This Day in History – March 19

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March 19

“A page of history is worth a pound of logic.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. History gives us important lessons that if understood properly can help us in the present and in future. But for that, we must first know the history and learn from it. So, here we have a curated list of all that happened on March 19 in India and around the world.

What Happened in India on March 19?


1972Friendship Treaty between India and Bangladesh
India and Bangladesh signed a friendship treaty after India helped with the struggle for independence of East Pakistan. The friendship has grown stronger ever since forging close bi-lateral relations because of the treaty.

2008 – India’s formal appeal for clemency declined by Pakistan
Pakistan’s president Parvez Musharraf declined the formal appeal for clemency by the Indian Government in the Sarabjit Case.

What Happened Around the World on March 19

1279 – The Song dynasty ends
After the Mongolian victory at the naval battle of Yamen, the Song Dynasty of China comes to an end.

1644 – 200 members of Imperial family commit suicide
To show loyalty to the emperor 200 members of the Peking Imperial Family and court commit suicide.

1808 – Charles IV abdicates his throne
The King of Spain, Charles IV abdicated the throne after riots and revolts at his winter palace and his son Ferdinand VII took the throne after him.

1812 – Spanish Constitution enacted
The first Spanish Constitution was enacted which is one of the very first constitutions ever promulgated.

1831 – 1st ever bank robbery in US
The City Bank in New York was robbed of $245,000 in the first-ever bank robbery that happened in the US.

1863 – SS Georgiana destroyed
The Confederate cruiser SS Georgiana was destroyed on her maiden voyage with a cargo of munitions and medicines with a huge value.

The first test match in which Australia defeated England.

1877 – First Test Match
Australia beat England in the very first test match by 45 runs.

1883 – First machine to make shoes
Jan Matzeliger invented the very first machine to manufacture entire shoes.

Courtesy: Pinterest

1915 – Pluto photographed
Pluto though unknown at that time was first photographed on March 19, 1915

1918 – Time zones and daylight saving hours approved
The US Congress approved the time zones and Daylight saving time which has been in application since then.

1920 – Treaty of Versailles rejected
The US Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles for the second time refusing to ratify the League of Nations Covenant and maintaining the isolation policy.

1931 – Gambling legalized
The state of Nevada in the US legalized gambling in the state.

1932 – Sydney Harbour Bridge opens
The Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia was opened on March 19 in 1932.

1954 – 3 centuries in 1st Innings
West Indies cricket players also known as “The three Ws” scored one century each in the 1st innings of the 4th test match against England at Port of Spain.

1956 – Biggest NBA margin of victory
The biggest margin of victory was scored by the Minn Lakers at 133 against the St. Louis Hawks at 75.

1958 – First planetarium in Britain
First planetarium in Britain was opened in Madame Tussauds in London.

Courtesy: Twitter

1964 – The world’s Biggest Omelette
In Yokohama, Japan an omelette with 160,000 eggs was made which has been the biggest yet.

1975 – First-time girls vs boys competition in Sports
Pennsylvania became the first state to allow girls to compete against boys in HS sports.

Courtesy: Times Colonist

1990 – 1st world ice hockey tournament for women
The first women’s ice hockey tournament was held for the first time in Ottawa.

1995 – Michael Jordan breaks retirement
Michael Jordan the famous basketball player broke his retirement to join Chicago Bulls against Pacers and made his team win in the game.

2002 – Operation Anaconda ends
The US invasion of Afghanistan which started with operation Anaconda ended after killing 500 Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.

2003 – Invasion of Iraq
American and British led coalition without the support of the United Nations and in defiance of the World opinion airstrike which signals the beginning of the Iraqi Invasion.

2018 – Last male northern rhino dies
The 45-year-old last male northern white rhino died in Sudan, Kenya.

2019 – Sam Smith came out as non-binary
The singer Sam Smith came out as non – binary in an interview on Jameela Jamil’s Instagram show.

Superbloom Poppies
Courtesy: BBC

2019 – Super bloom of Poppies
In Southern California, a “super bloom” of poppies was seen after high rainfall in Walker Canyon which was visible from the space.

2020- Italy became one of the worst – affected countries by COVID-19
The Italian death toll for COVID -19 surpassed China’s making it the then worst- affected country in the world. 

Famous Birthdays on March 19

1589 – William Bradford
The First Governor of the Plymouth colony was born in Austerfield, England.

1601 – Alonzo Cano
Famous Spanish painter and sculptor who was involved with the making of Cathedral Granada

1629 – Aleksei M Romanov
The first Romanov tsar of Russia

1734 – Thomas McKean
The US attorney who signed the US Declaration of Independence

1813 – David Livingstone
The famous Scottish explorer who was found by Stanley in Africa 

1821 – Richard Francis Burton
Famous explorer, geographer and translator who translated the Arabian Nights

1889 – Manoel II
The last king of Portugal was born.

1906 – Adolf Eichmann
German Nazi officer and the holocaust organizer

1907 – Kent Smith
The famous American actor was born

1914 – Jiang Quing
Also known as Madame Mao, Jiang Quing is a Chinese communist and the wife of Mao Zedong

1930 – Bill Henderson
Famous American jazz singer

1954 – Indu Shahani
Indian educationist and sheriff of Mumbai

1955 – Bruce Willis
Famous American actor with movies like Die Hard and Moonlighting under his belt

1971 – Dalton James
American Actor, famous for movies like My Father, The Hero, Mark etc.

1984 – Tanushree Datta
The Indian actress was born in Jamshedpur.

2007 – Prince Abdullah Bin Ali
The Prince of Jordan was born on this day. 

We hope that you enjoyed our list of all the important events that took place on March 19. For more exciting content follow Leverage Edu on LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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