NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Preparation Tips

Competitive exams are designed in a manner that when different people appear for them, it is only the most talented minds that pass through the sieve and clear the exam successfully. Amongst the list of toughest exams in the world, National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) is one such competitive test conducted by Indian medical colleges and universities in the month of May every year. It is an all-India undergraduate admission test for those wanting to pursue medical courses such as MBBS/BDS in various government and private colleges. The NEET eligibility criteria requires the candidates to have completed their senior secondary degree (commonly known as 12th) or its equivalent with at least 50% marks and comprising of three essential Science subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If you are planning to prepare for this exam, you have certainly come to the right place! This blog details the key NEET preparation tips that will help you in successfully cracking this exam and getting into your dream medical college.

All you need to know for NEET 2021

Understand the NEET Exam Pattern

In the long list of various NEET preparation tips, the first and foremost is to grasp the pattern of this exam. Make notes of the different sections and the type of questions that are generally asked in NEET. Take help from previous exam papers and review the structure and pattern of the exam along with other necessary details like the number of questions, the marking scheme, the types of questions and the weightage of different sections, amongst others.

Devise a Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” It’s important to create a well-detailed preparation plan otherwise you would find it hard to juggle among different subjects and concepts. The syllabus for NEET is hefty and there is an array of topics that you need to master in order to ace each section. You would not be able to implement all the other NEET preparation tips if you do not begin with drafting an effective plan to cover the diverse sections and disciplines that are included in its vast syllabus.

Make Mock Tests Your Best Buddy

Once you made a complete preparation schedule, the next thing is to gather NEET mock tests and sample papers and start practising them. Taking mock tests is one of the key NEET preparation tips which will help you in the following ways:

  • Time Management Skills: Mock tests are designed with a limited time frame that is followed during the examination. Trying these tests will help you plan the amount of time you need to give to each set of questions and you will also get to understand how difficult you are finding every section.
  • Managing Different Subjects: We spend so much time focusing on each subject separately and trying to master them that often we forget that in the examination, the questions wouldn’t be asked in a subject-specific manner. Attempting a mock test helps you understand the structure of each section as well as the type of questions asked from each subject.

Identify Your Weak Concepts

One of the chief NEET preparation tips, recognizing your weaker sections will assist you in identifying the concepts that you need to master. While devising a plan, spare an hour at the end of every day or every week in order to locate the subjects that demand more effort from your side and stop them from becoming a chink in your armour.

Always Prepare Your Own Notes

Preparing self-written notes is one of the vital NEET preparation tips that you should know. While studying for an exam like NEET, there is a long list of recommended books and guides that can help you but when we make our own notes by hand, we retain the concepts in much better way.

Also keep in mind, that writing down your own notes would not suffice. Revising these notes at regular intervals is equally crucial.

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you comprehend the essential NEET preparation tips while readying yourself for this rigorous exam. If you need further guidance on how to prepare for NEET, our Leverage Edu experts can help you throughout the process of mastering every section and acing this exam with flying colors.

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