This Day in History- June 8

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June 8

Do you ever stop and wonder what was today like a few years ago? What wars were being fought or how societies and systems functioned, how they were built, and how they operated. History tells how far we have come and how things change over a period of time. It gives us a picture of where we stand today. Let us unravel this day in History- June 8. 

What Happened in India on June 8?

1936: Indian State Broadcasting Service renamed

On June 8, 1936, the Indian State Broadcasting Service was renamed All India Radio. It was the sister service of Prasar Bharati’s Doordarshan, an Indian television broadcaster.

Credits: JMC Study Hub

1915: Publishing of ‘Geeta Rahasya’

Geeta Rahasya written by Lokmanya Tilak was published on this day. The original Geeta Rahasya was written by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Geeta Rahasya is the analysis of karma yoga in the Bhagwat Gita, which is known to be a gift of the Vedas and the Upanishad.

1948: First International Flight of Air India

The first international flight of Air India took off from Bombay to London on this day. The flight was VT-CQP Malabar Princess. Air India is the flag carrier airline of India which is owned by Air India Limited, a government-owned enterprise.

Credits: Boeing Boy

1990: Problems resolved between India and Nepal

India and Nepal decided to restore normal ties and India ended its 13-month-long economic blockade of Nepal. 

What Happened Around the World on June 8?

1632: Conquering Sittard

 Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange conquered Sittard which is a city in the Netherlands situated in the southernmost province of Limburg.

1789: Bill of Rights

James Madison introduced a proposed Bill of Rights in the US House of Representatives. Congress approved twelve articles of amendment in 1789 and submitted them to the states for ratification. 

1812: Robert Jenkinson as Prime Minister

Robert Jenkinson became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Spencer Perceval’s assassination. As prime minister, he dealt smoothly with the Prince Regent when King George III was incapacitated. 

Credits: Wikiwiki up

1905: US President sends notes 

US President Theodore Roosevelt sent identical notes to Japan and Russia that urged them to negotiate and end hostilities, and offer his personal services.

1968: U.S. Senator

The body of assassinated U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on June 8, 1968.

1968: French Open  

American Nancy Richey won against Ann Haydon-Jones and got her second and last Grand Slam singles title. 

2002: French Open Women’s Tennis

Serena Williams won her first French title against her older sister Venus Williams. This was also her first step towards completing her first “Serena Slam”. 

2017: Theresa lost the majority

British General Election resulted in Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative party losing their majority. She lost her overall majority in Parliament and threw her government into uncertainty less than two weeks before it was scheduled to begin negotiations over withdrawing from the European Union. 

2018: World’s powerful computer launched

The world’s most powerful supercomputer, Summit, which can process 200,000 trillion calculations per second, was launched at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, by IBM and NVidia, on June 8, 2018. It occupies the equivalent of two basketball courts and achieves an impressive 148.6 petaflops due to its 2.41 million cores.

Famous Birthdays on June 8

1652: William Dampier

English explorer and pirate who was the 1st Englishman to explore parts of Australia and the 1st person to go around the world 3 times, was born on 8 June 1652 in Somerset, England.

1867: Frank Lloyd Wright

American architect recognized as one of the greatest American architects of all time was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Credits: Manufacturing Intellect

1899: Noel Wien

American aviation pioneer was born in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin.

1916: Francis Crick

English molecular biologist who co-discovered DNA’s structure and a 1962 Nobel laureate was born in Northampton, England.

1921: Suharto

The second president of Indonesia during the time 1967- 98 was born in Yogyakarta, Java.

1925: Barbara Bush

First Lady of the US during 1989-93 and wife of George H. W. Bush was born in NYC, New York.

1933: Joan Rivers

American comedian and actress of the Late Show and Hollywood Squares was born on 8th June 1933, in Brooklyn, New York.

Credits: Just for laugh

1955: Tim Berners-Lee

English inventor of the World Wide Web was born in London, England.

1977: Kanye West

American rapper and record producer was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hope you are now familiar with the events of historical significance that took place on this day in history – June 8. For more such informative content, stay connected to Leverage Edu. For the latest updates around study blogs, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & also subscribe to our newsletter.

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