NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Preparation Tips

Competitive tests are created in such a way that when a large number of individuals take them, only the most talented minds get through the sieve and pass the exam successfully. Among the world’s most difficult tests, the National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) is one such competitive exam. It is an all-India undergraduate admission test for students interested in medical courses such as MBBS/BDS at various government and private colleges. If you are going to study for this exam, you have come to the perfect place! This blog discusses the most important NEET preparation tips that will assist you in passing the exam. So without any further ado, let us directly jump onto the NEET preparation tips that we have for you.

Understand the NEET Exam Pattern

In the long list of various NEET preparation tips, the first and foremost is to grasp the pattern of this exam. Make notes of the different sections and the type of questions that are generally asked in NEET. Take help from previous exam papers and review the structure and pattern of the exam along with other necessary details like the number of questions, the marking scheme, the types of questions and the weightage of different sections, amongst others. The NEET UG Exam is mostly composed of three subjects: chemistry, physics, biology, and zoology. There are 180 MCQs in all, with a time limit of 3 hours. For each correct response, the candidate receives four points, and for each incorrect response, one point is subtracted.

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Know the Important Topics Well in Advance

Our blog on NEET preparation tips would be incomplete if we did not advise you to familiarise yourself with the main themes and important topics for this competitive test well in advance. Some of the important topics that are important from an exam point of view has been mentioned below:

  • Chemistry: Mole Concept, Periodic Table, General Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Chemical Bonding
  • Biology: Physiology of Animals & Plants, Genetics, Morphology, Basics of Biotechnology, Reproduction, Ecology & Environment, Cell Biology
  • Physics: Optics, Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics

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Devise a Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” It’s important to create a well-detailed preparation plan otherwise you would find it hard to juggle among different subjects and concepts. The syllabus for NEET is hefty and there is an array of topics that you need to master in order to ace each section. You would not be able to implement all the other NEET preparation tips if you do not begin with drafting an effective plan to cover the diverse sections and disciplines that are included in its vast syllabus. Maintain rigorous adherence to your timetable. However, keep in mind that it is subject to change over time. Some of the greatest techniques to prepare for NEET are as follows:

  • Mark your calendar well
  • Establish your priorities.
  • Make time for extended study sessions.
  • Take good care of yourself, both physically and mentally
  • Do not sleep while studying.
  • Get enough rest.

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Make Mock Tests Your Best Buddy

Once you made a complete preparation schedule, the next thing is to gather NEET mock tests and sample papers and start practising them. Taking NEET mock tests is one of the key NEET preparation tips which will help you in the following ways:

  • Time Management Skills: Mock tests are designed with a limited time frame that is followed during the examination. Trying these tests will help you plan the amount of time you need to give to each set of questions and you will also get to understand how difficult you are finding every section.
  • Managing Different Subjects: We spend so much time focusing on each subject separately and trying to master them that often we forget that in the examination, the questions wouldn’t be asked in a subject-specific manner. Attempting a mock test helps you understand the structure of each section as well as the type of questions asked from each subject.

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Identify Your Weak Concepts

One of the chief NEET preparation tips, recognizing your weaker sections will assist you in identifying the concepts that you need to master. While devising a plan, spare an hour at the end of every day or every week in order to locate the subjects that demand more effort from your side and stop them from becoming a chink in your armour.

Always Prepare Your Own Notes

Preparing self-written notes is one of the vital NEET preparation tips that you should know. While studying for an exam like NEET, there is a long list of recommended books and guides that can help you but when we make our own notes by hand, we retain the concepts in much better way.

Also keep in mind, that writing down your own notes would not suffice. Revising these notes at regular intervals is equally crucial.

Revise Regularly

One of the most important aspects of NEET preparation tips is to revise on a regular basis. Even if you think you’ve mastered a certain topic, concept, chapter, or subject, you should nevertheless revise on a regular basis. Revision is critical for NEET preparations.

Use High-Quality Study Material

Our next NEET preparation tip would be to choose the correct NEET exam study material. You can contact and cooperate with students who have already taken the NEET exam to find out which book they used. Also, read the interviews of other applicants who took the NEET Exam and try to gain a sense of their preparation technique. To improve your speed and accuracy, you should make study notes for NEET, solve previous year’s question papers, and take mock examinations.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise Regularly

The candidate should be confident when taking the examination. To achieve physical and mental fitness, aspirants must eat a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet. Consume iron- and vitamin-B-rich meals to support your brain by giving the nutrients it requires. While prepping for NEET, avoid eating out and junk food. If you want to snack or binge eat, munch on nuts, fruits and vegetables. The essential and one of the most important NEET preparation tips would be to regularly exercise which will reduce stress. Students relieve stress by going for regular walks, swimming, running, and other activities that release natural feel-good hormones into their bodies. You will be happier and more productive as a result of this.

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Think Positive!

We understand that you are under a lot of stress. You’re doing everything you can to study for one of the most difficult competitive tests, and you’re giving it your all. However, you must also learn to think positively, or at least strive to do so while preparing for the NEET. The efficacy of your learning process is determined on your mindset. If you have a bad attitude and continuously telling yourself that you can’t do it, it won’t help you learn. A pessimistic attitude will make things more difficult. When you begin to think positively, your brain will become more creative. You will also feel less worried and more open to new ideas if you have the correct mindset.

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Hence, we hope that this blog helped you comprehend the essential NEET preparation tips while readying yourself for this rigorous exam. If you need further guidance on how to prepare for NEET, our Leverage Edu experts can help you throughout the process of mastering every section and acing this exam with flying colours. Also, give us a follow on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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