This Day in History – January 19

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January 19

The historical events remind us of the value of each day in human history. Everyday we live, has had a significant event in history that reminds us how far we humans have come. From wars, truces, treaties, births, deaths, discoveries, breakthroughs, and much more, let’s recall the events that happened through the years on this day in history, January 19.

379: Pope Benedictus VI Elected
Pope Benedictus VI was elected as the Pope and ruler of the Papal States.

1419: Rouen Surrenders in Hundred Years’ War
French city of Rouen surrenders to Henry V in the Hundred Years’ War

1607: Oldest Church in Philippines
San Agustin Church was established in Manila as the oldest church in the Philippines.

1668: Division of Spain
King Louis XIV and Emperor Leopold I sign a treaty dividing Spain

1795: First Manned Hot Air Balloon
The first manned hot air balloon took place in Ireland 

1806: UK re-occupies Cape of Good Hope
The United Kingdom was victorious in the Battle of Blaauwberg over French vassals and re-occupied the Cape of Good Hope. Establishes the British rule in South Africa.

1808: Signing of the 1st Dutch Aviation Law
Louis Napoleon signs the 1st Dutch Aviation Law

1810: Most drop in Temperature in a day
New Hampshire drops from 54 fahrenheit to 12 fahrenheit in one day, resulted in many frozen to death.

1812: Peninsular War
After a 10 day siege, Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, orders British soldiers to storm Ciudad Rodrigo.

1829: Premier of Faust
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe premieres Faust Part 1. 

1853: Il Trovatore Premieres in Rome
Giuseppe Verdi premieres Il Trovatore Opera in Rome.

1883: First Electrical Lighting System
The first electrical lighting system with overhead wires begins at Roselle, New Jersey. It was built by Thomas Edison.

1893: The Master Builder play Premieres
Henrik Ibsen’s play The Master Builders premieres in Berlin.

1899: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan forms
The formations of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan took place.

1915: First Air Raid on Britain
The first air raid by German in World War I happened in Norfolk, Britain where 4 people were killed.

1917: Silvertown Explosion
73 died when there was a blast in an ammunition factory in Essex.

1955: Scrabble
Scrabble debuts on board game markets

1994: Coldest day in Cleveland Ohio
-29 degree Celsius was the coldest day ever recorded in Cleveland, Ohio

2013: Calcium in Mars
Calcium deposits are discovered on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Famous Birthdays

  • Mac Miller, a Rapper
  • Shawn Johnson, a Gymnast
  • Hwang In Yeop, TV Actor
  • ZackTTG, a Twitch Star
  • Brady Farrar, a Dancer

These were the historical events that happened in world history on January 19. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu and follow us on Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Quora and Facebook for more educational content.

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