This Day in History – January 8

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January 8

If you look at any date, it will have some historical significance or the other. There might be some event which happened on every said date which makes it a notable one and is therefore remembered by us all. Have you ever wondered which events happened on January 8th? Do you wish to boast to your friends how you know everything which has ever happened on 8 January? Then this blog is just for you as we are going to list all the key events which happened on 8 January. 

871 – The Battle of Ashdown
The Battle of Ashdown led by Alfred the Great was a part of the Viking Invasions of England which resulted in the victory of West Saxons. 

1297 – Capture of the Rock of Monaco
Francois Grimaldi dressed as a friar captured the rock of Monaco and established the Grimaldi family as the rulers of Monaco. 

1499 – The marriage between Louis XII of France and Anne of Brittany
In accordance with the Law established by Charles VII, Louis the XII of France and Anne of Brittany got married. 

1547 – Simple Words of Catechism was published. 
On January 8, 1547 Hans Weinreich in Konigsberg published the first Lithuanian Language book titled Simple Words of Catechism written by Martynas Mažvydas. 

1735 – First performance of Ariodante.
George Frideric Handel’s Ariodante, an opera was first performed in London’s Covent Garden Theatre. 

1790 – George Washington’s first Union Address
George Washington, the president of the United States delivered his first Union address in New York City. 

1815 – Battle of New Orleans
On 8 January 1815 The Battle of New Orleans took place between the British army and the US army which ended with the American Victory. 

1828 – Founding of the Democratic Party
The democratic party of the United States was established in Baltimore, Maryland. 

1835 – Zero National Debt
For the first time, during the rule of US President Andrew Jackson the National Debt of US came down to zero and the president organised a dinner to celebrate it. 

1863 – Second Battle of Springfield
The second battle of Springfield, a battle during the American Civil War in Springfield, Missouri happened on 8 January 1863. 

1867 – African American granted the right to vote
After years of discrimination, the United States government passed a bill granting the American American citizens the right to vote in Washington. 

1912 – Founding of African National Congress
The governing party of the Republic of South Africa, the African National Congress was founded 

1926 – Crowning of Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud
Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud, the king of Saudi Arabia was crowned as the King of Nejd and Hejaz. 

1935 – The Birth of the King of Rock and Roll 
Elvis Aaron Presley, a world-famous singer and actor was born in the United States on 8 January 1935. 

1940 – Food Rationing
As a result of the food shortage which came about during the Second World War, key food items like  bacon, butter and sugar were rationed.

1942 – Birth of a world renowned Physician
Stephen Hawking, the English theoretical physician was born in Oxford, England on 8 January 1942. 

1945 – Operation Auca comes to an end 
The attempt of Evangelical missionaries to spread Christianity to the people of Ecuador came to an end when they were killed and attacked by a group of Huaorani warriors. 

1964 – The war on Poverty
The United States President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced a legislation which was unofficially known as the “War on Poetry”.

1972 –  Release of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
The Bangladeshi political leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was released by President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan owing to International Pressure on 8 January 1972. 

1973 – Luna 21
Soviet Union’s Unmanned Space Mission, Luna 21 was launched. 

1977 – Moscow Bombings
Three unidentified consecutive bombings happen in Moscow, killing seven people. 

1981 – UFO Sighting
Outside the French town of Trans-en-Provence, an Unidentified Flying Object was spotted.

1989 – Kegworth air disaster
Boeing 737- 400, a British Midland Flight 92 crashed into an embankment, killing 47 passengers on 8 January 1989. 

Crashing of Antonov An-32
A military transport aircraft named Antonov An-32 crashed into a marketplace in Zaire, killing around 237 people. 

2009 – Costa Rica Earthquake
An earthquake of Richter scale 6.1 hit Costa Rica killing 15 people. 

2011 – Tucson Shooting
On 8 January 2022, during a constituent assembly meeting in the Tucson metropolitan area, the US representative Gabby Giffords was shot along with 18 others. 

2016 – Capture of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán
The Mexican Drug Lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was captured in a raid. 

2020 – Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 crashes. 
The Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 scheduled between Tehran to Kyiv crashes, killing all the 176 passengers and crew members. 

So, this was a list of events which happened on 8 January. If you had fun going through this list and wish to read more such content, then follow us at Leverage Edu

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