Proctored Exam: What is Online Proctored Exam & How it Works?

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To authenticate a student’s identity and maintain academic integrity, many online courses require students to take proctored online tests. Proctored examinations are an important feature of online courses since they ensure that the test is completed by the registered student. This blog covers all the basics of proctored exams and the implications of employing digital proctoring services to transfer exams online, to procedures for online proctoring, as well as some of the concerns students have about this new technology.

What is a Proctored Exam?

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The message isn’t that difficult to decipher. A “proctor” is a supervisor or someone who keeps an eye on students during an exam. It can also refer to a university official with disciplinary responsibilities. As a result, a proctored test is one in which you are observed while taking the exam. These proctors will often verify students’ identification, maintain time, and monitor students to ensure that they are adhering to exam norms and instructions.

Proctored Exams Vs Non-Proctored Exams

There are no proctors or supervisors present during a non-proctored test. This is especially true when textbooks are permitted for use during the exam, which is most typical for tests that focus on problem-solving skills rather than memorizing facts. Since tests were largely on paper in actual classrooms until today, proctored exams have been the most prevalent. Proctors are frequently present in these situations to distribute test papers, time the duration of the test, and keep an eye on students for signs of cheating.

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What Are Online Proctored Exams?

Proctored tests are timed examinations in which you take them while proctoring software monitors your computer’s desktop, as well as the video and audio from your camera. The data collected by the proctoring software is sent to a third-party proctoring firm for analysis. Your course and enrollment track may or may not necessitate proctored tests. An online proctored test is essentially the same as any other exam, but with the internet, infrastructure to handle all of the accompanying activities. Most critically, invigilation is required to safeguard the exam room’s purity.

proctored exam- how it works?
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Types of Online Proctoring

Other methods of online proctoring exist in addition to human proctoring, which is done by proctors who are physically present at the exam centre. These are a few examples:

  • Live Online Proctoring: This sort of online proctoring allows for real-time monitoring of applicants’ activity using audio, video, and screen sharing options.
  • Recorded Proctoring: A human proctor is not necessary for this sort of proctoring. The reason for this is that the session is automatically and in real-time recorded in the system.
  • Advanced Automated Proctoring: This sort of proctoring uses artificial intelligence and is completely automated. It enables the administration of online exams without the use of a human proctor. There are very few possibilities of making a mistake, and AI can detect any unfair behaviors with increased precision. This is the most advanced type of remote proctoring available online.

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How Online Proctoring Works

Before the exam, online proctoring programs will check student IDs to confirm that the exam is being taken by the proper student. Auto authentication or live authentication are both used in this procedure.

  • Auto Authentication: Students usually start by taking a photo of their ID and face, answering challenge questions, or providing a biometric signature to verify their identification.
  • Live Authentication: Another alternative is live authentication, which involves a real proctor comparing the student’s face to the ID.

Online proctoring services keep track of students in a variety of methods during the exam. Automatic proctoring, record-and-review proctoring, and live to proctor are all options.

  • Automatic Proctoring: When students’ surroundings are monitored for sound and movement, this is known as automatic proctoring.
  • Record-and-Review Proctoring: Record-and-review When a proctored test is finished, it is recorded so that it may be reviewed later. This means that the student will not be monitored throughout the exam, but the fact that it may be reviewed will dissuade cheating.
  • Live Proctoring: Live proctoring is the most basic option, which involves a live proctor, much like in the classroom, but through the computer, allowing students to take their exam at their leisure.

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What Are The Requirements For Online Remote Proctoring?

Proctors benefit from the remote proctoring software since it makes it easier for them to maintain the integrity of online tests. The examiner can also use the program to verify the identification of the examinee. The fundamental requirements for online proctoring are shown below.

Laptop or Desktop Because the chrome plug-in required to share your screen is only compatible with a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need one to take your exam. Phones and tablets are only permitted if they are necessary for the exam.
A photo ID You’ll need to show your student card, passport, ID card, or a driver’s license with your name and photo on it to prove your identity. Secret information, such as student numbers, should be kept private.
Smartphone or tablet It’s possible that you’ll have to utilize the camera on your smartphone. If this is appropriate, your test organizer will let you know.
A steady internet connection A stable internet connection (wifi is necessary for mobile streaming) with a minimum upload speed of 1,5 Mbps is required.

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DO’s and DON’Ts of an Online Proctored Exam

  • Keep your webcam and mic on which a candidate is taking an exam
  • Be seated with a plain background and in a well-lit room
  • The room must be as quiet as possible
  • Remain alone in the room to avoid disruptions
  • Keep sheets before starting the examination

Donts to Follow:

  • Stay on the same tab, that is the test screen, to avoid suspicious activity
  • Avoid talking or any other disruptions during the exam
  • Keep all your gadgets on silent
  • Keep your camera on and at all times to avoid disruptions

What are the Benefits of Online Proctoring?

The benefits of pursuing an online proctoring exam are:

  • Helps in verfiying student ID
  • Easy to set up
  • Can prevent and deter cheating easily
  • Creates a safer online test environment for students
  • Helps with research as it can give a report on learner behavior and patterns
  • Can be conducted for a variety of exam types
  • Easily accessible and allows accommodations
  • Removes administrative burden on test centers
  • Can schedule online exams anytime from anywhere
  • Affordable and accessible

What are the Types of Online Proctoring?

  • Browser lockdown software
  • Automated proctoring (AI proctoring)
  • Live remote proctoring
  • Blended online proctoring

Why Schools Are Switching To Online Proctoring?

Schools and universities have switched to online proctoring because of its easy accessibility and affordability. Here are some online proctoring benefits for schools and universities:

  • Video monitoring
  • Browser locking
  • Audio monitoring and voice detection
  • Student ID verification
  • Exam reporting
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility


Is it possible for candidates to cheat on an online exam?

The online search option is blocked if there is no proctoring software installed. At the same time, the screen sharing option allows your invigilator to keep an eye on the test at all times. Even if you miss it, you may examine all of the recordings online. Students will very certainly be unable to cheat using digital proctoring services since they will be unable to get beyond the security architecture.

Is it possible for me to take a break throughout the exam?

Breaks are not permitted during the exam unless your university specifies otherwise.

Is it permissible for me to utilize other resources such as textbooks, pens, and paper, and so on?

Yes, but only if your institution has agreed to it. This information is also included in the email that provides the exam’s fundamental information.

This was all about the proctored exams. If you need any more assistance with institutions, the application process, finances, paperwork, or anything else, call the Leverage Edu professionals at 1800-572-000 and let them give you outstanding end-to-end mentorship and advice to help you make your goal a reality in no time!

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