MBA in Quality Management

MBA in Quality Management

Have you ever wondered how companies manage to maintain the quality of their operations and products? Do you wish to be part of an industry where quality is prioritized? We live in a service-centric society where customers and stakeholders have certain expectations and demands that a company must fulfil, where the failure to meet their standards also means a failure on the part of the company’s working. No company would want to be in that position; hence they look for professionals who have the required knowledge and a well-equipped skill set to deal with the daily challenges. In a competitive market like the one that exists in the present day, this is extremely important and so there is a demand for such professionals. An MBA in Quality Management can prepare you for taking on these challenges and being an important part of the industry.


An MBA in Quality Management intends at making you well versed with concepts of business that relate to leadership, market competition, product efficiency, and partnership. The course helps you in developing ways with which operational costs can be reduced while the expectations of customers and stakeholders continue to increase. Students pursuing the degree develop a strong problem-solving approach and solid analytical skills which help them in meeting the demands of the industry and seeking jobs. MBA in Quality Management helps the students develop a strong set of skills that will aid their industry knowledge by offering specializations in management of service quality, leadership for management and business, and quality assurance and audit. If you decide to pursue an MBA in Quality Management, it will help you meet the standards of the industry with your well-equipped knowledge of the field.


An MBA in Quality Management equips you to face the operational and managerial challenges of the industry, it does so by providing you with opportunities to learn the cores of how to enforce quality in an organization’s policy structure. An MBA in Quality Management benefits you in the following ways:

  • The course teaches you how to conduct a gap analysis to compare the various systems so that you can develop a quality management strategy best suited for the organization.
  • It helps you in coming up with the best quality management policy that can be enforced by the organization so as to maintain a certain quality standard.
  • An MBA in Quality Management also gives you an integrated view of quality systems.
  • It helps you in acquiring managerial and leadership skills to maintain operational quality too.
  • You will have the opportunity to understand concepts pertaining to technology, marketing and people so that you can use that knowledge to achieve consumer satisfaction and meet quality objectives.
  • You will also be better equipped to deal with the competitive market by ensuring that the services and products offered are of a higher quality thus bringing additional profits to the organization and proving to be an asset to the organization.


HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY, USA – The university offers an MBA in Quality Management. The course intends at making students well versed with the core concepts of the business and operational aspects of the organization so that they can prove to be assets to the organizations they enter.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNIVERSITY (UAEU), UAE- The University offers an MBA in Total Quality Management elective that aims at providing students with experiential knowledge so that they can have a sustainable approach to maintaining an impact in the competitive market. 

LOMONOSOV MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY – GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND INNOVATION, RUSSIA- The University offers an MBA in standardization and quality management systems to its students. The coursework is intended to provide both theoretical knowledge along with experiential and practical learning.

An MBA in Quality Management will provide you with ample opportunities to be an asset to your organization and create an impact in the industry. But it is quite obvious to feel certain hesitations while deciding to pursue relatively lesser-known MBA specializations. You don’t need to overcome these fears alone. The counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu with their experience in the industry can help you with the decision-making process so that you can make a choice that caters to your specific needs.

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