Norway considers implementing tuition fees for non-EU students in 2023

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Education ministry puts ‘tuition fees for non-EU’ proposal in Norweigan parliament

Norway is planning to charge tuition fees for international students coming from outside the EU from next year.

Norway is home to about 13,000 international students, two third of whom come from outside the European Union. International students currently enjoy the tuition free education in Norway, same as domestic norwegian students.  

The Norwegian government proposal brought forward this year suggests that charging tuition fees in 2023 for international students pursuing degree studies at Norwegian universities could intimidate up to 80% of non-EU students from choosing to study in the country, according to a survey conducted by

The proposal recommends that Norwegian universities should start charging non-EU students NOK 130,000 (USD$13,000) from next year. However, it also states that individual institutions can charge more than this amount for in-demand courses. 

Critics proclaim that compulsory tuition fees will deter needful international students from less prosperous regions, but Ola Borten Moe, Minister of Research and Higher Education of Norway defended the proposal by saying that Norwegian universities and colleges are well fitted to attract international students because the quality is good, not because they are free of charge. He also stated that tuition fees will give Norway more motivated international students. 

But the survey conducted by says otherwise. According to the survey, free tuition is a top reason why students choose to study at Norwegian universities.

Norway considers implementing tuition fees for non-EU students in 2023

The survey also suggests that many international students are not yet aware that they might have to pay tuition fees if they choose to study at a Norwegian university in 2023.

Norwegian universities haven’t had a chance to properly announce potential fees to their prospective international students for the 2023 intake, according to the survey.

Norway considers implementing tuition fees for non-EU students in 2023

Norway should raise awareness of this proposal as soon as possible. International students plan to study abroad one to two years in advance. 

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