How to Study for an Online Test?

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Online Test

The modern education system has immensely changed over the years. It has progressed from the traditional classroom teaching and learning process as well as adopted new grading systems and examination methods. With the advent of the internet, online learning and online testing have gained popularity. Nowadays, an online test has become a choicest and convenient option for teachers to conduct examinations effectively. Moreover, as compared to the written class test, an online test is based on different parameters that a student must be familiarized with before undertaking the exam. In this blog, we will explore more about how you can efficiently study for an online test and ace it with high scores!

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How to Prepare for an Online Test?

While studying for an online test, it is important that you are aware of the potential challenges you will encounter while taking this type of exam. Further, the preparation process for the test is quite similar to an offline test but also includes practising digitally. Here are the prominent factors you must consider while preparing for an online test:

Understand the Quintessential Guidelines of the Test 

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind while preparing for an online test is to go through the key guidelines and rules prescribed by the testing authority. Without knowing the instructions, you might end up breaking any unread rule during the test and might lose marks. Read all the instructions and guidelines meticulously and prepare for questions accordingly. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Test Format

Another important parameter you need to follow before appearing for an online test is to understand the exam pattern and structure. The test format plays an essential role in getting you a higher score as knowing the type of questions (multiple-choice, fill-in the blanks, short answer type questions, essay-based), sections, maximum duration, marking scheme and other pointers under the exam pattern will help you crack the exam successfully. 

Check the Devices & Networks 

Before starting with the online test, you must ensure that your computer device works properly without lagging or slowing down and you have a steady internet connection as well. Minimize the chances of any technical glitches happening as they might exhaust your time during the online test and even disconnect your network which can further lead you to retake the test. 

Plan your Timing 

Since online tests offer the flexibility of location and at times, timings, you must make a plan beforehand on how you will be approaching each section and bifurcate your time accordingly. Taking an online exam, you might avail the opportunity to choose the time you want, but you will be given the same strict duration to complete it. Thus, you must plan beforehand on how much time you will spend on each question considering the entire duration of the online test. 

Stay Away from Distractions 

Distractions are bound to happen while taking an online test as you will not be sitting in a four-walled room with invigilators and students around you. Instead, you might be taking it at your home or in an internet cafe, thus you must put away with all the distractions before taking the online exam. Turn off your phone, choose a peaceful space and minimise the possibility of noise around yourself. 

Take Mock Tests

While studying for an online test, the best way to prepare for this type of exam is to undertake as many online mock tests as possible. Set a timer for yourself while taking a mock test and after completing it, note down all the issues you faced such as network problems, timing, distractions etc. Practicing online mock exams will assist you in locating the areas which can cause an issue during the test and thus taking the right steps to minimise their chances of happening.

During an Online Test: Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know the key factors to ensure while preparing for an online test, we have listed down the tips and tricks you can utilise during the online exam:

Keep a Check on the Clock

While taking the online test, you must approach each question and section with a time strategy in mind. Time management is the key to acing any exam and online exams also require you to finish all the questions with the given duration.

Begin with Short-answer Questions or Essays 

If you are given an online question paper, the best way to save time is to start with short-answer questions and wrap them up before moving to longer ones. Use an open document in another tab to write down all the notes and answers for your questions and then put them under the given section which will also help you save time.

Don’t Skip any Test Page

While taking an online test, you must be careful with clicking on the next page and ensure that you do not end up skipping a few pages and left them answered. This is why it is essential to attempt a few online mock exams before taking the actual test so that you are familiarized with the icons and structure of the pages on the screen.

Don’t Panic when Technical Glitches Happen

Technical glitches are apparent in online testing. If you come across any technical problem, don’t hesitate to inform your instructor instead of skipping the test midway. Take a screenshot of the page and forward it to your instructor and they will surely take the necessary steps to help you.

Revise Before Submitting the Answers

Go through your answers and check if you have done all the questions throughout the pages before hitting the submit button. Just like an offline exam, revision is important in online tests as well.

After an Online Test

Once you have completed and submitted the online test, take a few minutes to write down the issues and problems you encountered and the situations where there is a scope of improvement. This will help you learn from the mistakes and issues and perform better in the next online exam.  

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you explore the essential factors and tips and tricks pertaining to online tests and their preparation. Struggling with your career choices? Leverage Edu counsellors are here to guide you in sorting out your interests and preferences and helping you make the right career choice to progress towards your desired pathway! Sign up for an e-meeting with us now!

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