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Most Commonly Mispronounced Words (1)

The correct pronunciation is an important aspect of your speaking skills while giving any competitive exam like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. Clear and accurate pronunciation is essential. To perfect your speaking skills it is important to know the correct pronunciation of words and also to practice every day. So this blog brings to a list of the most commonly mispronounced words in the English language!

75 Commonly Mispronounced Words

Here is a detailed list of some of the most commonly mispronounced words in the English language.

  1. Abalone 

Incorrect: ah-boh-lohn 

Correct: ab-uh-loh-nee  

  1. Acai 

Incorrect: ack-ai 

Correct: ah-sigh-ee  

  1. Accessory 

Incorrect: ah-seh-suh-ree 

Correct: uhk-seh-suh-ree 

  1. Acoustic

Incorrect: uh-qu-stik 


  1. Albeit 

Incorrect: al-bae-it 

Correct: awl-bee-it  

  1. Asterisk 

Incorrect: a-stuh-reek 


  1. Athlete 

Incorrect: ath-a-leet 

Correct: ath-leet  

  1. Attaché 

Incorrect: ah-tat-chee 

Correct: uh-tash-ey  

  1. Automobile

Incorrect: aw-to-mow-bye-el 

Correct: aw-to-mow-beel

  1. Ballet

Incorrect: ba-let

Correct: ba-ley

  1. Boutique

Incorrect: boh-teek 

Correct: boo-teek  

  1. Business

Incorrect: bis-ee-nuhs 

Correct: biz-nuhs  

  1. Cache 

Incorrect: kash-ay 

Correct: kash 

  1. Cadet 

Incorrect: ca-det

Correct: kuh-det

  1. Cavalry 

Incorrect: kal-veuh-ree 

Correct: ka-vuhl-ree  

  1. Candidate 

Incorrect: kan-dee-deit 

Correct: kan-duh-duht 

  1. Chaos 

Incorrect: Cha-os 

Correct: Key-os 

  1. Chimera

Incorrect: chim-er-a 

Correct: kiy-meer-a  

  1. Colonel

Incorrect: co-lo-nhel

Correct: kuh-nuhl

  1. Comptroller 

Incorrect: comp-tro-ller

Correct: con-troll-er

  1. Coup

Incorrect: koo-p 

Correct: koo  

  1. Coupon 

Incorrect: que-pun 

Correct: koo-pon  

  1. Cupboard

Incorrect: cup-bawd 

Correct: kuh-buhd 

  1.  Debris

Incorrect: day-brees 

Correct: deb-ree 

  1. Debut 

Incorrect: di-boo 

Correct: dey-byoo 

  1. Depot

Incorrect: di-pot

Correct: dee-poh

  1. Definitely 

Incorrect: duh-fai-uhnt-lee 

Correct: deh-fuh-nuht-lee 

  1. Dilate 

Incorrect: dai-ah-leit 

Correct: dai-leit 

  1. Divorce 

Incorrect: die-vawrs 

Correct: dih-vawrs

  1. Eccentric 

Incorrect: uh-sen-trik

Correct: uhk-sen-trik

  1. Epitome 

Incorrect: ih-pi-toe-m 

Correct: ih-pit-uh-mee 

  1. Faux pas 

Incorrect: fohx-pas 

Correct: foh-pah  

  1. Federal

Incorrect: feh-druhl 

Correct: feh-duh-ruhl 

  1. Film 

Incorrect: fill-um 

Correct: film 

  1. Flour 

Incorrect: fl-ahr 

Correct: flou-er 

  1. Gauge 

Incorrect: gauj 

Correct: geyj 

  1. Heinous 

Incorrect: heen-ni-us 

Correct: hey-nuh-s 

  1. Hierarchy 

Incorrect: hahy-archy 

Correct: hahy-uh-rahr-kee 

  1. Hyperbole 

Incorrect: hahy-pur-bowl 

Correct: hahy-pur-buh-lee

  1. Ingenuity 

