Online Degree vs Studying Abroad: An Unbiased Comparison

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Online Degree vs Studying Abroad

As the majority of the world is still in lockdown or facing restrictions in terms of travel, many of our plans for 2020 are either on halt or already postponed. But with countries ardently working towards adjusting to the new normal, universities around the globe are bringing new provisions to adapt to the present-day pandemic scenario while doing their best to sustain the higher education dreams of international students. Thus, many renowned foreign universities have introduced online courses as well as facilitated online learning in their curriculums to help students adjust to the current situation without compromising with their education. Thus, now you have the option to choose between an online degree or studying abroad. This blog brings you an unbiased comparison of pursuing an online degree vs studying abroad in the present pandemic scenario!

International Exposure

A major benefit of studying abroad is attaining exposure to global culture, traditions, activities etc. which help you in gaining a different perspective in life. Between online degree vs studying abroad, the latter gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizons through being a part of a different culture, along with helping you gain a better understanding of the people of the new country through socialisation. While online learning cannot provide the same level of exposure, it is not far behind as you will be able to interact virtually with students from all over the world, while exchanging ideas and building friendly bonds with them. There are many universities working on facilitating virtual study abroad experiences for international students which will take some time to develop into full-fledged ones but gradually the process has begun and it has been quite debated that studying abroad virtually can be possible in the future.

Access to High-Quality Education

The most important factor for students opting to study at an international university is to gain access to high-quality education and research facilities, which is often better than the facilities offered by some domestic universities. Students cross borders to enrol in courses in top universities in the world, which help them attain their career goals. There is not much difference between online degree vs studying abroad in this regard, because as many universities are making their courses available online, you can attend classes from the top global faculty from the comfort of your study room as well.

Online Degree vs Studying Abroad: Cost of Study

The cost of studying is another key factor to consider while planning your higher studies abroad. While countries like the USA or the UK have a slighter higher cost of studying, they are still popular among students due to their excellent education system and incredible professional exposure one can avail. Countries like Germany, Norway, Poland, France etc. are also quite popular due to their affordability combined with high-quality education. Online courses, on the other hand, are much more affordable not only in terms of tuition and other fees but also because of the savings in food and living costs, in addition to airfare. Thus, costs are certain a crucial factor that sets these two apart.

Networking Opportunities

Studying abroad can also help you discover global level networking prospects since you get more opportunities to interact with diverse people. Friendly discussions with fellow students, interacting with professors and mingling with the local people help you develop not only personal but also professional bonds for the future. When comparing online degrees vs studying abroad, while the former doesn’t give you as many networking opportunities as the latter, you get a chance of developing a strong international network consisting of your batchmates. Additionally, you gain excellent skills in digital communication which is an added advantage in the present-day job market.

Personal Development

Pursuing your studies abroad helps in tremendous personal growth. Going out of your comfort zone to start your life in a new and unfamiliar place often becomes a life-changing moment for a student. Balancing your new life, academics, social life along with dealing with culture shock challenges you to become a better version of yourself. Although it may seem overwhelming initially, studying abroad teaches you how to handle things in a mature manner, while making you a confident and independent individual. Comparing an online degree vs studying abroad, the former also helps in personal development, although in ways different from the latter. While it is true that you don’t need to go out into an unfamiliar environment to pursue your degree online, you do have to manage your schedule well. As a result, you develop skills like effective time management and discipline, which are necessary to make it big in life.

Hence, we hope that we brought you an unbiased comparison between online degree vs studying abroad! Let us know your views about pursuing online education vs overseas education in the comments! If you are planning to study abroad but unsure about how to go about it during the current pandemic scenario, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout the admission process of your dream university. Sign up for a free session now!

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