King’s College London Notable Alumni

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King's College London Notable Alumni

King’s College London, founded in 1829, is one of the best universities in the United Kingdom, ranking in the top 50 in the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings. King’s College London is one of the oldest academic institutions in the world, with over 27,600 students from 150 countries. The university is known for its academic and research prowess. Being one of the oldest universities in the UK, it has a long list of noteworthy alumni who have excelled in various fields of study. In this blog, we will reveal all the King’s College London alumni.

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Know About King’s College London

King’s College London (KCL) is a public research university in London, England, and a founding college and member institution of the federal University of London. King’s was founded in 1829 by King George IV and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington as a university college (though the roots of King’s medical school, St. Thomas, dating back to the 16th century, with the first recorded teaching in 1561). 

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King’s College London has five beautiful campuses: the Ancient Strand Campus in central London, 3 Thames-side campuses (Guy’s, St Thomas’, and Waterloo) nearby, and one in Denmark Hill in south London. It also has a presence in Shrivenham, where it offers professional military training, and in Newquay, Cornwall, where it operates an information service centre. King’s had £964.3 million in total income in 2019/20, with £200.5 million coming from research grants and contracts.  It has the 4th-largest endowment in the United Kingdom and the largest in London. By overall enrollment, it is the United Kingdom’s 12th largest university. 

14 Nobel laureates, as well as contributors to the discovery of DNA structure, Hepatitis C, and the Higgs boson; pioneers of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), stem cell/mammalian cloning, and the modern hospice movement; key researchers advancing radar, radio, television, and mobile phones, are among King University notable alumni and staff. Apart from these, the King’s college notable alumni also include the 19 members of the current House of Commons and 17 members of the current House of Lords, as well as 3 Oscar winners, 3 Grammy winners, and 1 Emmy winner.

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King’s College London Notable Alumni

Since its inception, King’s has trained some of the world’s most influential thinkers, leaders, and innovators, as well as welcoming outstanding academics as Faculty. They have a history of making advances that have shaped modern life, from early innovators from Florence Nightingale, James Clerk Maxwell, and Sir Charles Lyell, to Professor Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin, Sir James Black, and Dame Cicely Saunders.

King's College London alumni
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King’s College London Alumni in the Sciences 

  1. Sir Andrew Pollard: Chief Investigator on the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. Raymond Gosling: He took Photograph 51 which was critical evidence in identifying the structure of DNA co-discoverer of Hepatitis C and the Hepatitis D genome Qui-Lim Choo.
  3. Patrick Steptoe: Patrick Christopher Steptoe CBE FRS was an English obstetrician and gynaecologist and a pioneer of fertility treatment.
  4. Keith Campbell: Keith Henry Stockman Campbell was a British biologist who was part of the team that successfully cloned a mammal for the first time in 1996.
  5. Thomas Hodgkin: Thomas Hodgkin was a British physician, considered one of the most prominent pathologists of his time and a pioneer in preventive medicine.
  6. R. John Ellis: Reginald John Ellis FRS is a British scientist.
  7. Takaki Kanehiro: Baron Takaki Kanehiro was a Japanese naval physician. 
  8. Pineo Gesner: Abraham Pineo Gesner, ONB was a Canadian physician and geologist who invented kerosene.
  9. John Milne: John Milne was a geologist and mining engineer from the United Kingdom who developed a horizontal seismograph.
King's College London alumni
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Professor Raymond Gosling

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king’s College Alumni List in Poetry and Literature 

  1. John Keats: John Keats was an English poet who was prominent in the second generation of Romantic poets. 
  2. Sir W. S. Gilbert: Sir William Schwenck Gilbert was a dramatist, librettist, and poet from England.
  3. Thomas Hardy: Thomas Hardy OM was an English novelist and poet.
  4. Sir Arthur C. Clarke: Sir Arthur Charles Clarke CBE FRAS was an English science-fiction writer.
  5. Virginia Woolf: Adeline Virginia Woolf was an English writer who is often regarded as one of the most prominent modernist writers of the 20th century.
  6. Charles Kingsley: Charles Kingsley was a wide church priest, a university lecturer, a social reformer, a historian, a novelist, and a poet in the Church of England.
  7. John Ruskin: John Ruskin was an English writer, philosopher, and art critic of the Victorian era. 
  8. Hanif Kureishi: Hanif Kureishi, CBE is a British playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, and novelist of Pakistani and English descent.
  9. Khushwant Singh: Khushwant Singh was an Indian author, lawyer, diplomat, journalist, and politician.
  10. Anita Brookner: Anita Brookner CBE was an English novelist and art historian. 
King's College London alumni
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Poet John Keats

