Project Management Courses in UK

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Project Management Courses in UK

Project management courses are an innovative way of achieving organisational skills, learning about field expertise, the latest tools and resources. Management has various branches like HR, Strategic, Marketing and one such popular specialization in Project Management. UK is the no. #1 choice for students planning to pursue management courses abroad. According to BBC News, the country is also one of the preferred study abroad destinations amongst Indian students. Let’s explore everything you need to know about project management in UK.

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What is Project Management?

Project management is the application of skills, techniques, knowledge and experience to complete project objectives within the time frame given. Project management and general management do sound similar but unlike management, project management is limited by a deadline and budget. In simple terms, project management is not an ongoing process. As a project manager, your job is completed when you achieve the goals set specifically for a project. 

To an organisation, project management is very important as project managers bring leadership and direction to their projects. They simply focus on an assigned project avoiding any other company distractions. Many businesses hire or outsource project managers when they launch a new product in the market or development of an existing product/service. 

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  • Leadership– Leadership and management are synonyms. If you can’t get the work done, you aren’t a manager. Keeping the employees motivated throughout the project to ensure maximum output is a key role of a project manager. 
  • Scheduling– A project manager should be able to multitask and look over multiple departments’ schedules, give them deadlines and take updates from them regularly. 
  • Supervising– Like an invisible spirit, you have to be present at all times to supervise the project and also discipline the employees if needed. 
  • Risk and cost management– When you are a project manager, you can be held responsible for the littlest of mistakes. So you should be able to identify the risks that can lead to failure, rectify them and also keep the entire project under the budget. 

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Top Project Management Courses in UK 

Education in project management has grown rapidly in the UK. With more and more organisations recognising the need for specialised project managers, the number of project management courses in UK has also increased. If you want to pursue project management at an undergraduate level for 3 years, here are the best courses in the UK for you:

  • BEng Civil Engineering with Project Management 
  • BSc Construction Project Management
  • BA Business Management- Project Management
  • BSc Project Management  

If you want to pursue a masters in management with project management, here are the top postgraduate courses for you:

  • MSc Strategic Management of Projects
  • MSc Commercial Project Management 
  • MSc Advanced Engineering Management- Project Management 
  • MSc Project Management 
  • MSc Construction Project Management 
  • MSc International Master Project Management
  • MSc Global Project Management 
  • MS Software Project Management 
  • MSc Engineering Project Management 

A career in construction management is a popular sector in project management because of its project-based needs and requirements. You can also pursue an MBA in project management for which you will require work experience.

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Top Universities for Project Management Courses in UK

UK education system is one of the best in the world, it attracts thousands of Indian students each year. Here are the best universities in UK that offer project management courses:

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Eligibility Requirements 

Project management courses in UK have certain qualifications that you need to clear to apply for them. The minimum eligibility for the undergraduate program in project management is a 12th pass certificate and the requirement for a postgraduate course is a bachelor’s degree preferably in management from a recognised academic institution. Other basic eligibility requirements are as follows:

Did you know that 90% of the UK universities accept IELTS as proof of English proficiency! To get that perfect score that can qualify you for your dream university, enrol for IELTS classes at Leverage Live now. 

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Admission Process

To apply for the project management courses in UK, you have to follow the procedure given below to avoid any kinds of roadblocks that could lead to rejection of application:-

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Cost of Study

The cost of studying project management courses in UK depends upon the city your university is located in. If your university is in London, you will find accommodation in London which is more expensive than studying in Bristol. Here’s the cost of studying for an Indian student in UK:

Type of cost  Average expenses (INR)
Tuition fee Undergraduate- 11.28-25 lakhs per yearPostgraduate- 12-33.5 lakhs per year
GMAT  18,755
IELTS  14,700
TOEFL  13,879 
UCAS Application fee 2,575- for multiple courses
UK Student visa application fee 35,865
Airfare 45,200-56,600 for single trip

These are costs you incur before you arrive in the UK. To know your personalised cost of living in the UK as an Indian student, use our cost of living calculator for absolutely free!

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What is the average salary of a project manager in the UK?

The average salary of a project manager in the UK is 50.6 lakhs per year. 

Is project management in demand in the UK?

Project management was one of the top 10 highest in-demand jobs in 2019 and the demand has only grown ever since. 

Do I need to take an entrance exam for project management courses in UK?

There is no general entrance exam for project management courses except for an aptitude test of GMAT/GRE for postgraduate courses. 

Which is the best university for project management courses in UK?

Manchester University is considered one of the best universities in the UK for project management courses. 

What is project management?

Management of an assigned project within a time frame and a budget is called project managers. 

Can I do an MBA in project management in UK?

MBA in project management can be done from the University of East London in UK. 

A business that wants to expand and innovate will always hire project managers. The need for highly qualified project managers is at an all-time high in the UK. Anxious about the application process and whether you’ll be accepted into a university or not? Contact our experts at Leverage Edu for end-to-end assistance from application to Visa process. Call us at 1800 57 2000 to book your FREE 30-minute counselling session today!

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