MBA Syllabus

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MBA Syllabus

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the prestigious postgraduate courses often opted for by those wanting to furnish their management skills and turn into professional executives. It is one such degree which is an ideal option for a multitude of students graduating from diverse fields. From an MBA in Banking, Interior Designing and Digital Marketing to Information Technology and Operations Management, this program is also increasingly available in lesser-known specialisations such as an MBA in Airport Management, Healthcare Management, and Power Management, amongst others. etc. But before opting for specialisation, it becomes important to comprehend its syllabus and structure. Through this blog, we aim to bring you a detailed guide on the MBA syllabus for some of the popular chosen fields.

MBA: Course Overview

Before exploring the MBA syllabus for different specialisations, first, take a look at the following table which elucidates some key features of this course:

Course Level  Master’s 
Duration  2 years 
Types of MBA Full-Time MBA
Part-Time MBA
Executive MBA
Distance Learning MBA
Entrance Exam For Abroad GMAT
Entrance Exam For India   CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA  
Eligibility  Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
A few years of work experience (optional but preferred)

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MBA Syllabus: Major Specialisations

Since there is a plethora of fields in which an MBA can be opted for, the syllabus for each one can vary. Thus, the following paragraphs elaborate on the MBA syllabus of the major specializations:

MBA in Banking

As one of the commonly pursued branches under this degree, MBA in Banking consists of a variety of fundamentals from the field of finance, banking and technology along with core concepts like transaction management coupled with financial strategies. With a detailed study of the following subjects of the MBA syllabus, students get to learn about the interdisciplinary domain of banking-

Core Subjects  Elective Subjects 
-Principles and Practicals of Banking;
Corporate Finance;
-Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions;
-Economic Analysis of Business Decision; 
-Technology in Banking, CRM and Retail Banking;
-Treasury Operations and Risk Management 
-Project Finance and Management;
-Module on Finacle;
-Entrepreneurship Development
-Micro Finance and Rural Credit; 
-Managerial Communication; 
-Information Technology for Managers; 
-Legal Aspects of Business; 

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MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Through an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, one can study a varied range of concepts related to the process of supplying raw materials and delivering the best product to consumers. Some necessary methodologies taught in the program are about controlling and implementing the flow of services and products along with planning and managing logistics-related issues. Below mentioned are some of the subjects of the MBA syllabus under the specialisation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

Core Subjects  Elective Subjects 
Operations Management
-Quantitative Techniques For Management; 
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
-Research Methods for Management;
-Retail Marketing and CRM;
-Logistics Marketing
Human Resource Management
-Export Trade and Documentation;
Strategic Management;
Business Marketing and Ethics;
-Retail Store and Visual Merchandise;
Marketing Management

MBA In Information Technology

Being the unique blend of management and technology, an MBA in Information and Technology provides intensive coursework that incorporates the key aspects of management with the advanced technical domain. It covers almost everything from the foundational basics of management and business to the springing issues of information technology. Essentially this degree program focuses on imparting students a thorough knowledge of managing the IT arena. Let us have a look at some core topics of the MBA syllabus for IT:

Core Subjects  Elective Subjects 
-Marketing Management 
Organizational Behaviour Analysis
Financial Management
-Business Mathematics 
-Strategy Management 
-Administrative Strategy 
-Accounting Management 
-Data Mining 
-IT Resource Management 
-Data Visualisation Analytics 
-Presentation Design 
-Web-Based Systems Development 
-Enterprise Application of Business  

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MBA In Finance 

pursuing an MBA in Finance students will be provided with an in-depth analysis of the assessment, control and management of the investment and collection-related principles of several monetary resources. Among the varied postgraduate-level courses offered in this field like a PGDM in Finance and Master of Finance, this degree aims to impart students with the knowledge of maximizing stock value, analyzing economic trends, evaluating corporate reports, and measuring risk and profitability, amongst others. Here are some of the essential concepts of the MBA syllabus of Finance:

Core Subjects  Elective Subjects 
-Quantitative Analysis 
-Accounting for Managers 
Business Research Methodologies 
International Business
-Financial Management & Infrastructure Finance 
-Strategic Cost of Management and Control
-Project Finance 
-Sustainable Finance
Bank Management 
-Entrepreneurial Finance
-Applied Corporate Finance 
Investment and Asset Management

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MBA In Digital Marketing

As the internet has encompassed our world into a global village, Digital Marketing has a crucial field of study. MBA in Digital Marketing incorporates an intricate study of media strategies and intensive training to equip students with the required knowledge to flourish in this domain. It is a popular specialisation amongst those wanting to establish a promising career in Digital Marketing and the MBA syllabus comprises the following major subjects:

Core Subjects  Elective Subjects 
-Business Statistics
Market Research
Management Accounting
-Managing Organization
Managerial Economics 
-E-business Technologies 
-Pricing Management 
-Product and Brand Management
International Marketing 
-Rural Marketing
-Service Marketing
Consumer Behaviour 

MBA In Human Resource Management  

MBA in HR strives to provide students with an understanding of how the human workforce in several organizations can be effectively managed. The MBA syllabus for this specialisation is concerned more with the study of employer-employee relationships as well as facilitating proficient management of human resources. Here are the mandatory MBA HR subjects that this degree includes:

Core Subjects  Elective Subjects 
-Econometrics of HRM
-HR Audit
-Employee Relation Laws
-Finance and Financial Considerations in
-HR Management 
-Decision Sciences
-Fundamental for Human Resource Management  
-Operations Management
-Statistics for Management
-Management: Theory and Practical
-Testing of Hypothesis

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MBA Syllabus in India- Semester Wise

Different colleges will have different MBA curricula. Check the major MBA course topics by semester.

Semester-1 Syllabus

Business Research Methodology Business Communication & Presentation Skills
Excel Spreadsheet Modelling Business Statistics
Financial Reporting and Analysis Finance for Non-Finance
Macro Economics & Policy Joy of Management
Marketing of Products and Services Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour Micro-Economics
Operation Research

Semester-2 Syllabus

Costing Products and Services Bringing Ideas to Market
Human Resource Management Data Science Using R and Python
Indian Economy in the Global Context Indian Banking and Financial Markets
Managing Operations and Supply Chain Managing Financial Resources
Project Management Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes
Synthesizing and Analyzing Data using R Strategic Management

Semester-3 Syllabus

Applied Business Research Analyzing and Mitigating Risk
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Business Model and Intellectual Property
Management of Design Leveraging IT for Business
Problem-Solving and Consulting Skills

Semester-4 Syllabus

Capstone Simulation Applied Business Research Project
Integrated Decisions Making Ethics and Indian Ethos
Project Study Leadership Development

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Top Entrance Exams for MBA

Here are the top entrance exams for India. Check them below:



What are MBA and its syllabus?

An academic programme focused on management and marketing, the MBA course. It covers topics like marketing, management principles, supply chain management, operations management, and organisational behaviour.

How many subjects are in MBA?

It depends on the college you’re getting your MBA from. The MBA syllabus includes 35 elective MBA subjects in addition to the 11 core MBA subjects.

Is MBA very difficult?

An MBA is as challenging as you make it and as rewarding as you put in. In the world of business, hand-holding is uncommon. Either you become a proficient business expert or the competition outperforms you.

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you understand the MBA syllabus for an array of specialisations. If you are aspiring to pursue an MBA and are unsure about choosing an ideal field, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in finding a suitable program and university that fits your interests and aspirations and gives you the right edge to shine in your career.

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