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KC Aahindra Scholarship

Every year, the prestigious KC Mahindra Scholarship and grants are awarded to Indian nationals who have excelled academically but come from financially disadvantaged and weak backgrounds. These students are thus unable to fund their education on their won. Students interested in pursuing Postgraduate Studies Abroad from a recognised university or institution may participate in this program. In this blog, we will be digging in deeper on the very famous KC Mahindra scholarship. The blog will inform you about the perks of this scholarship, the eligibility criteria, the application process and much more. So read this blog till the end to know more about the KC Mahindra Scholarship!

KC Mahindra Scholarship- Overview 

Scholarship Name  KC Mahindra Scholarship
Offered by  KC Mahindra Education Trust
Scholarship Type Merit-Based and Need-Based
Reward  INR 4 lakhs- INR 8 lakhs per annum
Separate Application Needed Yes 
Application Deadline 31st March 2021
Renewability Yes
Citizenship Eligibility Indian
Qualification PG
International Students Eligible Yes
Official Website  https://www.kcmet.org/what-we-do-Scholarship-Grants.aspx
Contact Email rodrigues.kieran@mahindra.com 

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About KC Mahindra Scholarship 

Mr KC Mahindra established the Trust’s first scholarship program and the scholarship was named after him only, i.e. the KC Mahindra Scholarship. The scholarship continues to provide opportunities for bright Indian students to pursue higher education at prestigious universities abroad. As mentioned above that the KC Mahindra Scholarship is a merit-based and need-based scholarship that is given to those students who have excelled academically and come from the weaker sections of the society, for their postgraduate studies abroad. It is awarded in the form of an interest-free loan to the eligible students who rightfully deserve this scholarship and award money. Having said that, every year the KC Mahindra Education Trust awards two types of interest-free loan scholarships:

  1. The top three KC Mahindra fellows will receive a maximum of INR 8 lakhs each.
  2. The remaining successful applicants will receive a maximum of INR 4 lakhs each.

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Eligibility Criteria 

Applicants must ensure that they meet the scholarship criteria in order to be considered for the KC Mahindra Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies Abroad. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be an Indian national
  • The applicant must have secured admission for a postgraduate degree or program in a recognised university or college abroad
  • The applicant must have a good and clean academic record 
  • A First Class degree or equivalent diploma is required of the applicant
  • The applicant must have applied or must have submitted an application for a course starting in August 2021 or no later than February 2022
  • The Postgraduate courses should last two years, and extended courses must be approved by the trust in advance.

Note: The KC Mahindra Scholarship is not available to students who wish to enrol in undergraduate or short-term courses, or who wish to attend international seminars or conferences.

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Application Process

Those who are eligible for the KC Mahindra Scholarship may apply online by filling out a scholarship application on the official website. All requested documents for the scholarship application must be submitted by the deadline. The applications must be submitted by March 31, 2021, which is the specified deadline. The documents that are required are mentioned below:

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Selection Process 

After knowing about the eligibility criteria and the application process of the KC Mahindra Scholarship, let us now understand the selection process of the eligible and applied candidates for the KC Mahindra Scholarship. According to the recent data available, it has been observed that over the years, the total number of applications submitted for the scholarship has increased. The KC Mahindra Scholarship has a stringent selection process.  the primary criteria for scholarship selection are mentioned below:

  • financial need
  • the academic qualifications
  • aptitude and future goals of the applicants

Apart from this, the selection committee looks at the courses that applicants have enrolled in while studying abroad. Also, they try to look at the long-term and short-term plans and the futuristic goals that the candidates have present in their statements submitted with their applications. Finally, the selection committee interviews the applicants, and the committee’s decision is final and binding on all. The selection committee, which is made up of a number of notable individuals, conducts two-day interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

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So this was everything about the KC Mahindra Scholarship. We hope that the blog has given you a detailed insight into the scholarship. For more such amazing and informational reads, stay tuned with Leverage Edu. Also, you can book your free session with our top industry experts who can guide you to fulfil your dream of pursuing studies abroad. So book your free session with us today. 

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