MMS Course

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MMS Course

If you want to enter a top management or consulting firm, the Master in Management Studies or MMS course is a good choice. It is particularly designed for those who have recently graduated and want to explore the field of Management further. It aims to develop management, leadership and strategic skills in young graduates to prepare them for a career in the Management industry. Let’s have a look at all the key essentials of an MMS course.


A Master in Business Administration(MBA) course and an MMS course have commonalities as well as some important differences. Mentioned below are the major similarities and differences between these two courses:

  • Both courses are offered at Faculties of Management or Business Schools. Typically, there is no difference in the institution that offers them however, some may be linked to other faculties and departments.
  • An MBA course is geared towards mature professionals who have at least 3-5 years of industry experience. On the other hand, candidates pursuing an MMS course are generally young graduates or those with a cumulative one year experience.
  • An MBA prepares students in advanced field-based topics while an MMS course is an overall study program in the fundamentals of Management.
  • The eligibility requirements for an MBA are more competitive while the admission essentials for an MMS course are generally relaxed.

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Key Components of an MMS Course

Elaborated below are the essential components of an MMS course:

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  • Foundations of Management

Students are provided with a basic introduction to the principles of Management and important concepts related to Management like Organisational Design, Business Environment, Business Communication, Business Ethics, etc.

  • Introduction to Accounting

Successful management of a company begins from the evaluation of its performance. You will get to learn about the Basics of Profit and Loss Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, etc.

  • Marketing

A popular specialization choice among MMS course graduates, Marketing consists of various strategies related to Advertising, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Pricing Strategies, Retailing, Brand Communication are discussed in detail.

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  • International Business

This subject familiarizes students with the international factors involved in managing a global business. Social Enterprise, Policy and Regulations, Emerging Economies, etc are some of the topics described in this subject.

  • Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a subject that constitutes the essentials of managing and maintaining successful employee relations and diversity in the workforce. Subheads include Employee Welfare, Training and Development, Labour Regulations, Prevalent Human Resource Practices and a host of other HR topics.

Other key subjects in an MMS course include:

  • Sustainability
  • Business Strategy
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Information Technology
  • Operations

Major International Universities Offering MMS Courses

Following is a country-wise list of some of the well-respected management programs offered around the world:

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom houses some of the historic universities offering MMS courses. Besides providing students with quality education, cities like London, Dublin and Edinburgh provide great industry exposure to students along with opportunities to apply theoretical concepts during the training. Universities that offer an MMS course or related courses have been mentioned below:

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United States of America and Canada

Some of the world-class Management universities and business schools are situated in the United States. Following are the major universities offering MMS or related courses:

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There are a number of destinations across Europe such as Spain, Germany, France where reputed Master programs in Management are offered. Financial hubs of Berlin, Paris and Madrid also attract international students. Some of the best universities in Europe and their offered course are mentioned below:

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One of the upcoming destinations to pursue an MMS course abroad, Australian universities are steadily emerging in the world rankings for Management. Some of the most preferred ones have been mentioned below:

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Hence, an MMS course equips with the fundamental skill set for becoming a management professional along with providing you exposure in this field. Amidst the competitive crowd applying to management courses at the top management schools and universities, it is important that your application gets highlighted. Leverage Edu can provide you with the right mentor to guide you in making a successful application and getting you shortlisted to your dream college.

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