Sarthi’s Journey with Leverage Edu – To Infinity & Beyond!

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Leverage Edu Reviews - Success story of Sarthi

Here is one of the latest Leverage Edu reviews – How Sarthi Dhawan carved out a path for himself from the corridors of Delhi to the hallowed halls of Frankfurt!

Without the appropriate guidance to lead you on, admissions can be a nightmare – be it at the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. level. Such was the case with Sarthi Dhawan, a commerce graduate from the University of Delhi. Sarthi reached out to Leverage Edu with an aspirational canvas spilled with disappointment from five different counseling agencies who had informed him he could not get into any of the top business schools. Repeatedly told that a CGPA of 7.4 in his Bachelor’s program is what held him back from getting into the top business schools, a very disheartened Sarthi arrived at the Delhi office of Leverage Edu for one final bid. He realized that he wanted to pursue a master’s degree in finance but had no idea about his next step. 

“In my first meeting with Leverage Edu, the counselors did a small profile evaluation and immediately assured me that I was ready to go to a top business school. That’s what brought my confidence back”

Within the very first meeting held with Sarthi, we were able to determine that he not only showed the ability to be selected into the institution of his choice but also to flourish in the field of finance. Sarthi was a go-getter and a headstrong candidate but we had to evaluate his goals and aspirations so that we could determine which institution would be the best fit for him. We began with a basic profile evaluation to delve into his mind and personality and guide him accordingly. A number of brainstorming sessions were held with Sarthi while Leverage Edu mentors and counselors dwelled deep into his goals and aspirations. The sessions gave Saarthi the much-needed clarity in his thoughts. The vision that he had nurtured for himself slowly formed into a plan. The eager beaver who had painstakingly collected so many internships under his belt to better himself had now resurfaced and was ready to give his all. Finally, after much thought and deliberation, the experts at Leverage Edu shortlisted five different business schools for him, to which he applied promptly. 

“In the brainstorming sessions, my Leverage Edu Head Coach questioned me again and again to know my passions. Simultaneously, I was the one who got clarity about my own goals and where I want to be in life”

His mentors at Leverage Edu made sure that Sarthi was able to sail through the entire admission process. After securing a 720/800 in his General Management Admission Test (GMAT), he began penning down his essays next for the different colleges that he was applying to. With each college having a unique array of requirements and expectations from its students, Sarthi’s applications were fine-tuned by the experts at Leverage Edu to their respective colleges. The letters of recommendation (LORs) were sought out in a similar fashion. To give an extra edge to Sarthi’s journey towards the top, the Communications Team at Leverage Edu connected him with his potential seniors and the alumni of the colleges that he was applying to. Along with first-hand accounts of their own experiences to assist him in his applications, experts at Leverage Edu also made sure he understood the kind of student life he could expect to have in the institutions of his choice.

“The best part was the input that the ex-students of the colleges gave me. Apart from the curriculum and the professors, they also told me about the kind of life that I could expect”

With the admission process coming to a close, Sarthi awaited with bated breath for his final results. As D-Day arrived, Sarthi realized that he had made it to EDHEC Business School (France), Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Germany) – 3 of the top business schools of the world. The experts at Leverage Edu left no stone unturned in researching about the pros and cons of the colleges that he had secured admission to and what he could expect of the social and cultural life in the associated cities. With the Brexit deal coming to a close, Germany was touted to be the next financial hub of Europe and beyond. That’s why even with EDHEC and Stockholm being ranked ahead of Frankfurt, Sarthi chose to go to the latter. Moreover, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offered a course which enabled Sarthi to study for three days and work for the other three, thus enabling him to earn his own expenses and gain practical knowledge with the hands-on learning that came with it.

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Thus, with guidance custom suited to Sarthi, his journey took no time to turn from failing to take the flight to fly marvelously high! With much potential to harness which many failed to recognize, making the decision to hop onto the Leverage Edu express was the one lucky decision that transformed Sarthi’s life.

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  3. Leverage Edu consultancy services helped me to be accepted into the University of Oxford Brookes for an MSc degree, and I would say it was a very good decision.

    They provided careful and well-guided guidance throughout the whole application process. Their knowledge on this kind of administrative processes is quite specific and accurate, they can guide you exactly into all paperwork and suggest any kind of best practices to get your application just perfect.
    From cover letter ideas to finance and personal documentation, they walk you through from the beginning.

    Especially Shivani, Tarun and Samrat from Leverage Edu helped me a lot in the application process right from the beginning and helped me in building my future.

    I suggest everyone contact Leverage Edu Consultancy to pursue their masters outside India and fulfil their aspirations.

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