Librarian Course

Librarian Course

Disney’s Rapunzel was kept locked in a tower for her whole life and she found solace and adventure in her books. Did you ever wonder whether Harry Potter and Ronald Weasely could have survived their adventures in Hogwarts and defeated the Dark Lord if not for Hermione and her love for books? Are you passionate about reading and organising books? If yes, pursuing a Librarian course can lead you to pursue a dream career in the lesser-known field of Library Science. Through this blog, we will explore the world of Library Science, the programs offered in this field as well as the top colleges providing an array of Librarian courses across the globe.

Why Pursue a Librarian Course? 

A Librarian is a trained professional in the field of Library Science and is responsible for running and maintaining library services in colleges, public libraries, schools and universities. This profession was earlier termed as Librarianship. However, librarians are not just restricted to managing bookshelves but are also expected to manage electronic information and resources as part of their responsibilities. They are also called “Information Manager”, “Information Scientists” and “Cybarians”. The technological advancements has digitalised libraries bringing databases, advanced features, etc and this has resulted in increased responsibilities for librarians.

A Librarian Course is structured to help you understand the philosophy of Library science, the basic principles and laws involved in this course. The course details students about the social impacts of technology in Library Science and equips you with the skills of efficiently managing books and other different materials of a library. In the last decade, the training and the knowledge given to librarians have changed. Now, librarians are expected to perform different tasks including: 

  • Administrative duties like budget management, managing stationery and other supplies, managing librarian staff, etc. 
  • Organising outreach programs and community events.
  • Cataloguing of information resources for user benefits and this also includes assembling and indexing of the different information resources. 
  • Assisting patrons and helping their doubts and queries. 
  • Promoting the library in any way possible. 

Different Librarian Courses Available Across the World 

For exploring the emerging field of Library Science, you can opt for short-term as well as long-term courses in this field. For pursuing a Library Course, you choose from the following categories:

  1. Diploma Courses
  2. Certificate Courses
  3. Bachelor’s Degree Courses
  4. Master’s Degree Courses

Following is a list of the plethora of courses available under different degree programs:

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Diploma and Certificate Librarian Courses: 

  • Diploma in Library and Information Science 
  • Certificate in Library and Information Science 
  • Certificate in Library Science 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking 

Bachelor’s Degree Librarian Courses: 

  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLI. Sc)
  • Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib.)

Master’s Degree Librarian  Courses: 

  • Master in Library and Information Science 
  • Master in Library Science 

Doctoral Degree Librarian Courses: 

  • M.Phil in Library and Information Science
  • PhD in Library and Information Science

Top International Colleges Offering Librarian Courses

There are numerous colleges around the world that offer an array of librarian courses differing in degree programs and short-term courses. These colleges promise good training and a good study environment for the students and equip them with the necessary skill set of a librarian. Here is a list of the major colleges providing librarian courses around the world:

  • University of Houston- Clear Lake, USA
  • Northwestern State University of Louisiana, USA 
  • Florida State University, Florida
  • University of Colorado Denver- Downtown Denver Campus, USA
  • University of Arizona, USA 
  • University of Liverpool, UK 
  • University of Glasgow, UK 
  • University of Sheffield, UK 
  • Robert Gordon University, UK 
  • University of Dundee, UK 
  • Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK 
  • Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

We hope that this blog provided you with the essential details of a Librarian course and the major universities offering programs in this field across the globe. Leverage Edu experts can assist you in finding an ideal course in Library Science to transform your inner bibliophile into a trained librarian.

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