A robber enters a bank in Guangzhou in China and shouts, “ The money belongs to the state, your life belongs to you. Don’t move.”  The people in the bank stand down quietly. When the robber returns home to his partner and asks him to help count the amount of cash he had looted, the other robber says, “Why waste time counting? We can just watch the news for the amount clarification” This story gives us two important management lessons, that is creativity in execution of monotonous plans, need for experience and how interesting and challenging Management studies are.  Graduates planning their higher studies often find Management studies as the most preferred options among their peers. This is because Management studies help us achieving goals in groups and helps us use ways that best reduce costs with optimum utilization of resources. Management studies aims at helping individuals develop leadership qualities along with the ability to establish a strong organisational structure and equilibrium. An organization is established due to the efforts of management students to convert disorganized resources of machines, money and men into useful enterprise. With management studies available in connection to various fields of studies and industries, this blog provides information on Post Graduate Program in Management or PGPM.

Understanding the Course

The Post Graduate Program in Management, i.e. PGPM is a two or in some cases a one year full time program is structured to help transform professionals with high potential into competent managers. The PGPM program is crafted carefully to help develop business competencies, leadership skills and effective team work, which is sure to accelerate individual career growth. In a world with fast changing businesses where billion dollar companies grow in a few years, the PGPM program allows candidates to start creating value within a year or so’s time with maximized learning and training. It is considered as the science and art of accomplishing various goals through the right usage of financial, technological, natural resources and humans. The PGPM program stresses on the candidate’s improvement in aptitude, skills and abilities of applying management concepts and theories to business and industry live issues. This might sound similar to the MBA degree and while both tread around the same topics, let us have a look at the difference between PGPM and MBA. 

Difference between PGPM and MBA

To help you better understand the difference between PGPM and MBA, here is a table highlighting the important aspects of PGPM and MBA that sets them apart: 

Parameters PGPMMBA
Full Form Post Graduate Programme in ManagementMasters of Business Administration
Eligibility Graduate Degree from any stream. Might require work experienceGraduate Degree from any stream 
Available modesPart-Time, Full Time, Distance learning Part-Time, Full Time, Distance learning 
Duration 1-2 years2-3 years
Affordability Less Affordable generallyMore affordable generally
Careers Efficient ManagersFinancial advisor,  HR, Marketing advisor, etc.
Focus Details Related to Management Gaining Business knowledge and developing technical skills. 
ProgrammeOffered by Institutes not affiliated with UniversitiesOffered by Institutes affiliated with Universities
Eligibility for PhDNo  Yes
Curriculum Flexible Rigid

These were some of the differences between the PGPM and MBA programs. Depending on your career requirements, choose either of the program. 

Colleges offering PGPM Program 

There are numerous colleges in the world that offer the PGPM course to students worldwide. Some of the colleges include: 

  • University of Queensland, Australia 
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • University of New South Wales, Australia 
  • Australian National University, Australia 
  • McGill University, Canada
  • Mcmaster University, Canada
  • University of Guelph, Canada

These universities offer courses related to Post Graduate Program in Management. 

Employment Sectors for Graduates 

There are several employment sectors for PGPM Graduates to be employed in including: 

  • IT firms
  • Business Firms
  • Finance Units
  • Educational Institutes 
  • Telecom Industries
  • Finance Units
  • Marketing Units 
  • Hospital Industry 
  • Insurance Sector 

There are different kinds of job profiles offered in these sectors, giving graduates the positive career arc they will require. 

Hence, the Post Graduate Program in Management is emerging as a growing career defining field that is demanding skills and aptitude. We hope we have provided all the relevant information you require to begin your journey in Post Graduate Program in Management. In case you still have doubts about the right management course for you, Leverage Edu experts and AI system will match you with the right mentor to help you through the process. 

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