9 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Study Abroad

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Most of the students who dream to study abroad miss the chance due to the simple mistakes they make. Their dreams could have come to life if they would have avoided these common and silly mistakes at the time of application. Read on to find out the common mistakes to avoid while applying for study abroad and how they should have avoided them.

Choosing the Wrong Course and University 

The most common among the mistakes to avoid while applying for study abroad is that most students make is choosing the wrong course and the wrong university. A student must be clear on what career he or she wants to pursue in the future. According to the job position, the students must look for the relevant courses and the relevant university providing them. Don’t rush to take admission to the university for which most people are going. Have a brief look at your previous academic qualifications and the subjects pursued. Analyse what subjects interest you and what courses are your favourite university providing around those subjects. Making a mistake while choosing a course and the appropriate university can really affect your career. Here you need to take help from career counsellors who can help you choose between courses, multiple universities and also the best intake for you.

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Finding the Wrong Study Abroad Expert

Students are often confused about what university or course they should opt for higher studies. In such a situation you cannot make the mistake of choosing the wrong expert regarding the study abroad program. You need to be extra careful while taking advice and suggestions from a third party regarding your career. Very few organisations know their jobs well. You can take help from university cells, foreign university departments, or any other study abroad providers.

One such organisation is Leverage Edu which has made the life of several students successful in abroad institutions. They give clear advice and guidance through one to one interaction with every single student.

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Incomplete Application Form Submission

The next among the mistakes to avoid while applying for study Abroad is incomplete applications. Application form submission is officially the first step to get admitted. Committing a minor mistake in the application form is not a good sign. Students filling the form with wrong spellings and submitting it without proper and complete documents is certainly bad. Always keep your documents prepared beforehand. Check out the University website for details on document requirements. Try to complete your documents before the application submission deadline.

Not Making a Student Expense Budget

Before choosing the final destination for your higher studies, find out about the expenses As an international student in that country. Not having a clear estimate or budget ahead of time can create a lot of problems for you in future. Since every person has different needs, there is no ideal budget for people or students. But a few requirements that are most commonly needed include -tuition fees, money for books, accommodation rent, travel expenses, health and illness expenses, groceries, and similar other items. Before leaving your country, study about exchange rates and living costs In that country. You can use applications to track your expenses and use the budgeting tips on travelling. Try to have a bank account as soon as possible and learn about The money withdrawal system and deposition.

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Not Investigating About Finances and Scholarships

Funding for education is a major concern for many international students. There are a number of funding aids that help a student. Student education loans are the most common choice of many international students. These loans are provided to students with high-interest rates. Students have to start repaying the loan once they graduate.

Scholarships are the most comfortable financial aid. The universities provide special scholarships for international students. The scholarship is enough to pay the tuition fees. Other financial aids come from governments. You must contact your own country’s study abroad education departments about more details on this.

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Not Looking for Part-time Jobs Abroad

Another priority while looking for a suitable university is to look for a Country with part-time jobs. The financial aid can take care of the tuition fees and other educational needs but for living expenses and groceries, you have to rely on additional income.

There are several part-time jobs available for students to cover their costs. Countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and many more commonly provide part-time jobs to students. 

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Not Finding Appropriate Accommodation in Advance

Ruling out accommodation is another blunder among the mistakes to avoid while applying for study abroad. Before leaving your country, make a call to the university campus to know about the accommodation availability. Mostly the campuses are available for international students. If not, private housing on rent is available too. It is not very difficult to get accommodation in advance while you are still in your country. Just a few calls with an accommodation agency in that country can lend you a good room, ideal for students. It is a big mistake to move to another nation without this aspect.

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Carrying Too Much Luggage

Students should travel with minimal items on international flights. The primary reason is that it might be time taking to re-collect your luggage on arriving at the airport. The other reason is to avoid theft or loss of items. Also, it is important that students must learn to live On as few items as possible. The luggage must include enough clothes to shield from chilling winters in cold nations. You can carry dry food items, a few costly books, and other necessary and basic items.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Studying abroad is a fantasy for many students and why shouldn’t it be! Having unrealistic expectations is another common slip among the mistakes to avoid while applying for study abroad. Leaving your nation and moving into another beautiful city is a dream come true. But one should also remain realistic when daydreaming about studying abroad. It is not a life of luxury and lots of incoming money.  Students work really hard to cover their studies and go for part-time jobs. They need to cook, clean, wash, take care of themselves, and do everything on their own.

How Leverage Edu Can Help?

Leverage Edu is the final and optimal destination for aspiring students. It is an organisation built on trust. Hundreds of students have taken the expert guidance from our Leverage Edu team and made successful careers for international students. Students can benefit from their various services like Univalley that organizes the biggest online virtual fair via Uniconnect. Students can shortlist universities. They can also choose the best-suited course they wish to pursue through course finder which consists of over 1000 courses. 

Leverage Edu provides a step-by-step guide on applying to universities abroad. It provides personalised guidance to every individual student. They are guided to write about the letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, research proposal, curriculum vitae, and similar other documents required during the application process.

We hope that this blog helped you with the many mistakes to avoid while applying for study abroad and in combating the lies around the life of an international student. Applying abroad on their own is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of time and investment to find the right opportunities. Therefore, always keep in mind to choose the right experts on career guidance. Leverage Edu is one such expert that has made several careers successful abroad. Talk to our experts today to learn more!

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