JEE Advanced Exam Day 2021 Instructions

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JEE Advanced Exam Day Instructions

Students have really been bearing the wrath of 2020, several exams were delayed and cancelled due to the current pandemic. However, the essential competitive exams will be taking place with all the required precautions. Earlier this year NEET took place across the country, now is the time for the JEE Advanced Exam. For all aspiring engineers, this is an extremely important exam and given the current situation, there are several changes made to the conduct of the exam, this blog will inform you about the JEE Advanced Exam Day Instructions 2021.

Documents to Carry

First and foremost, here is a list of documents you must carry on the exam day –

  1. Admit card
  2. Proof of identification (Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter id, Passport, Driving License)
  3. Transparent black ball point pen
  4. Another required stationary
  5. Analogue watch

Items Prohibited in the Examination Hall

The candidates will find out from the pointers below the list of all those items that can get them disqualified from taking the exam if they are in their possession –

  1. Any digital gadgets (calculators, earphones, cellular devices, health bands etc.)
  2. Log Table
  3. Any piece of paper other than those mentioned above
  4. Handbags or Briefcases
  5. Full-sleeved clothes or clothes with large buttons
  6. Any piece of jewellery

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Instructions for JEE Advanced Exam Day 2021

The following stuff must be known to candidates applying for the JEE Advanced 2021 exam –

  • To avoid overcrowding outside the examination centers, reach your respective JEE Advanced 2021 examination centers before the time specified on your admission card.
  • Make sure you pay strict attention to the guidelines provided by the vigilantes.
  • The invigilators and members of the IIITs remain calm during the admission card verification process
  • During the logging process, please do not worry and fill out your JEE Advanced login information very carefully.
  • You will have ample time to follow the instructions to ensure that you read them carefully.
  • Send a copy of your JEE Advanced 2021 card to the vigilantes and keep your original copy with you.
  • Before and after getting your thumb impression on your admission card and attendance sheet, sanitize your hands
  • Even if you have given your answers before the stated time frame, you must wait patiently until the exam is over to move out of the examination hall.
  • Unless you use the services of a scribe, no extra time will be provided, in which case you will be given an additional 1 hour to complete your document.

Covid-19 Instructions

Here are some points that must be observed by students who in the coming days will take the JEE Advanced 2021 exam –

  1. In order to reach the exam hall, candidates must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet when standing in a line.
  2. The candidates must wear face masks
  3. Candidates must regularly sanitize their hands during the period of the test.
  4. The applicants must strictly follow the respiratory marks, such as covering the mouth/nose with an elbow while sneezing/coughing etc.
  5. Candidates should promptly report some kind of sickness or uneasiness to their respective vigilantes.
  6. Spitting inside the grounds of examination halls is strictly forbidden.

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Last-Minute Tips for JEE Advanced Exam Day Instructions 2021

The last-minute planning tips for JEE Advanced are really important to understand because many learners make few mistakes in their preparation. Now that you are familiar with JEE Advanced Exam Day instructions, we are offering some important tips that will help you avoid those errors and crack the exam:

  • For any test planning, you always need to know your strength and vulnerability. Like, if you are good in physics, average in chemistry and absolutely clueless in mathematics, then you should start your JEE Advanced Physics last-minute preparation so that you can save your time for mathematics preparation.
  • You spend several months completing the syllabus, which can’t be covered in just a couple of hours. So, for revision, you can spend the remaining last few days and cover all the subjects you have learned. No new topics you have not learned should be started because it causes uncertainty and also wastes your time.
  • And, though most of the questions are focused on it, this exam won’t ask you any formulas, theorems, and responses directly. Often you might miss some questions because of the formulas, theorems just skipped from your mind, even though you are confident in principles, and you wouldn’t be able to try those questions equally. So, to get good marks in the test, you should always focus on formulas, theorems, and reactions.
  • JEE Advanced Previous Years Question Papers and practice mock test series should be resolved within the last days or a week before the exam. If you have prepared correctly, then the previous papers can be easily resolved. For designing your own approach, the mock test should be best used.
  • Through your educators, colleagues, or former aspirants, you can clear up your doubts. Also, several places provide you with experts to discuss your doubts. If you simultaneously clear your fundamental concepts along with your training, you will have better chances of clearing the test.
  • The JEE Advanced Exam Paper is not about solving all the questions that are posed, it is about accurately solving the maximum number of questions within the given time interval. Please do not waste your time on the same topic if you are unable to solve a question and move on to the next question. Second, you should try to solve simple questions and finish your test within the time defined.

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There can be several tips and tricks on how to prepare for JEE Advanced, and you can clear this exam with flying colours with a well-concocted plan and commitment! If you are unsure of the right career path for you, contact our experts at Leverage Edu who will review your profile and recommend you the most fitting career path!

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