Pace is important. Direction is a must!

You can run. You are running, maybe as fast as you can. But there’s something wrong. All you can see in front of you are the woods. Not something you had known, neither something you had wished to capture nor something you had dreamt of, just woods. You stop, wait for a while and think, ‘am I going in the right direction?’

You can swim. You are swimming, maybe as good as possible. And you wished to see the mermaid and are putting in each bit of effort to meet her. But it’s been quite a while since you started your journey into the ocean, still no traces of the mermaid. Now, even the fish know you’re not moving in the right direction, when will you?

You can fly. You are flying, maybe as gloriously as an eagle. With the wish of reaching the top of the world, you have been trying hard to reach there. But it’s been many days since you left your home for this adventure. Flying parallel to the ground, you realize there’s something wrong. Maybe it’s with the direction.

You know you can run, swim, and even fly. You can do whatever you can think of. But if you want to achieve what you dream of, you need to have a direction that will take you to your destination.

Now relate everything mentioned above to your own life. You want to make it to a top school and are very focused on it. Be it Stanford, INSEAD, Wharton or LBS, you know you want to be there and have been trying so hard for it. Still no results? What’s it that might be going wrong? It can’t be your determination. Oh! Come on, you think about it day and night. Then could it be your input? You don’t think so, you put in every bit of effort to be there. What about the direction you’re moving in?

Surprisingly, most of the candidates fail to make it to their dream school not because they don’t possess the skill-set or experience it demands, but because they are not aware of the path to follow which leads to that school.

That’s where Leverage Edu comes into the picture. Right from your very first day at Leverage, our experts start working for you, with you. You will have one-to-one interactive sessions, which helps them analyze your personality and subsequently your profile. Our best-in-class experts guide students right from suggesting the best career path for them to helping them with the college applications, from training them to ace the interviews to be with them at every point even after they are admitted in their dream school. Our long-term association with the students is one of the major reasons for us being ‘The Best’ in what we do. So, whenever you feel that things are not working out well for you or you are lost, just come meet us and we will certainly help you reach wherever you want to go.

– Team Leverage

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