Landscape Design Courses

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Landscape Design Courses

Architecture and Design have always been the key elements of human civilisation. We associate different historical period with a specific style of architecture that can be identified when we see the buildings and monuments constructed during that time. What we actually notice is the overall look and feel of a piece of architecture. Ever wondered, what more it takes to beautify these marvellous pieces of constructions? Nature and landscape performs a vital role in making our soul and spirit fly. Designing the Landscape around a piece of art is equally tough and demanding but when we see the outcome, it is just captivating. So, if you consider Architecture as a career option, then Landscape Design courses would definitely attract you.

What is Landscape Design? 

Landscape Design courses give an outline about the arrangement of landforms, vertical and horizontal structures, vegetation, water and climate to create a system that functions harmoniously and makes up for a good outdoor space. A perfect design strikes a balance between various natural, aesthetic and social processes.

Why Do We Need Landscape Designers?

We have been rampantly wasting natural resources on a large scale. So, with the aim to rekindle our relationship with nature and be more inclusive, Landscape Designers are extensively working towards the following: 

  • Adding an overall value to the house both aesthetically and functionally. 
  • Contributing to the low energy consumption for heating or cooling of the house through the right placement of trees and plants.
  • Conservation of natural resources through efficient utilisation of rainwater harvesting techniques.
  • Creating a habitat for both flora and fauna to coexist harmoniously.
  • Understanding the wishes and needs of the client and offers the best Landscape Design.

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Top Landscape Design Courses

Students pursuing a career in Landscape Design are equipped with the knowledge and ideas to incorporate the rich historical elements of art and culture and yield a design that is both appealing and adds to the overall value of the space. These courses teach students how to get a firm grip on the design and construction with a balance of Hardscape and Softscape (live horticultural elements).

Let’s discuss some of the major Landscape Design courses:

Undergraduate Courses

If you feel intrigued to build a career in Landscape Design, then you must take a look at all the major graduate-level courses available in most of the institutions across the world: 

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • B.Des. in Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor of Built Design (Landscape Architecture) 
  • Bachelor of Urban Development 
  • Bachelor of Built Environment 
  • B.Sc. Regional Planning 
  • B.Sc. Environmental Horticulture- Landscape Business
  • B.Sc. Turfgrass 
  • B.Sc. Global Resource Systems 

Postgraduate Courses

Your passion to master the core knowledge and skills in Landscape Design can be fulfilled by the following courses:

  • Masters of Landscape Architecture 
  • MA Landscape and Urbanism 
  • MA Landscape Studies 
  • MA Landscape Management 
  • M.Sc. Architecture, Landscape and Urbanism
  • M.Sc. Cultural Landscape 
  • M.Sc. Urban Land Development 
  • M.Sc. Land Management and Conservation

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Doctorate Courses 

Doctorate degree is available for advanced research in the field of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. It requires the development of research contributing to the theories, knowledge and methods in the field. Below-listed are some of the major courses to be considered.

  • MPhil Landscape Architecture
  • PhD in Landscape Architecture 
  • PhD in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
  • PhD in Environmental and Community-land Planning
  • PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences
  • Juris Doctor in Urban, Land Use and Environmental Law

Diploma and Certificate Courses

There are some Landscape Design courses that can be pursued on a short-term basis as compared to professional degree courses. The span of these courses is different depending upon different universities.  

  • Diploma of Landscape Design 
  • New Zealand Diploma in Landscape (Design)
  • Certificate in Land Use and Environmental Planning 
  • Certificate in Contemporary Architecture
  • Short Course in Digital Transformation for Resilient Cities

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Top Universities Offering Landscape Design Courses

Here is a list of some of the most popular universities that offer robust curriculum and world-class design opportunities to build an exciting future in Landscape Design:

Landscape Design is the art of creating a happy world. You can reach out to our academic advisors at Leverage Edu to choose the right program among the list of Landscape Design courses and make your learning abroad experience a meaningful component of your career pathway.

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