Career in Polymer Technology

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Polymer Technology

Polymers are directly associated with plastics, rubbers and synthetic fibres which makes Polymer Technology an instrumental part of modern life. It is speeding up human connectivity, simplifying energy production and bringing automation technologies to our world. On the contrary, it is rapidly ruining the ecosystem. Finding solutions to reusable plastics is the need of the hour. Various efforts are being made to develop sustainable polymer technology products such as nanocellulose-based fabrics and thermoplastics. This blog aims to provide you with the key details of what a field like Polymer Technology entails as well as the courses and specialisations you can choose from.

What is Polymer Technology?

Plastic was once considered the finest human invention Mnd revolutionise the modern living in a plethora of ways. Further, in the contemporary times, it has proved no less than a global hazard and the industries are in need of professionals who possess the requisite technical knowledge relating to polymers to build and innovate new sustainable and green materials which can replace the existing ones. The study of polymer and plastics come under the academic discipline of Materials Sciences and it offers not just vibrant career options but a chance to work towards something influential and impactful.

Courses in Polymer Technology

There are several courses that can prepare you for building a career in Polymer Technology or in the overarching field of Materials Sciences. In bachelor’s level courses such as a B.Tech or BSc, the curriculum focuses on providing students with the foundational concepts of Physics and Chemistry after which they are introduced to advanced topics. These topics may include polymer physics and rheology, polymer design, mould design, polymer testing, polymer materials along with polymer processing and computer-aided engineering and simulation. Furthermore, master’s level courses like an M.Tech or MSc extend the level of study into much more deeper topics of research. Some of the specialisations offered as part of Polymer Technology courses are:

  • Polymer Engineering
  • Macromolecular materials
  • Industrial Processes
  • Biomaterial Science
  • Advanced Materials
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Biomedical Materials
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Fibre Technology
  • Pulp and Paper Technology
  • Composites, Wood, Materials Combinations
  • Manufacturing Methods


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A degree in Polymer Technology can help you explore careers in polymer-related materials development companies working in areas of energy production, construction, health care, surface coatings, appliances, green packaging and research and innovation. Below we have mentioned some of the career profiles in the field of Polymer Technology:

Quality Manager/ Inspectors

The job of a Quality Manager is to maintain the standard of a product with respect to internal quality policies, legal regulatory schemes as well as global compliance. As a polymer quality manager, your tasks may be more than just ensuring standards of a particular polymer product as you will also be coordinating with other departments, maintaining efficiency, making necessary future process-related alterations. You can further supplement it with an MBA in Quality Management later on in your career.

Technical Sales Engineer

Companies working in Polymer Technology require professionals who understand the ins and outs of a product along with possessing a knack for sales pitch and persuasion. As a Polymer Technical Sales Engineer, you will be in charge of liaising with marketing, design, production and purchasing departments, building long-lasting connections with customers, pre-sales technical pitching, training juniors on product, analysis of costs and sales and help in designing of new polymer-related products.

Polymer Technology Scientist/Engineer

As a Polymer Scientist/Engineer, you will be working on the research and development of the perfect combination of materials for a particular product. Common responsibilities include analysing properties such as heat, chemical, durability and renewability of different kinds of poly-materials, its accessibility, prototype development, analysing performance, amongst others.


A handful of individuals who are inclined towards pursuing an academic-oriented career in Polymer Technology venture into the domain of research. As a researcher, your responsibilities include studying the properties of existing polymer materials for various purposes along with assisting the creation of new polymer products. Further, awareness towards environment and waste has also opened up discussion on how the preexisting menace of plastics and polymer can be dealt with efficiently.

Project Manager

Large organisations bifurcate huge commitments into small-scale projects. Typically a senior level profession, a Project Manager’s responsibilities incorporate the industrial work related to construction and engineering amongst others. You will be expected to abide by standard process, carrying out planning and organising tasks, preparing of budgets along with setting up timelines, roles of people, managing risks and unforeseen events and closing of projects. You can also go for an MBA in Project Management later in your career.

Some other job profiles you can discover in Polymer Technology include:

  • Professor/Lecturer
  • Production Planners
  • Technologist
  • Production Supervisor

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Polymer Technology programs, similar to other niche degrees offered within STEM courses, are widening their reach each day not only in the world but within India as well. With the right admission-related assistance, you can explore opportunities according to your inclinations wherever you want. The expert counselors at Leverage Edu can lend you more than a helping hand right from application to post-admission processes so that you can build a bright career in a field of interest.

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