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Karan Singh Magic

A breath of fresh air in the realm of street magic, Karan Singh Magic found his love for magic and illusions when he was just a little kid and then went to actualise his passion into reality and has now stunned even Bollywood celebs! Blending psychology with the art of magic, Karan Singh performs many mental illusions and has his own YouTube channel where he presents many mind-blowing illusions to famous celebrities! Here we bring you the journey of this up-and-coming Indian illusionist who goes by the moniker of Karan Singh Magic!

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Finding his Passion for Magic & Illusions!

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“Magic for me started when I was merely three years old. My grandfather used to have his friends over for playing cards in the evening and my job was to collect the cards and put them in a box after they all were done. One fine day when his friends left and I was going about collecting the cards, my grandfather and I realized that one card was missing. On finding the missing card on the ground, I picked it up and playfully asked my grandfather, “Dada, what card am I holding?” to which he replied “Six of clubs” and incidentally, I was holding a six of clubs. The amusement on my grandfather’s face that followed was etched in my mind thereon.”

Getting inspired while showcasing magic tricks to his Dada, Karan Singh Magic grew interested in illusions as a little kid. Visiting a summer camp in Kullu Manali, the 11-year old Karan met a magician at the camp and was enthralled by his tricks and decided to study magic. But Singh always pursued it as more of a hobby because he wasn’t sure whether he had it in him. One of his friends paid him 1000 bucks for a magic show at a birthday party, Karan Singh was just 16 years old then. He went through every table at the party and amazed all of them with his illusions! Much to his delight, a flood of inquiries followed, and before he knew it, he became a known magician.

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Blending Magic with Psychology

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Karan Singh Magic began learning the psychological side of magic when he realised that he need to distinguish himself from other magicians in the field. He watched David Blaine’s director’s show in Boston with his father and that’s where he found his interest in psychological illusions. Following that, he spent a lot of time reading and studying new things, and it was then that magic and psychology merged for him.

“The first time I discovered more about mental tricks was when I asked someone to think of a phone number and guessed it right. It made me realize that the skill goes beyond the realms of card tricks. Using keen observation skills, figuring body language, making people intrigued about what they want or what their life is centered around was the trick. I discovered that people were interested the most in themselves. So, I mixed Human Psychology with magic.”

Days of Struggle

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Performing at birthday parties in bars in the early days of his career, Karan Singh Magic would slip into a lounge with a deck of cards in his hands and approach people to do magic tricks. People used to get annoyed because he would disrupt their conversations. However, as the magic began, all eyes were on him, and the reaction to the trick was amazing.

“People had no clue that something like this existed and once you suck them into your world of magic, they are happy to go along for the ride.” 

Initially, Karan Singh Magic used to perform in Hauz Khas Village every Wednesday and Thursday, and he would see a few people returning week after week only to see him perform, which was a wonderful feeling for him. Around the time, he even began doing corporate shows because there wasn’t much he could earn from birthday parties. He further developed an odd fondness for corporate shows where he shines like a natural illusionist!

“They let me be financially stable and do the things that I really want to do.” 

It is difficult to be an artist in today’s world. While performing on stage is one of the most enjoyable experiences a person can have, it can also be emotionally and mentally draining. One can go from being adored by a thousand people on stage to being alone on the way home, questioning why that one person in the crowd didn’t applaud. That’s just the emotional side of it; in a country like ours, where the demand for magic was practically non-existent or restricted to kid’s birthday parties, convincing people that this art form was intended for an adult audience and having them to attend shows was and continues to be a struggle for Karan.

Becoming a YouTuber

Karan Singh Magic also founded his own YouTube channel by his name which has gathered over 2 million followers by now! He posts interesting videos with a variety of celebrities, including Aamir Khan, who inspired one of his most famous tricks.

Karan’s network grew as a result of his corporate shows. The corporations would send their brand ambassadors, and he would impress them with a few tricks. Those celebrities then welcomed him to their house parties, movie premieres, and other activities, where he met other actors and athletes, and the circle expanded.

All of this was before YouTube, but by the time the videos were made, he had made contact with a few actors and had asked them to be in the videos. Karan was performing for his friends and family to celebrate the success of Dangal, and he knew Aamir could solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute, so he invented a trick to solve a cube in less than 20 seconds! He even found Shahrukh Khan’s ATM pin stunning him with his magic skills!

Courtesy: Karan Singh Magic

Karan Singh Magic is truly a master illusionist, wizard, and mind reader who has been dazzling audiences with his incredibly entertaining abilities. With his perseverance and passion to learn creatively new tricks, he has made a name for himself, and he hopes to entertain people on a wider scale in the future. We hope you liked this blog on the famous Indian Illusionist, Karan Singh Magic! Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such inspiring and motivational reads!

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