Leverage Edu Launches India’s Largest Study Abroad Scholarship Worth ₹7 Cr

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Leverage Edu Scholarship

Leverage Edu recently announced the launch of India’s Largest Study Abroad Scholarship worth ₹7,00,00,000 for meritorious Indian students applying to upcoming academic intakes abroad. With a rolling application and winners announced every fortnight, the Leverage Edu scholarship is aimed at easing the financial burden and equalizing access to quality education for Indians from all walks of life. 

“The Leverage Edu scholarship program is meant to ease pressure on students, and is going to see some landing up offers that will bring down their tuition fees, while for others it will indirectly cover their other at-campus expenses, that can help them be successful at University,” – Akshay Chaturvedi, CEO and Founder of Leverage Edu. 

India’s largest study abroad scholarship is meant to help hundreds of Indians with waivers on their tuition fees, living expenses, as well as easing costs related to visa applications, excursions and on-campus expenditure. This initiative has been launched in light of the growing customer base from non-metropolitan cities where financial constraint can be a big impediment in student’s study abroad dreams.  

Easing the Path to Success

The Scholarship’s aim is to give all Indian students irrespective of their academic background, an opportunity to chase their overseas dreams and study in the top universities in the world, which is why the application process for the scholarship has three easy steps:

  • Here is the link to visit the official Leverage Edu Scholarship page:
  • https://leverageedu.com/scholarships/#dialogScholarshipForm
  • Fill out the application form with details like Name, Email & Phone number
  • Answer the question ’why you are the ideal candidate for the scholarship’? In 100 words.

By submitting the application form, students will be eligible to win scholar awards ranging from ₹50,000 to ₹7,00,00,000!

 “We are looking for really driven students who believe in their hearts that the opportunity to go abroad can level up their lives and consequently of their families. They would be judged on merit of their answers and profile; winners will be chosen by a jury of academia and senior professionals that we’ve put together”- Akshay Chaturvedi 

Latest Winners

To join the growing number of latest winners for Leverage Edu scholarship, visit the website, fill out the simple application form and become a contender for winning scholarly awards up to ₹7,00,00,000!

Student Name  Location
Anubhuti Mittal New Delhi
Karan Sharma  New Delhi
Keren Moses Coimbatore
Samreen Saba Hyderabad
Sunil Kumar Hyderabad
Kajal Kataria Faridabad
Sachin Aneja Faridabad
Rahul Kuruvalli Patel Karnataka
Kolluri Manoj Kumar Andhra Pradesh
Yashi Sandhu Uttarakhand
Helli Desai Mumbai
Srikesh Thrissur
Sohan Naik Goa
Uday Sood Himachal Pradesh

FAQs about Leverage Edu Scholarship

What is the purpose of the Leverage Edu scholarship?

The Leverage Edu scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for individuals who wish to study abroad. The scholarship’s aim is to facilitate the dreams of the students and ensure they can have easy access to quality education.

How to apply to Scholarship?

To apply for Leverage Edu scholarship, visit the official page here: https://leverageedu.com/scholarships. Fill the “Apply for Scholarship” form above, and answer in 100 words why you should get this scholarship and then submit your application. 

Who should apply for the Leverage Edu Scholarship?

Meritorious students determined to study abroad in the upcoming academic intakes can apply for the Leverage Edu Scholarship.

What’s the deal?

If you are applying for higher education abroad in 2023, you stand to gain scholarships ranging from ₹50,000 to ₹7,00,0000 – that will make your purse strings a little lighter, & let your dreams truly take wing!

When will the winners be announced?

Leverage Edu scholarship has a rolling application and the winners will be announced every fortnight. 

If you are applying for higher education abroad in 2023 and wish to ease your study abroad finances then head over to the Leverage Edu scholarship and in just three steps win a chance to become one of the winners of India’s Largest Study Abroad Scholarship! For more exciting opportunities and educational content, follow Leverage Edu on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube!  Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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    1. Hey Akshat!

      We would be happy to clear your doubts and I suggest you call on this number: 1800572000! Best of Luck.

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