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Located in the Caribbean Sea, Grenada is a charming country popular for its coastal beaches, Georgian architecture and one of the friendliest countries to visit. Grenada is a popular destination for MBBS! The modern infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, low course fees, clinical exposure and quality education are some factors that attract thousands of students to do MBBS in Grenada! If you are planning to study and practice medicine in a foreign country then, keep reading because we will cover all the details regarding MBBS in Grenada, the Island of Spices!

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MBBS in Grenada

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Grenada is home to the most popular medical school called St George University. Located in the True Blue region of Grenada. Established back in 1976, the School of Medicine is a famous choice for international students and one of the most diverse universities in the Caribbean! With over 22,000 medical residents from 140 countries practising in countries like the USA and UK, St George remains one of the best countries for starting an international medical career for students. The university offers degrees in medicine, veterinary science, sciences, public health, business and arts.  

St George University is the only medical college in the land of spices, it is globally recognised for imparting quality education and its low tuition fee rate. As a private university, it offers multiple entry points like a 4 year, 5 years, 6 years and 7 year MD program in Grenada with an opportunity to practice in leading institutes in countries like the UK, Canada and the USA.

This five-year medical degree program has been designed specifically for students with Advanced Level or International Baccalaureate credentials who wish to become a doctor. This course helps students in building on an existing academic background in science with entry-level medical degree coursework.

Tie-Ups of St. George’s University

Listed below are the hospitals that have tie-ups with St.George’s University –

  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, California
  • Jersey City Medical Center, New Jersey
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center, New York
  • Larkin Community Hospital, Florida
  • Hackensack University Medical Center, New Jersey
  • Coney Island Hospital, New York

Courses and Duration

The total duration of the general MBBS course from Grenada medical university is 5 years which includes 5 years of classroom training and practical training in a hospital affiliated with the university. SGU is affiliated with nearly 70 accredited Teaching hospitals in the USA, Canada, UK, etc.

Requirements for MBBS in Grenada

Listed below are some of the benefits of studying medicine in Grenada for students:

  • TOEFL or IELTS is not needed for admission to the MBBS program
  • It is approved by The Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-H).
  • It is accredited to the US Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).
  • Low cost of living in Grenada. 
  • Good accessibility and studying environment in Grenada.
  • Only MCAT is required for admission to MBBS in Grenada.

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Eligibility Criteria

Listed below is the generic eligibility criteria for MBBS in Grenada:

  • Candidates must be of 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken.
  • Most importantly, candidates must have cleared MCAT. 
  • The candidate must have qualified for the NEET exam with the minimum qualifying marks so that he/she becomes eligible for admission into St George’s medical university.
  • Candidates must have cleared the 10+2 exam with a minimum of 80% marks in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry for the general category

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Admission Process

Here is the step-wise admission process for pursuing MBBS in Grenada – 

  • The application form has to be filled correctly without any mistakes, for which students have to visit the official website of the specific university
  • Once the university receives the application form and if the student is selected, He/she will receive an acceptance letter from that respective university
  • The student will need to pay the admission fee once the form has been filled.
  • After completing the application process, students should apply for the visa along with the necessary documents.
  • After all the checkings and interviews are over, the applicant will receive his/her visa

MBBS in Grenada Cost

The cost of living and studying in Grenada is comparatively affordable than other study destinations. Tabulated below is the average expenses that will be incurred for pursuing MBBS in Grenada. 

Tuition Fees (5 years) $318,640 (INR 2,37,73,889)
Hotels and Meals INR 3,50,000
Books & Other Supplies INR 1,40,000
Insurance INR 55,000
Application Fees INR 5,500

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Scholarships for MBBS in Grenada

  • Humanitarian Scholarship is for partial tuition and is given to students who have community-based humanitarian experiences within the last five years.
  • The Chancellor’s Circle Legacy Of Excellence Scholarship (CCLOE) with an award of $94,500 for students with a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7, a 3.5 science GPA and 506 MCAT score.
  • Legacy Of Excellence Scholarship (LOE) is awarded up to $70,000 for students who demonstrate academic excellence in their undergraduate studies and strong graduate studies and post-bac performances.

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Is NEET mandatory to study MBBS in Grenada?

Yes, NEET is mandatory for all students who wish to study MBBS in any country abroad. 

What is the tenure of the course?

MBBS in Grenada is of 5 years duration.

What language is spoken in Grenada?

The official language of Grenada is English and hence the medium of instruction in Grenada Universities is also English.

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If you are planning to start an international career in medicine then studying MBBS in Grenada is definitely for you. St George University has the highest number of USMLE test-takers and an average of 95% clear the exam in the first attempt. The university is also the number provider of new residents in the USA. To know more contact our Leverage Edu experts at 1800 572 000 and book a free session to clear all your doubts!

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