A Place Where You Meet The Unicorns!

A place very far away, there was a dense jungle. The flowers there were colourful, grass long, and water so pristine that it worked just fine as a mirror. The jungle was so beautiful that each animal living there was immensely proud of it, especially the unicorns.

Unicorns were the most reputed ones living there. To even meet them, required a special permission from the authority. Also, no animal was allowed to enter their colony before 12 PM and after 6 PM. Why? Because they were the ones who made rules. And to question them was like questioning the constitution itself.

One day, just out of curiosity, a little hamster asked his mother, “Why are they given such a special treatment?”

“Who?” mother hamster asked.

“The Unicorns! Is it just because they give fun rides to humans? I see many of those sitting on their backs and leaving for some or the other place every day,” the little one replied.

To this, the mother broke into a loud laughter and said, “No! Those are not just fun rides my child. Unicorns were the first ones made my god. He poured in some magical powers into them and they know everything about everyone. They know what you want, and what you don’t; where you are coming from and where you ought to go when you yourself don’t know about such things. If you find yourself stuck in life, and don’t know which way to go, just let the unicorns decide for you.”

Just after she had finished with this informative lecture, the little one was already snoring out loud. Maybe it was too early for him to know about the unicorns. But we suppose if you’re here on our platform, reading this story, you’re seeking some help concerning your higher studies, career, or life as a whole. Aren’t you?

What if we tell you such unicorns exist? And they know exactly where you should be heading, even when you may be sceptical about it? They are just known by a different name here in our world. We at Leverage, call it ‘Artificial Intelligence’. It has been doing wonders for us and will continue to do so even on a larger scale in the coming years. Using AI, we can uncover some deeply hidden secrets, which never even transpired in real life. All this may sound pretty fancy on hearing. Indeed it is. But at the same time, it’s the future of education.

How does it work?

  • You reach out to the unicorn = You log on to our platform
  • You convey your information to the unicorn = You feed in some basic information about yourself
  • The unicorn asks you certain questions = You take a test so that we can get to know about you well
  • The unicorn tells you the much-awaited secret = You get to know about a career path corresponding to your personality
  • Time to rejoice!

Remember what mother hamster said? “If you find yourself stuck in life, and don’t know which way to go, just let the unicorns decide for you.” Come meet us at our office, the unicorns await you!

– Team Leverage

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