Kusha Kapila, the Swaggy South Delhi Girl and Instagram’s Billi Mausi!

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Kusha Kapila

Ab dikh rahi hoon?! This question has become famous over the past few months. The extremely talented and gifted Kusha Kapila, who, with her jokes and mimics, makes scrolling on Instagram fun and more interesting. Not only is she an internet sensation, but she also uses her social media platform to voice her opinions and even bring out social change – in whatever way possible. Her Instagram handle is always brewing with fresh content and keeps her followers engaged with something engrossing all the time. From studying design to now being a social media influencer, Kusha Kapila has worked hard with conviction. Without falling prey to the doubts, people had around her become the social media queen she is today. Here in this blog, we find out more about the ‘Billi’ of others – Kusha Kapila!

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About Kusha Kapila 

Kusha Kapila
Image Source: NETTV4U

Kusha was born on 19th September 1989 in Delhi. Though you may have seen many pictures of her with her family and parents, not a lot is known about them. She believes in keeping work and life separate, and it turns out that she is very good at it. We know that she is married to Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia, who is the key account manager at Diageo India and has a YouTube channel named “Zor and More”. He appears in a few of Kusha’s videos and photos too. Kusha loves listening to music, watching movies and swimming. She also likes writing and has done a poetry content piece called “Kavita ki Kavita”, which is quite famous among her fans. Kusha Kapila believes that she isn’t a celebrity. Well, we would like to argue otherwise – looking at the humongous following that she has, Kusha Kapila has broken all barriers with her fans through her social media handles.

 Kusha with husband
Image Source: Starsunfolded

“People believe I’m accessible, so that is one of the major differences between an internet content curator and a celebrity. They will never approach a celebrity the way they approach me.

Education and Career  

Kusha Kapila did her schooling in Delhi. She graduated from Indraprastha University, Delhi University, with a degree in English Literature and then pursued a Bachelor of Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. She has worked for various companies like Apparel Online, Fashion Forward Trends, Razorfish, and Times Internet before working at iDiva, where she worked as a fashion editor. Kusha Kapila started making videos for her Facebook page. Her charm, relatable content and humour won the hearts of the Indian youth, making her an internet sensation and influencer. After a while, she decided to create her own path. Now she is a content curator and has worked in a few movies and T.V. Series like Social Media Star with Janice, Behensplaining, Myntra Fashion Superstar, Back Benchers, Access Allowed, Son of Abish and Ghost Stories. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

“But that’s the best thing about the internet—it doesn’t matter when you start your journey. It doesn’t matter if I’m 30 or a mom, or a person with two failed careers. If your story is unique, it will resonate with people.”

Her Famous Characters

Kusha is a very talented artist and knows how to transform inspiration from real life into comedy value in her videos. Her most famous characters like “Billi Massi” was inspired by a woman she met at a party in Chhatarpur farms, “Raju ki mummy” is an exaggerated version of Dolly Singh’s mom who is from UP. Similarly the phrase like Gorom lagche was inspired by her editor Santu who’s a Bengali, her character of Naina” is a parody of South Delhi girls whom she portrayed very well because she studied in south Delhi.  DJ Arti, Zaalim aunty (colony wali gossiping aunty), Guru maa, Coco Bhaiya, Sunita are some of the other very famous characters she has portrayed in her videos. She also loves playing with scenarios and made a wedding-related series where she portrayed different types of ladies at sangeet ceremonies, types of brides and types of bridesmaids and girl gang people have. Even in the lockdown, she kept her fans entertained by pretending to be Falguni Pathak and singing a new coronavirus Garba anthem which was extremely hilarious and kept her fans rolling on the floor laughing with her charm, wit and humour. 

Her Impact

Kusha has used her platform and influence to voice issues that are close to women and society. She says that her characters and situations are all inspired by real-life people and situations. Kusha Kapila has been quoted saying, “A lot of my content is for women, and I don’t mind saying that. And if you are a man enjoying my content, then honestly, my work is half done. If it’s reforming you in any way, it’s awesome.” Kusha also told Vogue in an interview that “I do attract a lot of hate from men. If you are getting offended by the work that I’m doing, I think I am making a difference.” She talks about topics like sexism, feminism, body positivity and loving oneself. Kusha Kapila obviously uses humour to make her content funny and brings light to all issues that she believes “must be spoken about”. She is also an active philanthropist and is associated with NGOs like VoLIndia and Naz Foundation (India) Trust.

Source: YouTube

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Kusha Kapila

  • Kusha Kapila was born in north Delhi and finished her schooling in south Delhi.
  • She used to street play in her college time.
  • She wanted to be a journalist initially.
  • Once her graduation was completed, she joined Bhartiya International Company for three months as merchandising intern.
  • She also worked as a product designer intern at Chisell Effects, Noida.


Does kusha Kapila have a child?

No, Kusha Kapila don’t have a child.

What is kusha Kapila famous for?

She worked as a fashion editor for the Times Internet in 2016. She then became the content writer head of iDiva. While working for iDiva, she invented and portrayed the fictional character Billi Masi, who became a huge hit and rocketed her to Internet fame.

Does kusha kapila has pcos?

Yes, Kusha Kapil has PCOS.

Kusha Kapila is a creative artist who uses her humour to satirize and raise her voice on important issues and affect many people. She is a true influencer helping change people’s lives and minds. We can get inspiration and learn to use our own platforms and resources to talk about what’s right from her. Want to read about more women who have set out to carve their own path? Check out Leverage Edu for more such inspiring stories. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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