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John Green

Known for the internationally-loved The Fault in Our Stars, John Green is an American author who rose to popularity with his debut novel, ‘Looking for Alaska’ which won the Printz award in 2006. Ever since then, almost all of his books have made their way to #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list. Celebrating his 44th birthday this year, we have brought you the most popular characters crafted by John Green in his award-winning works!

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Colin Singleton, An Abundance of Katherines

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Colin Singleton was a 17-year-old boy who loved anagramming. A child prodigy with an intelligence quotient above 200, the character has all the intelligence but he still feels lacking and insignificant. Singleton dates over 19 different girls all with the name Katherine. Later in the story, he realises that he is dumped by each and every Katherine. Soon this intelligent character invents the theorem of underlying Katherine predictability, which is actually his mission. 

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Mike Halter & Alaska, Looking for Alaska

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Mike Halter is the male lead in his much-talked novel looking for Alaska. The character is nicknamed Pudge who is a common boy looking for great things. He is not extraordinary by the way he appears or his social skills. Or one can say he’s not physically very charming or attractive in conventional ways. But the character is not dumb at all. He has the unique ability or passion of remembering people‘s last words. This is something exceptional about him and something interesting to note in John Green‘s character.


Alaska is another great character from this novel. She’s a perfect girl having the characteristics of wit and charm. Alaska is a normal girl with her own problems but on the inside, she has deeper layers to her personality. Her character often remains grey, where the reader feels not everything was revealed about her. One of the best lines used by this character was “You just use the future to escape the present.”

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Augustus & Hazel, The Fault in Our Stars

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Source: The Fault in Our Stars


This character is a 17-year-old boy who is charming, intelligent, lovable, and strong-headed. His love interest, Hazel enters into his life to make him realize his worth. Augustus, diagnosed with cancer and very few days to survive, thinks about doing the greater good to humanity before dying. This deteriorated physical state transforms his spiritual wellness. Hazel convinces him that not doing anything great doesn’t make him any less significant. A very emotional love story of two teenagers fighting against cancer and showing their love towards one another. 


The 16-year-old female lead in this novel is the love interest of Augustus, the male lead. Hazel is a beautifully created character by John Green who falls for Augustus although she keeps herself emotionally distant from people. The reason behind this is her thyroid cancer disease which would ultimately cause her death and she does not want people to be hurt by her eventual death. Hazel is wise and loaded with great vocabulary.

Augustus and Hazel indulge in deep conversations that build strong intelligence and smartness. The choice of words by the characters is very appropriate and leaves the reader amazed. 

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Aza Holmes, Turtles All The Way Down

Aza Holmes is a 16-year-old character and high school going student suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder or commonly known as OCD. It is really groundbreaking to read a character with mental illness crafted by John Green. It is certain to expect intelligence and beauty in his characters. Aza Holmes here also has fear of the human microbiome and is scared of getting infections from humans. The obsession of the character has been reflected through an incident where she opens up her unhealed callus on her finger. Such incidents of cleanliness and fear truly make this character unique.

Tiny Cooper, Will Grayson

Tiny Cooper might be the secondary character in his novel but he becomes the centre of attention due to the unique characters portrayed by him. He is the best friend of the main character and is known as a flamboyant homosexual football player. Tiny Cooper has a unique love interest that keeps on changing swiftly and is portrayed as a very proud gay character. 

John Green is a phenomenal writer and this clearly reflects in his unique novels. He has won several awards and accolades from all around the world for his literary expertise. For more such interesting and educational content, stay tuned to Leverage Edu. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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