Incorrect: in-jen-wee-tee 

Correct: in-juh-noo-i-tee

  1. Itinerary 

Incorrect: ahy-tin-ary 

Correct: ahy-tin-uh-rer-ee 

  1. Jewellery 

Incorrect: joo-el-er-y 

Correct: joo-uh l-ree 

  1. Library 

Incorrect: libe-ry 

Correct: lahy-brer ee 

  1. Lingerie 

Incorrect: linger-ee 

Correct: lahn-zhuh-rey 

  1. Lip-sync 

Incorrect: lip-sing 

Correct: lip-singk 

  1. Maniac 

Incorrect: mahn-yuhk 

Correct: mey-nee-ak 

  1. Mauve 

Incorrect: mah-owv 

Correct: mowv 

  1. Niche 

Incorrect: nee-shay 

Correct: nee-sh 

  1. Nuclear 

Incorrect: noo-kyu-lur 

Correct: noo-klee-ur 

  1. Often 

Incorrect: off-ten 

Correct: aw-fuh n 

  1. Ophthalmologist

Incorrect: awp-tha-maw-luh-juhst

Correct: awf-thal-maw-luh-juhst

  1. Paradigm 

Incorrect: par-uh-dig-m 

Correct: par-uh-dahym 

  1. Probably 

Incorrect: pro-blee 

Correct: pro-buh-blee 

  1. Pronunciation 

Incorrect: pruh-noun-see-ey-shuh n 

Correct: pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuh n 

  1. Pseudonym 

Incorrect: syoo-duh-nim 

Correct: sood-n-im 

  1. Quinoa 

Incorrect: kee-no-ah 

Correct: keen-waa   

  1. Quote 

Incorrect: coat 

Correct: kwoht 

  1. Regime 

Incorrect: ruh-geem 

Correct: ruh-zheem

  1. Renaissance 

Incorrect: ruh-nay-sense

Correct: ruh-nay-sawns

  1. Rendezvous 

Incorrect: ren-dez-vuss 

Correct: rahn-duh-voo 

  1. Reservoir 

Incorrect: rez-er-vore 

Correct: rez-er-vwahr 

  1. Salmon 

Incorrect: sal-muhn 

Correct: sam-uh n 

  1. Salon 

Incorrect: suh-loon 

Correct: suh-lon 

  1. Seismic

Incorrect: ses-muhk 

Correct: size-muhk 

  1. Segue

Incorrect: seg-u 

Correct: seg-way

  1. Silicon 

Incorrect: sil-i-kohn 

Correct: sil-i-kuh n 

  1. Sour 

Incorrect: saa-r 

Correct: souuh-r 

  1. Stomach 

Incorrect: stoh-match 

Correct: stuh-muhk 

  1. Subtle 

Incorrect: subt-l 

Correct: suht-l 

  1. Supposedly 

Incorrect: su-pos-ab-lee 

Correct: su-pos-ed-lee 

  1. Suite 

Incorrect: soot 

Correct: sweet 

  1. Tuition 

Incorrect: too-shen 

Correct: too-ish-uh n 

  1. Turquoise 

Incorrect: tur-quiz 

Correct: tur-kwoiz 

  1. Tyranny

Incorrect: ty-ruh-nee

Correct: ti-ruh-nee

  1. Yolk 

Incorrect: yol-ke 

Correct: yohk 

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How to Learn Mispronounced Words

In order to pronounce correctly, here are some easy tips you can follow while speaking English to avoid mispronouncing words

  1. Listen to audio books, podcasts and watch videos, news channels and movies in order to listen and grasp how to speak properly. 
  2. Focus on difficult and lengthy words and break them down into syllables.
  3. Learn when to stress words and sounds.
  4. Read out loud and record yourself to identify your weakness.
  5. Practice speaking out loud and conversing with others in English.
  6. Take help of dictionaries.
  7. Practice with tongue twisters.
  8. Listen and repeat difficult words over and over again.

