Mental Maths: Tips & Tricks

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Mental Maths

We, as humans, are more inclined towards machines and computers to curb our mental strain. A proof of it is the use of a calculator for carrying out mathematical calculations. Frankly, we all are a lot more dependent on such machines than we think. In fact, such reliance has, in turn, made humans exercise less of their brains. To overcome such dependence and boost mental health, the key is to exercise your brain muscles through Mental Maths. Yeah, it may sound bizarre but the techniques of Mental Maths not only help you gain command over regular calculations but also boosts health by exercising your brain’s muscles and nerves. Read through the blog to know more about the benefits of the same.

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Importance of Mental Maths 

In the era led by technology, most of us would quickly take out our calculators or smartphones when it comes to calculating everyday bills or budgets. With the help of a calculator, you will be able yo quickly find out the answer but by this practice, you will lose the spark of your brain. Mental maths is a great activity for our brain which works as an exercise for it. Following are some important points regarding the same:

  • It boosts our memory. When we carry out mental calculations, we simultaneously perform multiple tasks in our mind. Thus, the mind becomes more engaging and active.
  • It will rise up your level of concentration. Once you start getting comfortable with the numbers, practising these tricks will help you gather confidence over calculations.
  • Try practising these tricks in your daily routine.

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Let’s hop onto some quick tips and tricks which will help you ace mental maths tests and quizzes.

The ‘9-Trick’

We often find it difficult to add the numbers like 9+6 or 8+9. Let us consider a story which might help us understand this helpful trick, 9 is a number which is close to 10 and can be easily made 10 with borrowing just 1. Similarly, instead of doing 6 + 9, we can make it as 10+ 5 and the answer comes to the same i.e, 15. 

This might sound easy for smaller numbers but what if we present you with 49 +38. This mental maths trick can be used here as well you can simply lend 1 from 38 and make the equation like 50+ 37. Thus, you can quickly add the numbers now.

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Addition Through Subtraction

This is one of the most important tricks for addition and subtraction. Often most of us struggle with subtraction. You cannot deny the ease and fluency that you have for addition is not present subtraction. By using this trick you can easily calculate many mental maths questions. While calculating 7-5, think of, what when added to 5 makes it 7? Think of the missing number which connects the two numbers. You can easily find out that 2, when added to 5, makes it 7. Thus, the answer for 7-5 is 2. 

This trick is helpful especially in cases like 13- 7 or 16- 9 or 16- 9 included all the numbers and calculations where the minuend is number falling between 10-20. Apart from these numbers, it is also helpful for the candidates who find it difficult to subtract the number like 84-61. Here, it is easier to find that 61 + 23 will make it 84. Through this trick, you can practice your hands well on the concept of subtraction.  

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Five Times a Number

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Multiplication questions can be trickier than addition and subtraction. Hence, while attempting such questions in a mental maths quiz, most of the students lose their marks. This wonderful maths trick says if you have to find 5 times of a number, instead find the 10 times of it which is comparatively easier to find. Let us take an example: Find out 65x 5. We can begin by finding the 65x 10 = 650 and then to find the correct answer for 65x 5, you can, reduce your answer into exact half and here comes the answer for it. Hence, 65x 5= 325 (325 + 325= 650). 

Thus, we hope that through these mental maths tricks have prepared you for some fun mental maths quizzes. If you want to kick start your career on your desired track, reach out to at Leverage Edu and they will help you get directed on the right career track.

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