about themselves and write monotonous material that doesn’t even stand out. That is why the college admissions committee put substantial weight on SOPs and their structure – to see whether you take interest in expressing how much you want to study at their university. You can follow the below-mentioned pattern for writing a powerful Statement of Purpose.

Always begin your SOP with an introduction: Here you will give self-introduction with briefly explaining your long-term goals. Also, you need to talk about your background in not more than 2- 3 lines. 
Your next step is to walk through your academic journey along with your working experience (if you have one): While writing this section keep a formal tone and avoid casual writing. You also cover your participation and achievements and projects that you handled
In the next paragraphs, mention your desired interest in your chosen field of study: Be relevant and give unambiguous information. Also, ensure you discuss your expectations and what skills you would want to attain in due course of time. 
When addressing your career objective, give relevant information. If you’re aiming to become a CEO of a company, talk about the different ways in which your chosen course would help you in future. Express yourself and the attitude you plan to carry along to a new place. Always remember that the big difference is created with little details.
In this section, you have to write about your interest in choosing the specific university and what skills you wish to achieve in your respective field of study. Be clear and do not exaggerate.
Your answer on how to write an SOP can never be complete if you don’t know how to write a conclusion. This paragraph should summarise who you are and what you are looking up to. Ending your SOP with a punchy line is sure to leave an indelible mark on selector’s mindset.

We are giving you few links with sample SOP so that you can get an actual idea of how the aforementioned strategies have been incorporated in a real SOP.

Hopefully, we have geared you with the best tips on how to write an SOP. If you still have doubts or need any assistance, you can always reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we easily help assist you throughout the admission process, be it selecting a suitable course, university or drafting an impressive SOP for you.

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