Is it a Good Idea to Pursue an NUS MIM Degree?

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Do you wish to enter the business industry but do not want to take the conventional path like an MBA? There exist hundreds of management courses, but the one program that gives a tough competition to MBA in Singapore is the Masters in Management (MIM) from National University of Singapore (NUS). Providing a solid foundation of leadership, management and entrepreneurship to the students coming from a multicultured environment, a degree from NUS teaches the development of transformative education and disciplinary research and help develop the students to become future global leaders. If you’re planning to study in Singapore, an NUS MIM program is structured in a way that allows the student to achieve a great advantage in the ever-growing competitive job market. 

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Why Pursue MIM from NUS?

An NUS MIM program offers students an innovative learning experience blending the Asian business insights with Western principles of business. Let us take a look at the prominent reasons to seek an MIM degree at National University of Singapore.  

1. Renowned Faculty

The faculty of NUS is known for their excellence in teaching and research, along with immense dedication in imparting high-level business education to the students.

2. CEMS Association

CEMS is a global partnership between corporate and academic institutions committed to educate and prepare next-level business leaders through its CEMS Master in International Management. The National University of Singapore was the first Asian university to be a full academic member of CEMS in 2008.

3. Diverse Partnerships

The NUS MIM program, with its partnerships and alliance with diverse groups of individuals and top business schools across the globe, foster important connections with the students so that they can take themselves forward into the corporate world.  

4. Multicultural Country

Singapore is a dynamic city-state island which is known to have embraced modernity and tradition with utmost grace. Also known as the financial hub, the country provides a beautiful blend of culture, architecture, cuisines and arts.

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Understanding NUS MIM Program

Call it MA in Management or MSc in Management, either way, this program at NUS enhances the leadership skills of the students while giving them a global exposure through more than 31 member schools and over 70 corporate partners. The NUS MIM degree is a 1-year full-time program that consists of 40 modules taught over 2 semesters. The course equips students with deep and intense knowledge of the key factors and areas related to management and administration.

Key Highlights

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  • The tuition fees for the NUS MIM program is approximately INR 11 Lakhs (S$ 21,000).
  • Students hailing from more than 30 nationalities enrol for the NUS MIM program every year.
  • This master’s degree program attracts more than 80% of international students.
  • Some famous NUS MIM alumni are Jeanette Aw (Actress, Filmmaker, Author), Mim-Lang Tan (Creative Director of Razer Inc and CEO of THX), Kishore Mahbubani (Former diplomat and professor of public policy at NUS)

Given below is the curriculum of the Masters in Management program, which includes 2 core courses over the 12-months duration. 

Core Courses 1 Core Course 2
Business Analytics and Valuation
Behavioural Economics
Financial Management of Family Business
Design Thinking and Business Innovations
Consumer Culture Theory
Entrepreneurial Strategy
Venture Capital
Asian Business Environments
Current Trends in Growth Markets
Global Supply Chain Management
International Finance
Ethical Leadership and Corporate Strategy
Strategy and Big Data
Macroeconomics and Finance: Perspectives from Asia
The Knowledge and Innovation Economy 4.0
Global Supply Chain
International Finance
Valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions
Entrepreneurial Finance
New Venture Creation Practicum: Lean Startup Method
Becoming Future Prepared Global Leaders
Special Topics in Business – Asian Management and Leadership
Market Practice and Impact
Communications and Influencing Skills for Managers
Managing Business Networks

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If you want to be the next business giant in the corporate world, then pursuing an MIM degree from National University of Singapore is definitely what you need. You can reach out to our counsellors at Leverage Edu who can help you connect with the right mentor associated with the university in a similar field of interest. We can also help you prepare all the necessary documents like SOP, LOR, etc required for your admission counselling. Book your free 30 minutes counselling now.

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