How to Pursue MEng in UK?

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MEng in UK

MEng or ‘Masters of Engineering’ is a professional Master’s degree in engineering with specialisation in various engineering branches. MEng is a highly-valued degree because it is a prerequisite to work as a chartered engineer. According to Prospects UK, the industry demand for skilled engineers is going to be at 200,000 by 2024. If you want to be a part of this growing sector in the UK then here’s everything you need to know about MEng in the UK!

Name  Masters of Engineering
Abbreviation MEng
Country  UK
Duration  1-5 years
Level of Study  Postgraduate degree
Specialisation Available 
Eligibility  Bachelor’s degree in Engineering 
Proof of English Proficiency  IELTS
Entrance Exam GMAT
Average Tuition Fee INR 12.63-34.82 lakhs per year

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Why MEng in the UK? 

MEng is a postgraduate course of 1-5 years offered by the best universities in the UK. The UK is famous for its popular engineering courses because of the high-class education coupled with practical training. Not only that, there are various other reasons why you should opt for MEng in UK:-

  • Research– One factor that makes the UK education system so qualitative is the world-leading research they promote. When you study MEngin UK, you will learn about the latest developments in your respective field.
  • In Demand– UK industries project a demand of 200,000 engineers by 2024 which means that you will have abundant job opportunities once you graduate with an MEng in UK. 
  • International Students– Almost 20% of the students in UK come from international backgrounds which tells us how the environment in UK is warm and welcoming for them. 
  • Best Student Cities– When you study in UK, you study from the global cities which are student-friendly and well-connected. 

MEng in UK is a great opportunity for students who wish to pursue knowledge and training in their field of engineering. 

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Specialisations for MEng in UK

Before we learn the eligibility for MEng in UK, let’s know the specialisations that are offered by the top universities. Popular specialisations for students wanting to pursue MEng in UK are:-

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Top Universities for MEng in UK for 2022

Engineering Colleges in UK are ranked highly worldwide and offer the best curriculum as well. Let’s have a look at the top universities for MEng in UK as of 2022:

Universities in UK QS World Universities 2022 Ranking by Subject (Engineering and Technology)
University of Cambridge 3
University of Oxford 6
Imperial College London 8
University of Manchester 43
University College London 48
University of Edinburgh 75
University of Southampton 102
University of Sheffield  111
University of Bristol 111
University of Leeds 129

Fun Fact: 3 out of the top 10 universities for Engineering in the world are in UK!

Eligibility Requirements

Masters in Engineering is a fairly difficult postgraduate course to get into. If you are an Indian student wanting to apply for MEng in UK, you must fulfil the minimum eligibility requirements given below:-

Please note that the above qualifications for MEng in UK are subject to change depending upon the universities that you apply to. 

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Application Process

The UK admission process for a postgraduate course in UK is a little different from the undergraduate course. While you apply through a common platform of UCAS for undergraduate degrees, you have to apply for postgraduate degrees directly from the online form available on the university website. Here’s the step-by-step guide into the application process for MEng in UK:-

  • Choose the list of universities in UK that you would like to apply to. 
  • Make a list of all the eligibility requirements, application deadlines and major intakes
  • Give your English test and entrance exams to meet the basic requirements. 
  • Attach important documents required to study in UK to your online application. 
  • Apply within the deadline and expect a processing time of 4-6 weeks. 
  • If accepted, you may be offered a conditional or unconditional offer letter
  • Once you secure admission, you can start looking for accommodation, scholarship and UK Tier 4 visa application. 

Some universities may ask you to give an online interview as a part of the selection process before they send the offer letter to know more about your future goals and intention towards pursuing MEng in UK.

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Cost of Studying

Doing postgraduation from UK can be expensive, especially in the fields of engineering, business and science. The cost of studying MEng in UK includes the living expenses as well as tuition fees.

Type of Expenses  Average Cost (INR)
Tuition Fee 12.63-34.82 lakhs per year
Accommodation 34,245-53,828 per month
Food 7,833-24,503 per month
Transport 3,916 per month
Miscellaneous 24,503 per month 

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Scholarships for Studying MEng in UK

Your dream of studying in UK can be blurred if you don’t have enough financial resources for the same. This is where UK Scholarships help you. If you plan to pursue MEng in UK on a budget, here is the list of scholarships to help you solve your problems:-

Scholarships for UK Value (INR)
Chevening Scholarships 15.81 lakhs
Felix Scholarships 76.74 lakhs
Rhodes Scholarships 55.73 lakhs
Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships Fully-funded
Inlaks Scholarships  73.98 lakhs
Scotland Saltire Scholarships 8.03 lakhs 
Go Clean Scholarships 2.65 lakhs
Global Study Awards 10.04 lakhs
GVD Renovations Scholarships 75,750 

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