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Study Masters in International Relations in UK

The universities in the UK  are renowned all around the world for high academic standards. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the UK is the second most popular study destination in the world, behind the US, which makes it one of the top choices to pursue a degree in the field of International Relations. International Relations open many doors and proves to be an asset for a future career in the civil service, politics and diplomacy. If you wish to know what all it takes to pursue a Masters in International Relations in the UK, then this blog is a must-read for you!

What is a Masters in International Relations?

A Masters in International Relations is a 2-year degree focusing on a complex network of factors that cause events in one part of the international community, to have consequences in another. The course will include study of disciplines like political analysis, global histories, war and security in politics and global governance. After the completion of the course, the students will be well informed about how different nations and international organisations interact in this highly globalized world and will be trained to comprehend these complex interactions and crafting solutions to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Most International Relations courses are offered either as M.A. (Master of Arts) or M.Sc. (Master of Science) degrees. While studying International Relations, you can focus on specializations like Comparative Foreign Policy, Conflict and Peace-Making, Environmental Policy, Human Rights, Migration and Refugees, International Security, and others.

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General Curriculum- Masters in International Relations in UK

Because International Relations is a relatively new discipline, curriculum can vary significantly from one university to another. It widely focuses on topics like Human Rights, Economic Development, Globalisation, Nuclear Proliferation. The following table includes the general subjects of Masters in International Relations UK:

First Year Second Year 
Making Foreign Policy International Political Economy
World Politics International Relations Theory
Writing International Relations Global Security 
Framing Critical Perspectives
Globalisation The Evolution of the International System
Violence and Political Order
Democracy and its Contents

Eligibility Criteria

International students from across the globe opt for Masters in International Relations in the UK. In order to take admission in some of the programmes, students might be asked to submit scores of the university-specific entrance exams/interview rounds. Here is a list of necessary prerequisites in order to pursue Masters in International Relations in UK:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in the same field or any other related field with minimum required GPA score.
  • A good score in the GRE exam if the candidates opt to pursue the MSc variant of the course.
  • Minimum required score in IELTS, TOEFL, etc or any other English language proficiency exam, with no lower than 6.0 in any one component.
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)  and SOP (Statement of Purpose)  in the prescribed format.
  • International Baccalaureate requirements: 32 points.
  • A-levels requirements: ABB.

Best Universities for Masters in International Relations in UK

Here are the top universities in UK for Masters in International Relations:

University  QS World Rankings 2022
University of Oxford 2
London School of Economics 49
King’s College London 35
University of Cambridge =3
SOAS, University of London =391
University of Essex 439
University of Edinburgh 16
University College London =8
University of Warwick 61
University of Durham =82
University of Glasgow 73
University of Manchester =27
University of Birmingham 90

Online Masters in International Relations in UK

Here is a list of universities offering Masters in International Relations in UK through online learning mode-

Masters in International Relations in UK 

Here are the Best universities for Masters in International Relations in UK: 

King’s College London

With modules covering international relations, the International Affairs course offered by King’s College London, is a 2-year part-time program, carried out online. The course presents students with advanced knowledge in international or conflict politics and the challenges it faces.

  • Curriculum 
    • International Relations
    • Sea power & National Strategy
    • Deterrence
    • Proxy Wars & Hybrid Wars
    • Cyber Security in the Information Age
    • Intelligence, Espionage & Surveillance
  • Application Deadlines
Starting September 2022 Apply before August 2022
Starting November 2022 Apply before October 2022
Starting January 2023 Apply before December 2022
  • Tuition fees

INR 8.7 Lakhs/per year

University of Essex

The International Relations course offered by the University of Essex is a masters programme with the options of full-time (1 year)  and part-time (2 years) that focuses on explaining and understanding international events, rather than simply the intellectual history of international relations as a field.

  • Curriculum
    • Theories of International Relations
    • Advanced Research Methods
    • Political Explanation
    • Comparative European Politics
    • Conflict Resolution
    • From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death
    • Ideology and Political Discourse
    • International Security Studies
    • Political Economy
    • Political Parties in Britain and Europe
  • Application Deadline

Starting October 2022
For International application, apply before Aug 2022

  • Tuition fees

Full-time: INR 19.4 Lakhs/per year
Part-time: INR 7.9 Lakhs/per year

University of Cambridge

The Master of Studies in International Relations offered by the University of Cambridge is a 2-year part-time course designed to help students develop an understanding and knowledge of international politics, history, economics, and security. 

