MBA in Finance Syllabus

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MBA in Finance Syllabus

With a plethora of specializations sprouting from the different areas of study, many academic fields have become interlinked and interdisciplinary. For a degree like MBA, choosing from these interconnected specializations can be a tiresome task because the field you will specialize in will eventually help you finalize the right career path. Amongst the most frequently chosen academic disciplines for a master’s degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Finance is an ideal program for those passionate about Mathematics and Accounting and who want to pursue a career in these fields. But planning to study a course, and familiarizing yourself with the syllabus of your chosen degree is extremely important. So, to assist you in your research, here is a blog that elaborates on the key components of an MBA in Finance syllabus and a varied range of subjects you will be perusing during the program.

MBA Course Level Post Graduation Degree Course
Types of MBA Full Time MBA, Online MBA, Executive MBA, Distance MBA, Integrated MBA
MBA Finance  Admission Process Entrance Exam followed by Group Discussion and Personal Interview
Top MBA Finance  Entrance Exams CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, NMAT, ATMA, IIFT, IBSAT
MBA Finance Eligibility 50% in Graduation
Top MBA Finance Colleges in India Top MBA Colleges in India include IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, SPJIMR Mumbai, XLRI, FMS Delhi, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode
MBA Finance Fees INR 5,00,000 – INR 18,00,000

What is an MBA in Finance?

Before exploring an MBA in Finance syllabus, let’s first understand what this degree course entails. Pursuing this course, students will get to learn about management, assessment and control of the collection and investment-related concepts of various monetary resources. It opens a plethora of career opportunities to explore in the finance industry as it imparts students with the knowledge of analyzing corporate reports, gauging economic trends, maximising stock values, and equalizing risk and profitability, amongst others. The course includes several finance-related concepts like beneficial investment strategies, insurance and corporate risk, direct and indirect taxation, and principles of local and global economics with mergers and acquisitions.

Scope of MBA in Finance
Scope of MBA in Finance

Read this blog if you want to know the scope of MBA in Finance!

MBA Finance Subjects First Year

Principles of Accounting Micro Economics
Corporate Social Responsibility Principles of Marketing Management 
Quantitative Methods and Statistics Tools and Frameworks for Decision Making
Business Communication And Soft skills Organizational Behaviour-1 
Financial Modeling Managerial Economics
Marketing Research Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Business Intelligence Supply Chain Management
Strategic Management Corporate Finance-2

MBA Finance Subjects Second Year

Business Law Macro Economics
Operations Management Corporate Management
Optimization and Project Research Marketing Management
Project Management Internship Projects
Project Submissions Organization Behaviour-2 

MBA in Finance Syllabus: Semester-wise Breakdown

In order to elaborate on the multitude of subjects perused in an MBA degree program in Finance, we have enlisted down the subjects included in the four semesters of this course. Let’s delve deeper into what each semester of the MBA in Finance syllabus comprises of.

Semester I

For any program, the first semester is considered to be the most crucial one as it creates a strong conceptual base for the students in their chosen area of study. The subjects under the MBA in Finance Syllabus for semester 1 are as follows:

List of Subjects in MBA in
Finance Syllabus for
Semester I
Managerial Economics  Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics,
Law of Variable Proportions,
Collusive Behaviour of Firms,
Risk Analysis, amongst others
Management Concept
and Application 
Concepts of management like planning,
organizational and decision-making skills;
Management Control;
Managerial Ethics and Social Responsibilities, etc.
Quantitative Analysis Distribution of frequency;
Correlation Analysis;
Probability, etc.
Management of the groups;
Organizational Processes;
Organizational Culture, amongst others
Accounting for
Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements;
Cost Accounting;
Management Accounting
Computer Application in
Introduction to the database;
Computer Organizational Skills;
MS Office, Internet Applications, etc.
Business Environment Nature and Structure of the
Business Environment and its correlation with the
design and strategy of economic reforms;
Globalization, its Trends and Challenges with
current industrialization trends and industrial policies  

It is essential to have a good hold on MBA in Finance syllabus to perform better in Finance interview questions!

Semester II

Moving to the next semester, the MBA in Finance syllabus integrates a wide range of interdisciplinary concepts of Business and Management. Here is a table that details the key subjects you will get to study in the second semester of this course:

List of Subjects in MBA in
Finance Syllabus for
Semester II
Marketing Management  Analyzing consumer markets and buyer behaviours;
Nature and Scope of Marketing;
Development of new products;
Advertising and Sales
Capital Structure,
Operating Leverages,
Investment Concepts,
Working Capital,
Developing talent, acquisition, recruitment and
selection strategies with appraising performance;
Strategic HRM  
Business Research,
Design and Methods of Data Collection
Multivariate Analysis.
Operational and Supply
Chain Management 
Introduction to Operation Management
and supply chain management;
Product Designing and Development
International Business  Global Manufacturing and Material Management
Foreign Markets
Global market Trends in International Trade and Finance. 

Do you know the subjects taught in MBA in Banking and Finance are very similar to MBA in Finance syllabus?

Semester III

The focus of the third semester in this course lies in delving deeper into the different facets of Financial Management. Below we have listed down the major subjects included in the MBA in Finance syllabus for the third semester.

List of Subjects in MBA in
Finance Syllabus for Semester III
Financial Management &
Infrastructure Finance 
Capital Budgeting;
Social Cost-benefit Analysis;
Project Management
Management of Financial Services
and Institutions 
Credit Rating;
Financial Services;
Development Banks;
Trading Mechanisms   
Multinational Financial Management  Overview of Multinational Financial
International Working Capital
Foreign Exchange;
Capital Budgeting Methods
Strategic Cost of Management
and Control
Introduction to Strategic Cost of
Nature of Activity-based Costing;
Strategic-based Performance Measurement

Semester IV

Concluding the program in the fourth semester, the MBA in Finance syllabus mainly comprises of a few disciplines as students are encouraged to focus on their individual research projects. The below table details the subjects that constitute the syllabus for the final semester.

List of Subjects in MBA in
Finance Syllabus for Semester IV
Industrial Relations and Labour
Co-ownership Management;
Labour Legislations, ILO;
Trade Unions;
Industrial Relations
Talent management  Talent Management Systems,
Talent Planning;
Succession Management processes
Return on Talent
Strategic Financial Management Strategic Frameworks;
Financial Models;
Financial Management.

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What are the subjects in MBA finance?

The main MBA in Finance subjects includes Financial Accounting & Analysis, Business Economics, Taxation – Direct and Indirect, Capital Market and Portfolio Management, Business Law, Cost and Management Accounting, Strategic Cost Management, Corporate Finance and Marketing for Financial Services.

Is MBA in finance difficult?

MBA in Finance is just as demanding as any other MBA programme. However, because Maths and Statistics are used more frequently, some students may find it more difficult than other specialisations.

Is MBA finance full of maths?

No, Maths is not required to opt for an MBA in Finance.

Thus, we hope that this blog helped you understand the major subjects included in MBA in Finance syllabus. If you are planning to pursue this course, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you find a suitable university that can equip you with the right knowledge and exposure to build a rewarding career in Finance.

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