This Day in History – January 30

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January 30

What does our history encompass if not a culmination of all the important events which happened in the past! And being aware of one’s history is knowing about these events and understanding the significance of them. So, let’s take the first step towards knowing everything there is to know about the world around us. Watch the history unfold with us and have a look at all the events that happened on January 30. Let’s get into it. 

1018: Peace of Bautzen
The Treaty of the Peace of Bautzen was concluded between the Holy Roman Empire and Poland on January 30, 1018. 

1287: Founding of Hanthawaddy Kingdom
After proclaiming independence from the Pagan Kingdom, Hanthawaddy Kingdom was founded by King Warner. 

1607: Bristol Channel floods
Around 2000 people were found dead after the flooding of the Bristol Channel.

1648: Peace of Münster
Netherlands and Spain signed the Peace of Münster treaty and ended the Eighty Years’ War between the two forces. 

1703: Killing of Kira Yoshinaka
Kira Yoshinaka was killed by Forty-seven rōnin, commanded by Ōishi Kuranosuke as revenge for killing their master. 

1789: Liberation of Thăng Long
Thăng Long was liberated after Tây Sơn forces defeated the Qing armies on January 30, 1789. 

1820: Discovery of Antarctica
Trinity Peninsula was discovered by Edward Bransfield, which further led to his claim of the discovery of Antarctica. 

1826: Opening of Menai Suspension Bridge
The first suspension bridge, The Menai Suspension Bridge was opened between Wales and Anglesey. 

1847: Renaming of Yerba Buena, California
The name of Yerba Buena was changed to its present name, i.e., San Francisco. 

1862: USS Monitor
The launching of USS Monitor, the first American ironclad warship took place on January 30, 1862.

1902: Anglo-Japanese Alliance
The first Anglo-Japanese Alliance was signed in London. 

1908: Mahatma Gandhi Released
Mahatma Gandhi was released from prison after a two-month sentence by Jan C. Smuts.

1925: Expulsion of Patriarch Constantine VI
Patriarch Constantine VI was expelled from Istanbul by the Government of Turkey. 

1930: Extermination of the Kulaks
Soviet Union’s political bureau ordered the extermination of the Kulaks on January 30, 1930.

1942: Battle of Ambon
The battle of Ambon took place during the second world war and it resulted in Japanese Victory and invasion of Ambon Island. 

1944: Battle of Cisterna
The Battle of Cisterna began in Italy, which was a part of the Second World War.

1945: Sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff
Wilhelm Gustloff, a German transportation ship carrying German refugees sank, killing an estimated 9,500 people.

1948: Disappearance of Tudor IV Star Tiger
The Tudor IV Star Tiger of the British South American Airways disappeared above the Bermuda triangle on January 30, 1948. 

1956: Luther’s Home Bombed
Against the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Martin Luther King’s house was bombed during the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

1959: MS Hans Hedtoft sank
The presumably unsinkable MS Hans Hedtoft sank during its maiden journey, killing all 95 people aboard. 

1960: African National Party
The African National Party was founded on January 30, 1960. 

1968: Tet Offensive
Tet Offensive, Vietnam War’s largest military campaign, was launched by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Congo.

1969: Last public performance of Beetles
The Beatles showcased their final public performance on the rooftop of London’s Apple records. 

1972: Bloody Sunday
A fire was opened by British paratroopers on anti-internment marchers in Northern Ireland, killing 14 people. 

1975: Monitor National Marine Sanctuary
The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary was given the first United States National Marine Sanctuary title on January 30, 1975. 

1975: Disappearance of Boeing 707-323C 
The Boeing 707-323C disappeared within 30 minutes of take-off from Tokyo over the Pacific Ocean. 

1989: American Embassy Closed
The American Embassy located in Afghanistan was closed.  

2000: Kenya Airways Flight 431 Crashed
The Kenya Airways Flight 431 crashed on January 30, 2000, into the Ivory coast of the Atlantic Ocean, killing 169 people. 

2013: Naro-1
South Korea’s first carrier rocket, Naro-1 was launched on January 30, 2013. 

Famous Birthdays

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, American Politician
  • Christian Bale, American Actor
  • Faisal Khan, Indian Dancer
  • Phil Collins, English Singer
  • Dick Cheney, American Politician 

So, this ends our list of all what happened on January 30. We hope you had fun. And if you did, follow us at Leverage Edu and remain updated with all such interesting information. 

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