How To Fill OMR Sheet For Competitive Exams?

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OMR Sheet

Have you ever taken a competitive exam wherein you had to mark your responses on an OMR sheet? If yes, then you must remember how the invigilators would give truckloads of instructions regarding filling the sheet in a prescribed way. However, if you haven’t got an opportunity to use it but want to gain an insight into how to mark the responses for future references, then you are just in the right place! Through this blog, we will provide you with comprehensive details on OMR sheets and will share some suggestions on how to use them to ensure accurate determination of results. 

What are OMR Sheets?

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition sheets are specially created technical documents with dimensions based on the software which is used to scan the sheet. With the aim of recording the responses of the candidates for the multiple-choice questions(MCQs) of various competitive exams, OMR sheets have made it possible to analyze and declare results in a short span of time. 

What is important to note is that not every piece of paper containing checkboxes or circles can be called the OMR sheet. This is because the sheet has some technical parameters which vary based on the software being used.

How to Use an OMR Sheet?

Being of a technical format, marking the answers or filling up bubbles in an OMR sheet needs practise. Candidates need to take special care while using these types of sheets so as to avoid any errors. Listed below are the basic guidelines that one must follow before taking an exam: 

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  • Use a blue or a black ballpoint pen ONLY for darkening the bubbles. The reason why fountain or gel pens are not used is that they can tamper the sheet. 
  • Usage of pencils is also strictly prohibited unless stated in the instructions on the sheet itself. In that case, stick to HB or 2B pencils ONLY.
  • While marking your responses, darken the bubble completely. Never use a cross or a tickmark to answer the question.
  • Over-filled or half-filled bubbles will not be read by the OMR software and your right answers will be marked as incorrect.
  • Do not write or mark anywhere on the OMR sheet other than the designated areas. Due to its technical format, any stray mark outside the specified space could even result in rejection of the candidature.
  • Never use whiteners to rectify an error as it can cause rejections. 
OMR Sheet

Tips and Tricks to Fill the Sheet During Exam

While you are taking an exam, chances are that you may end up spending more time in filling the sheet, especially, if it is your first time using an OMR sheet. Given below are some tips and tricks on how to fill up the sheet with precision: 

  • Before starting with the process of marking answers, first fill the important details like the Roll Number, Centre Code, Booklet Number, etc. 
  • Never fill up the bubble right after calculating your answers. There are chances that you realize that the answer is incorrect but you cannot do anything as you have already filled up the bubble. Solve some questions first and then start filling the OMR sheet. 
  • The time factor is one of the major problems candidates face when they are taking OMR sheet based exams. To overcome this, devote time in solving as many questions as possible in the first 30 minutes and then start darkening the bubbles quickly. 
  • If you are dubious of any question in which you are confused between 2 answers then you can temporarily fill the bubble using a pencil lightly. Only after you get the perfect answer, erase the pencil marks and darken the correct bubble using the pen. 

With almost every competitive exam switching to this format, filling an OMR sheet with precision has become important. Further, you should also read and strictly adhere to the instructions given on the sheets for correct evaluation and determination of results. If you are planning to appear for entrance exams like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc, and need guidance for the same then just reach out to us at Leverage Edu where the experts through their perfectly curated plans will help you ace the exam with flying colours!

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