10 Movie Characters with Amazing Careers

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Movie Characters With Amazing Careers

4. Kabir Khan,
Chak de! India (Sports Coach)

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“I told you, to make a team you don’t need strength, you need the intention.”
-Kabir Khan

Directed by Shimit Amin, Chak de India is a quintessential depiction of leadership. The movie shows the story of Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) who is given a chance of being the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team. Throughout the troubles and underestimation placed on the women’s team, Kabir stands out and bravely proves his loyalty to the nation. He recognizes the potential of his team and pushes them to play their best on the field.

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The beauty of this character is that he not only speaks to the women in his team, but to all the women around the world. A leader should be able to motivate and instill courage in his team, which Kabir Khan certainly did. He brings them to glory by simple, yet overlooked qualities like honesty, determination, and integrity. An important aspect to note is that the movie isn’t just about Kabir Khan but also about the many women who fight back the chauvinists and patriarchal society. Kabir Khan is an inspiration for future athletes and coaches and is one of the movie characters with amazing careers who used their profession to lift others. 

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