King’s College London Alumni in Religion 

  1. Desmond Tutu: Was a British Orthodox rabbi, philosopher, theologian, author, peer, and public figure.
  2. Richard Clarke: Richard Alan Clarke is an American novelist and former government official. 
  3. Churchill Julius: Churchill Julius was an Anglican cleric in England, then in Australia and New Zealand, becoming the first Archbishop of New Zealand. 

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Notable Alumni in Arts 

  1. Rory Bremner: Roderick Bremner, FKC, Keith Ogilvy “Rory” is a Scottish impressionist and comedian.
  2. Greer Garson: Greer Garson CBE was a British-American actress and singer.
  3. Edmund Gwen: Edmund Gwenn was an English actor.
  4. Anne Dudley: Anne Jennifer Dudley is an English composer, keyboardist, conductor, and pop musician.
  5. Sacha Gervasi: Emmy Award-winning director.   
  6. Michael Nyman: Golden Globe-winning composer.
King's College London alumni
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Rory Bremner

Notable Alumni in Law

  1. Sir David Foskett: Sir David Robert Foskett, sometimes known as David Robert Foskett, was a British politician.
  2. The Hon’ble Mr Justice Foskett: He is a High Court judge in England and Wales.
  3. Patrick Lipton Robinson: Judge of the International Court of Justice.
  4. Karim Khan: Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court.

Notable Alumni in Military

  1. Petr Pavel: Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. 
  2. Sir Tim Radford: Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commanders Europe. 
  3. Neo Kian Hong: The Commander-in-Chief of the Singapore Armed Forces.
  4. Ola Ibrahim: Head of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
  5. Martin Xuereb: Head of the Maltese Armed Forces.
  6. Harsha Abeywickrama: Head of the Sri Lankan Air Force.

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Current King’s College London Notable Alumni

The world continues to be changed by great names from King’s. The following are some of the current King University notable alumni:

  1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Desmond Mpilo Tutu OMSG CH is a South African Anglican cleric and theologian, known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist.
  2. Dame Katherine Grainger: 5-time Olympic rowing gold medallist.
  3. Dina Asher-Smith: Olympic and European Championship sprint medallist.
  4. Susan Gilchrist: CEO of Brunswick Group.
  5. Dev Pragad: CEO of Newsweek Group.
  6. Sir Kier Starmer: QC MP, Leader of the Labour Party.
  7. Margo Marrone: Founder of the Organic Pharmacy.

#AskTheExpert with King’s College London


Is King’s College London prestigious?

King’s College London, rated 35th in the world, is one of England’s oldest and most prominent colleges (QS World University Rankings 2022). It is a major research institution with a strong reputation for excellent teaching and cutting-edge research.

Is KCL good for medicine?

According to QS University Rankings, King’s Medical School is not just the world’s 15th best medical school, but it also offers placement and instruction at premier London hospitals throughout the student’s degree, including the King’s, Guy’s, and St Thomas’ Hospital campuses.

What is KCL famous for?

KCL is currently Europe’s largest healthcare learning institution, with three teaching hospitals and more than 27,000 students (including approximately 10,000 postgraduates) from 150 countries who benefit from the university’s strengths in law, humanities, and social sciences.

Is Kings College hard to get into?

How hard is it to get into King’s? King’s is a very competitive university with an overall acceptance rate of only 13%.

Does Kings College look at UCAT?

Yes, the university considers A-level grades, UCAT, Personal statements and GCSE grades when shortlisting for interviews. There is no cut-off score as UCAT is used in combination with the rest of your application in the shortlisting process.

Thus, we hope that you found this blog useful in learning more about the King’s College London alumni. Want to pursue your higher education in the UK? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you choose the ideal course and university for you, as well as navigate the admissions process. Call us at 1800572000 to book your free consultation with us right now!

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