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25 Mispronounced Country and City Names

Here is a list of some commonly mispronounced country and city names:

  1. Belarus: beh-luh-rooz
  2. Bordeaux, France: bor-DOUGH
  3. Budapest: boo-da-PEST(English)/boo-da-PESHT(Hungarian)
  4. Cannes, France: Cahn
  5. Chile: chil–ee
  6. Czech Republic: chek republic
  7. Djibouti: Ja-BOO-tee
  8. Edinburgh, Scotland: eh-din-BRUH
  9. Iran: i-raan
  10. Kyrgyzstan: ker-gis-tan 
  11. Laos: louse
  12. Liechtenstein: lik-tuhn-stine
  13. Maldives: MOHL-deevs
  14. Marseille, France: mahr-SAY
  15. Massachusetts, USA: ma-suh-choo-suhts
  16. Melbourne: mel-bern
  17. Munich, Germany: MEW-nik
  18. Myanmar: Mee-ahn-mah
  19. Niger: nai-juh
  20. Qatar:Cut-tahr
  21. Seoul: soul
  22. Seychelles: say-SHELLS
  23. Singapore: sing-guh-poh
  24. Uruguay: Oo-roo-GWAHEE
  25. Warwick, United Kingdom: WAR-rick

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25 Hard to Pronounce Words

In the English language, there are a plethora of words that are hard to pronounce. Here is a list of some which we use most often.

  1. Anathema: uh-nath-uh-muh
  2. Anemone: uh-neh-muh-nee
  3. Antarctic: ant-ahrk-tik
  4. Antidisestablishmentarianism: an-tee-dis-uh-sta-bluhsh-muhnt-euh-ree-uhn-i-zm
  5. Brewery: broo-uh-ree
  6. Choir: kvai·uh
  7. Comfortable: kuhm·fuh·tay·bl
  8. Defibrillator: duh·fi·bruh·lay·tuh
  9. Deteriorate: duh·teeuh·ree·uh·rayt
  10. Draught: draaft
  11. Ignominious: ig·naw·mi·nuhs
  12. Isthmus: is·muhs
  13. Murderer: muh·duh·ruh
  14. Niche: neesh
  15. Onomatopoeia: aw·nuh·ma·tuh·pee·uh
  16. Otorhinolaryngologist: oh-toh-rahy-noh-luh-ring-guh-loj-ist
  17. Penguin: pen-gwen
  18. Phenomenon: fuh·naw·muh·nuhn
  19. Pneumonia: nyoo·moh·nee·uh
  20. Rural: roo·ruhl
  21. Sesquipedalian: seh·skvuh·puh·day·lee·uhn
  22. Sixth: siksth
  23. Specific: speh·si·fik
  24. Synecdoche: suh·nek·duh·kee
  25. Worcestershire: woo s-ter-sheer

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10 Mispronounced Words that you may have been pronouncing incorrectly your whole life!

Although people use these words on a daily basis, it might be shocking to know how often we have been pronouncing them wrong.

  1. Almond

Incorrect: al-muh-nd 

Correct: ah-muh-nd

  1. Breakfast

Incorrect: break-fast

Correct: brek-fuhst

  1. Espresso 

Incorrect: e-xpres-oh 

Correct: e-spres-oh 

  1. Etcetera 

Incorrect: ex-set-er-uh 

Correct: et-set-er-uh

  1. February

Incorrect: Feb-you-air-ee

Correct: feh-bruh-ree

  1. Genre 

Incorrect: jen-re 

Correct: zhahn-ruh  

  1. Mischievous 

Incorrect: mis-chee-vious 

Correct: mis-chuh-vuh-s 

  1. Wednesday 

Incorrect: wehd-nez-dei 

Correct: wenz-dei 

  1. Woman

Incorrect: vo-muhn

Correct: vu-muhn

  1. Women

Incorrect: vu-muhn

Correct: vi-men

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