This Day in History – January 24

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January 24

Have you ever wondered what all significant events took place in History? A normal human inhabits only for a limited number of years but the world has existed for over 4.543 billion years. Even though we don’t have a record of all that went by in these years but once humans achieved historical consciousness they made sure to make note of all the major historical events. If you look back in history you will find records of several events which occurred on the same day. Do you know what all events occured on January 24 over the ages? If this triggered your curiosity, stay tuned because in this blog we will cover all the major events that occurred on January 24. 

AD 41 – Crowing of Claudius
After the assassination of Caligula, Claudius took on the throne and became the Roman Emperor. 

914 – Fatimid invasion of Egypt begins
The Fatimid invasion of Egypt to overthrow the Abbasid Caliphate began on January 24, 1914.

1438 – Suspension of Pope Eugene IV
Pope Eugene IV is suspended by the Council of Basel. 

1458 – Crowing of Matthias Corvinus
On January 24, 1458 Matthias Corvinus became the king of Hungary. 

1536 – Jousting accident of King Henry VIII of England
There is a popular historical perception that the Jousting accident of King Henry VIII of England led to his later impotence and irrational behaviour. 

1679 – Dissolution of Cavalier Parliament
The Cavalier Parliament was dissolved by Charles II of England on January 24, 1679. 

1742 – Crowing of Charles VII Albert
On January 24, 1742, Charles VII Albert was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor. 

1817 – Action of Picheuta
The Action of Picheuta was a military engagement which took place between a faction led by Juan Gregorio de las Heras and Miguel Marquelli on January 24, 1817. 

1835 – Male/Great Revolt
On 24 January, 1835 a group of African Muslim slaves from Salvador da Bahia rose against the exploitative government in a revolt. 

1848 – California Gold Rush
The California Gold Rush began after gold was found in Sutter’s Mill, California by James W. Marshall. 

1857 – University of Calcutta
The University of Calcutta was established as the first Asian University on January 24, 1857. 

1908 – First Boy scout troop
Robert Baden-Powell organised the first-ever boy scouts troop in England. 

1915 – Battle of Dogger Bank
The Battle of Dogger Bank took place as a part of the first world war on January 24, 1915 between the British Grand Fleet and the Kaiserliche Marine. 

1939 – Chillán earthquake
On January 24, 1939, a deadly earthquake of 8.9 Richter Scale struck central Chile, claiming over 28,000 lives. 

1942 – Bombing of Bangkok in World War II
Bangkok was bombarded by the allies during the second world war, as a part of the war declaration against the UK and the US. 

1943 – Casablanca Conference
The European strategy for the Second World War was planned in the Casablanca Conference by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. 

1946 – United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
The resolution in favour of the establishment of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission was passed by the United Nations General Assembly on January 24, 1946. 

1961 –  Goldsboro B-52 crash
Goldsboro B-52 was a bomber carrying H-Bombs and it crashed above North Carolina on January 24, 1961. 

1968 – Operation Coburg
Operation Coburg was launched during the Vietnam War by the military force of New Zealand and Australia against the North Vietnamese Army. 

1972 – Shoichi Yokoi
Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese Sergeant who went into hiding after the Second World War was found in Guam Jungle on January 24, 1972. 

1977 – Atocha massacre
A group of right-wing extremists launched an attack in Madrid during the Spanish transition on January 24, 1977. 

1978 – Kosmos 954 burned down
Kosmos 954, a Soviet reconnaissance satellite burned down after a technical failure over Canada’s Northwest Territories. 

1984 – Macintosh Personal Computer
The Macintosh Personal Computer was launched for sale by Apple on January 24, 1984. 

1989 – Execution of Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy, a notorious American Serial killer is executed by the Florida State Prison using the electric chair. 

1990 – Launching of Hiten
The spacecraft Hiten was launched by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of Japan as the first Lunar Lobe of Japan on January 24, 1990. 

2003 – United States Department of Homeland Security
The United States Department of Homeland Security officially started its undertakings on January 24, 2003.

2009 – Cyclone Klaus
The Cyclone Klaus hit Bordeaux, France, killing 26 people and disrupting the entire flow of life. 

2011 – Bombing at Moscow Domodedovo Airport
On January 24, 2011, a bombing took place in Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, killing 35 and injuring 180 others. 

We hope you had fun going through this long list of events which happened on January 24. How many of these facts did you already know? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you had fun going through this list, follow us at Leverage Edu for more such amazing content. Follow us on InstagramYoutubeLinkedInQuora, and Facebook for more educational content.

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