10 Movie Characters with Amazing Careers

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Movie Characters With Amazing Careers

7. Jules Ostin,
The Intern (Entrepreneur)

Movie Characters with Amazing Careers
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Directed by Nancy Meyers, who is known for women-centered movies which have gained her acknowledgment and respect in contemporary Hollywood. Though the intern is a movie focused on Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), a 70-year-old retired widower, who is searching for an activity to fill the new void in his life. He impulsively applies for a “Senior Internship” program in a fashion startup and is assigned to assist  Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Jules is the founder and CEO of the fashion website who is a successful entrepreneur and constantly works hard to achieve perfection in her work. She personally checks on products and tries on every item to perfectly fit the details. She always keeps an open room for learning and makes her entire team involved in her decisions and plans.

The Intern
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Jules is the kind of ‘cool’ CEO who never overlooks small details that can make a huge difference. Prejudice against women is still evident in large firms and Jules stands up to anyone who doubts her abilities to run the company. Apart from all the skills, Jules is a kind and considerate lady which is amiably shown in the movie with an intriguing and enjoyable plot. Jule is a brave woman who stands out among the movie characters with amazing careers and treats everyone respectfully which makes her admired by all. 

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