10 Movie Characters with Amazing Careers

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Movie Characters With Amazing Careers

Movies are certainly the greatest forms of art, communication, and narration. Besides being a major source of frivolous entertainment globally, movies have life-altering messages that make the viewers contemplate on it. The cinema industry has generously offered the world with its various genres crafted and created for each person’s interest. From stunning visuals to intriguing characters; films have created this art form that we treasure. Barring essential features like Cinematography, soundtracks, plots, dialogues, structure, etc., but movie characters are the core and most celebrated feature of any film. These characters walk us through each story and invoke a feeling of our presence in the narration. A good hero can make or break any story and actors embody their roles and influence millions of people. Let’s delve into this blog and read about 10 movie characters with amazing careers for us to draw inspiration. 

“One must go for a film with an open mind;
a film best impacts you when your mind is a blank page to the film.”
– Anurag Kashyap 

1. Gustave,
The Grand Budapest Hotel [Hotel Manager]

Movie Characters with Amazing Careers
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“Rudeness is merely an expression of fear. People fear they won’t get what they want.
The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved,
and they will open up like a flower.”
– Gustave

A movie that is a visual treat for the audience, the Grand Budapest Hotel was directed by Wes Anderson who is known for his auteur movie styles. The movie is a narrative of a concierge-  Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) who befriends his lobby boy- Zero Moustafa’s (Tony Revolori). The entire world runs around Gustave who is charming, witty and takes pride in running the Grand Budapest Hotel. His manners and active energy to provide his clients with high-level service is remarkable. He enlightens Zero with the art of understanding the needs of clients in the hotel. However, the movie takes a horrific twist where Gustave is falsely accused of murder which unfolds in the various clips of the movie. Gustave is the perfect hotel manager who attends to his guests with an utmost priority which draws many wealthy socialites to the hotel. Despite being dandified, Gustave is witty and has a taste for finer things that help in maintaining the grandeur of the hotel. He is the kind of hotel manager that can truly hold the grace of the hotel and keep it flourishing. A true charm among the movie characters with amazing careers, Gustave truly deserves to be praised. 

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