  • Curriculum 
    • During the first year, all students are required to undertake a core course in International Relations and also choose six modules from the following list:
    • International Relations of the Modern Middle East
    • Politics of peace, conflict and violence in Africa
    • The Cold War
    • China in the International System
    • Gender, War and Security
    • International Migration and Development
    • Democratisation
    • Issues in International Law
    • American Presidents and Foreign Policy
    • International Political Economy
    • European integration
    • European Geopolitics from the end of the second world war
    • The Global Governance of Financial Crime 
    • Students reaching 2nd year are required to research and write a dissertation on a topic of their choice, subject to the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) of the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS). 
  • Application Deadline

Starting September 2022
Apply before Feb 2022

  • Tuition fees

INR 16.8 Lakhs/per year

London School of Economics & Political Science

LSE offers a Masters of Science in International Relations for the duration of full-time 12 months or 24 months part-time . The degree’s eligibility requirement is 2:1 degree or equivalent in international relations, politics, history or similar field.

  • Curriculum
    • International Politics courses on core concepts in international relations, of the normative and analytic issues involved, and of their relationship to the social sciences in general.
    • Dissertation in International Relations of 10,000 words.
  • Application Deadline

Start Date: September 2022
Applications before February 2021

  • Tuition Fees

INR 26.14 Lakhs/per year

International relations comprises a wide array of disciplines, in accordance with the broad range of specialization that comes under the umbrella of the course, in which a large proportion of students are keen to enhance their studies and future international relations career prospects. Following is a list of the diverse courses and specializations that are relevant to the field of international relations. Some programs offer a broad overview of major international relations topics, while others are clearly focused on a particular area.

  • MA Political Science
  • MA in International Politics and Military Affairs
  • MBA/ MA in Diplomacy and International Relations
  • MA in International Relations
  • MA in Diplomacy and International Security
  • MA in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • MA in International Science and Technology Policy
  • MA in International Studies
  • MA in International Relations
  • MSc Global Studies and International Relations
  • MA International Affairs
  • MA in Peace and Justice Leadership
  • MSc in International Development
  • MSc in Management and International Relations

Eligibility Criteria

  • International Baccalaureate requirements: 32 points.
  • A-levels requirements: ABB.
  • IELTS requirements: 6.5 overall, with no lower than 6.0 in any one component.

Scholarships to Study in UK for Masters in IR

Learn More about Studying in UK

Career Scope 

International Relations is a wide area of expertise and graduates can potentially work in diverse sectors like intergovernmental organisations, NGOs. Media and News houses, Publishing, Marketing, Public Relations, Business, Law, Education and Social Service. Here are some job profiles that you can opt for as a international relations graduate-

  • Diplomatic 
  • Political Analyst
  • Psephologist 
  • Social Worker 
  • International Lawyer
  • Lobbyist
  • Public Relations Expert
  • Foreign Relations Expert/Consultant

Internship Opportunities

As a student of Masters in International Relations, there are several internship opportunities that will kickstart your career in global politics and provide you with valuable work experience to excel in your field. Here are some organisations in UK that offer internships opportunities to students studying masters in international relations-

  • European Union Intellectual Property Office
  • World Food Programme
  • Amnesty International
  • BBC,
  • Eurasia Group
  • International Crisis Group


What can you do with a masters in international relations?

Job profiles to go for after masters in international relations in UK-
Political Analyst
Social Worker 
International Lawyer
Public Relations Expert
Foreign Relations Expert/Consultant

Is a Masters in International Relations worth it?

Yes, masters in international relations is one of the most popular areas of study in the world. The field is diverse and allows students to potential enter an array of sectors from business to diplomacy to government services.

Which country is best to study international relations?

UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Switzerland are some of the most popular places to study IR at the masters level.

This was all the relevant information regarding the essential aspects of Masters in International Relations UK. Are you unsure about choosing the right masters course? Get a free consultation with our Leverage Edu experts that will help you in making the best career choices. Book a session with us today!

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