Management Games for MBA Students

Management Games for MBA Students

Working for the whole day can be a tedious job for professionals in the world of business and management. It makes it crucial for them to balance life and work. There is a range of management games for MBA students to enjoy in their free time. It has been psychologically proven that a fun factor added to your professional learning has the tendency to double your efficiency and make you a quick learner. Let’s take a look at some of these popular games exclusive for MBA students across the world.

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Top 5 Management Games for MBA Students

Games can be an excellent teaching resource for MBA classrooms and various other programs. Check out some of the popular management games for MBA students so that you can play and learn at the same time.

1. Let’s Fly Paper Planes

The objective of this game is to engage everyone in the class and help them recall different topics taught in the previous lecture. 

What do You Need: Sheets of paper and pens

How to Play: After your lecture is over at your college, ask all the students to stand. Take sheets of paper and write down questions from the topic covered in the previous lecture. Now fold the paper to make planes out of it. All the students will fly their paper planes at the same time at any random direction. After a while, everyone must pick up the nearest paper plane and unfold it. Read the question written on the paper aloud and answer it. Continue the process until all the questions are answered. By the end of the exercise, you will realize that each one of you has thoroughly revised the topic taught in the previous session.

2. Mixed Picture Puzzle

This is one of the management games for MBA students which aims to develop teamwork skills among students to achieve their respective goals or a common one.

What do You Need: Two separate puzzle games

How to Play: Divide the students into 2 groups. Now, given one puzzle to each team and mix up some of the pieces of both the puzzles together. The teams have to solve their respective puzzle and the first one to finish would win. The teams have to cooperatively work with each other and fetch their puzzle pieces from the opposite ones. 

3. Back-to-Back

This is one of the most exciting management games for MBA students to assess how well can the first student give out instructions and how accurately can the second one interpret through the directions given. 

What do You Need: A plain sheet of paper and a pen

How to Play: Arrange two chairs in a way their backs touches each other and invite two students to sit on them. Hand a sheet of paper and a pen to one of them and a picture of a shape (triangle, pentagon, hexagon, etc) to the other one. Now, the students holding the picture of the shape starts giving verbal instructions to describe the shape, without actually announcing the name of the shape. The person on the other chair has to follow the instructions and try making the expected pattern. Once done, both students now have to compare the two shapes.

4. Let’s Play Business!

The game will allow students to understand how different departments in the business world learn about several tactics to earn more profit for the organisation.

How to Play: Align the students in groups and allot them different departments within the business such as Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution, etc. Distribute a set of mock money to each group and mock project to handle. Each group has to work in collaboration with others and make profits out of the assigned project, similar to real-world business.

5. Monopoly

The reason why Monopoly made it to our list of management games for MBA students because this ultimate board game that has been a part of every childhood. This classic business game is based on money and property management techniques. The students are given a set of mock money and are supposed to extract as much profit within the minimum amount of time. The one owning the maximums money in the end with the largest property wins the game.

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All these appealing management games for MBA students are just to relax and to keep your mind fresh, so that you can gain more knowledge about the subject matter. It is always advisable to play these offline games only during your free time and study time should not be compromised with these. We at Leverage Edu believe in you to have the potential to create an impact with your education wherever you go. For any guidance related to various MBA programs to build a career in the management field, you can reach out to our counsellors. 

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