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Placements in IIM

IIM is a brand name that attracts top companies from around the world. IIMs are the most reputable business schools in India and it would certainly be correct to say that placements in IIM are top-notch. The world-class education facility provides students multiple opportunities to widen their horizon and study the top management courses to boost their careers. The placements in IIMs are annually conducted between December and February with top companies from various industries visiting the campuses to recruit students for multiple roles in their organization. If you wish to know more about placements in IIM, read on because we shall provide key figures and top companies that make annual recruitments from the colleges.

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IIM Placement Process

The IIM placement process is conducted in three phases- Summer Placements, Lateral Placements, and Final Placements.

  1. IIM Summer Placements: Usually conducted in October – November and only first-year students can participate in summer placements.
  2. IIM Lateral Placements:  Usually conducted in January – February and only those students who have prior work experience can participate in lateral placements.
  3. IIM Final Placements:  Usually conducted in Feb- March and only graduating students can participate in final placements.

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Placements in IIM: Highest International Packages Offered

In this section, we shall discuss the highest CTC offered by the prominent IIMs for the academic year 2020. We have listed the highest international CTC offered below :

  1. IIM Ahmedabad:   INR 1.32 CPA
  2. IIM Kashipur: INR 48.5 LPA
  3. IIM Indore: INR 89.25 LPA
  4. IIM Ranchi: INR 59.3 LPA
  5. IIM Udaipur: INR 33 LPA
  6. IIM Sambalpur: INR 58 LPA

Placements in IIM: Highest/Average Salary Packages Offered

The average salary packages offered in the placements of well-established IIMs ranges from INR 20- 26 LPA whereas newer IIMs offer average salary that ranges from INR 10-18 LPA. However, what must be pointed here is that although there has been an increase in the highest salary package offered in new IIMs as compared to last year, the average salary package has remained the same more or less. We have taken the data available for the year 2020 and listed it down. 

IIM Highest CTC (In Lakhs- per annum) Average Domestics CTC – (In Lakhs- per annum)
IIM Ahmedabad 55.8 26.13
IIM Bangalore 26.18
IIM Lucknow 54 23
IIM Calcutta 80 28
IIM Indore 50 22.92
IIM Kozhikode 58 20.80
IIM Rohtak 24 13.70
IIM Shillong 48.5 18.79
IIM Ranchi 22.37 15.11
IIM Raipur 28.12 15.20
IIM Kashipur 45 13.82
IIM Tiruchirappalli 25 15
IIM Udaipur 40 13.84
IIM Nagpur 40 13.13
IIM Visakhapatnam 27 13.08
IIM Bodh Gaya 20 11.20
IIM Amritsar 40 12.61
IIM Sirmaur 26 11.28
IIM Sambalpur 18.92 11.61
IIM Jammu 24.50 10.64

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List of Companies 

Here is a comprehensive list of companies that participate in the annual placement drives conducted by IIMs in India. These companies belong to sectors like Information Technology, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Consulting, Strategy, Telecom and FMCG:

  • McKinsey 
  • The Boston Consulting Group 
  • MasterCard 
  • SAIF Partners
  • JP Morgan
  • Airtel
  • PWC
  • Bain & Co
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Blackstone Group
  • Colgate
  • Samsung
  • Wipro
  • American Express
  • HCL Technologies and Strategy
  • Russell Reynolds
  • Etihad Airways
  • OLAM
  • United Breweries

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Do students get international opportunities while studying at IIM?

Yes, students do get international job offers with good salary packages in the campus placements of IIMs. 

What is the minimum salary offered at IIMs?

The minimum salary figures are not released However, from other data sources, it was revealed that minimum salary is not less than Rs 6 lakh per annum.

Does IIM guarantee 100% placements?

IIMs has recorded 100 percent placements for all students except for those who opt-out of the campus placement process.

How much do IIM graduates earn?

IIM graduates can earn from top IIMs have an average salary of 20 to 25 lakhs while those from newer IIMs can expect a salary somewhere between 10 to 15 lakhs.

Which is the No 1 IIM in India?

IIM Ahmedabad was ranked no. 1 in India by NIRF amongst the best management schools in India.

What is the ROI from MBA in IIMs?

In terms of ROI, MBA from IIMs is highly lucrative opportunity and students can easily get a return on their investments within 1 to 2 years of passing out.

What are summer placements in IIMs?

Summer placements in IIMS are meant for first-year students only. These are internship opportunities offered to freshers to build a strong profile and work value work experience from top companies.

What are the top companies in IIM placements?

The Boston Consulting Group 
Bain and Co
JP Morgan

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So, this was all about placements in IIM. If you wish to pursue MBA abroad or higher studies abroad, get in touch with our Leverage Edu to guide you through the cumbersome application process. For more educational content, follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter!

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