Are Online Exams a Fair Way of Evaluation?

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Combating difficulties due to COVID, a majority of academic institutions across the globe have opted to conduct exams online. With respect to the safety of the candidates as well as the working staff, conducting exams online is the best way to conclude the ongoing academic session. But online exams come with many difficulties, one of which is making the entire process fair for all. To prevent unfair means, academic institutions have opted for secured network connections along with a bunch of other preventive measures. Let us go through this blog and understand how online exams are authentic and a fair way of testing our knowledge. 

Remote Proctoring

One of the most effective ways to put a full stop on any sort of malpractice during online exams is remote proctoring. Traditionally, this was the task of an invigilator, but during the commencement of an online exam, candidates can be put under the surveillance of webcams and audio streams. The activities are recorded through the remote proctor’s screen. In case of any misconduct or forbidden activity, red flags are raised. 

Secured Network 

By securing the network to VPNs or any other software, the conducting authorities can ensure that candidates are not eligible for opening any other window or tab on their system. Because of the installation of VPNs candidates can only access the examination window. If the user attempts to open any other window or tab, this feature will show a message as warning. The VPN records the number of messages displayed and in the case of more than three warnings, candidates may be exempted for appearing on the examination. 

Data Encryption 

The entire data of question papers is thoroughly secured through data encryption. Hence, it is not possible for anyone to break into the VPN and have unfair access question papers. Data encryption beholds dual benefits, not only can anyone break into the question bank, it is also made sure that the result is totally secured without any manipulation of candidates. By providing candidates with a unique set of login ID and password, candidates are entitled to access their question paper. 

Authentic Scoring

The online submitted transcripts are evaluated through computer systems only eradicating any means of falsehood. The software is equipped with correct answers for every question and corrections as per them are made for the transcripts submitted. Computer-based assessment is one of the major reasons online exams are considered to be authentic. 

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Thus, we hope that through this blog we have helped you in understanding the importance as well as the authenticity of online exams. What are your views on the topic? Let us know in the comment section below! Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such awesome content!

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