Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge- Leverage Edu
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge- Leverage Edu

The University of Cambridge established its business school in 1990, after the name of a founding benefactor of the school, ‘Sir Paul Judge’. Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge, accredited by EQUIS, is known to provide some of the best management courses across the globe and is counted among the best B-Schools by the Financial Times, Business Insider, Bloomberg and Forbes Magazine.

Amit Burman, the Vice-Chairman of Dabur; Badr Jafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises; Ben Barry, author and entrepreneur, all of these big names have one thing in common, they have JBS as their Alma Mater. Furthermore, with great focus on entrepreneurship and innovation management, the school has been successful in hitting the hammer on the nail consistently for many years. Also, the graduates from the school are known to make it big in life irrespective of the field they opt to go for.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Judge Business School-

Should I go for a 1 year MBA at Judge Business School?

Taught through a mixture of lectures, interactive sessions, group work and case studies, Judge’ Business School’s 12-month MBA, is the flagship program of the school. Also, the program is considered ahead of a majority of the 2 year MBA programs offered by B-Schools around the world. One contributing factor is the pattern of student intake of the school. Moreover, out of the current 170 students in the program, nearly 90% of the class comprised of international students.

This sounds interesting. Can we know more about the program structure?

The Cambridge MBA program is distributed into 4 terms and incorporates 16 mandatory modules and a personal selection of 48 electives. Electives are combined into different concentrations, which include digital transformation, marketing and finance. Students choose one concentration, consisting a selection of electives, team projects and coaching sessions.

Are there any work opportunities while I’m pursuing the program?

The school sits surrounded by many technological and electronics companies. Hence, it is a great opportunity for the students, as for their first 3 months at Judge Business School, they work with local startups on various consulting projects.

I’ll be investing a huge sum if I go for this one. What will be the return on my investment?

You would be undermining the potential of studying in such a top b-school if you would only look at the initial costs. Also, after graduating from JBS, around 92% of the students secure a high paying job at top companies. Also, Judge Business School students get an average salary of USD 164,714, a 107% increase in their pay packages before and after their MBAs.

High Paying Jobs at Top Companies! What companies are you talking about?

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge is a top b-school and a college that truly provides an international experience. All this, with a number of other factors, attract leading Fortune 500 companies to recruit from Judge Business School.

Moreover, Google, Uber, Amazon, BCG, McKinsey are some big names among the top recruiters who have been consistently visiting the campus to employ MBA graduates.

Tell me more about the school’s campus.

Judge Business School has one of the most beautiful campuses in Europe. The school houses 3 buildings serving 3 different purposes-

  • The Ark, which contains rooms for research graduates, faculty, and administrative staff.
  • The Castle, which contains MBA teaching spaces and rooms and 2 key lecture theatres.
  • The Gallery, which is an 80 feet high space containing multi-level circulation routes, and seminar rooms.
After knowing all this, Judge Business School now tops the list of my dream b-schools. What are my chances of getting in?

The admission standards are set high with an average GMAT score of 710 and a good amount of work experience. The average age of the students is 29 who has worked extensively in different industry domains.

Judge Business School is undoubtedly a great school; the world knows that. But, (there’s always a ‘but’ while talking about great things) it demands brilliancy in each of its students. And you possess exactly that. Why are you smirking? We are serious, don’t be sceptical about it. Or let’s do one thing, visit our office and let us eradicate all your doubts. Let us open the world of possibilities together.

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